How to teleport in Minecraft

Teleportation in Minecraft allows you to travel quickly to another location or player. This can be useful when looking up coordinates of towns or dungeons on map-generators or when you want to find your friend that that’s in a completely different biome.

Teleportation is a command prompt that can be typed in or selected in your game as long as you have cheats enabled. As it is considered a cheat, teleportation may not be available in every world since some players prefer playing without cheats allowed.

The teleportation command is available in the Java edition of Minecraft on PCs and Macs, the Pocket Edition on mobile devices, as well as the console versions on Xbox One, the PS4, and the Switch. Each edition of the game has a different set of steps and requirements needed to bring about teleportation.

Prerequisites Of Teleporting

In most instances of teleportation, you will need to have cheats enabled in your world, and you will need to know the X, Y, and Z coordinates of your destination. Alternatively, if you want to teleport next to a specific player, you will need their username.

Enable Cheats

Teleporting in Minecraft requires the use of command prompts, and command prompts can only be used with cheats enabled. If you have a survival world you want to teleport in, but you did not allow cheats during creation, there is no way to change it for this world. You will have to create a new survival world and, in the world options, allow cheats.

Creative worlds come with cheats already enabled, so nothing needs to be done in this instance.


The coordinates of X, Y, and Z can be found by pressing the F3 key or Fn+ F3. This will also give you a host of other information, including what biome you are currently in. The X coordinate gives the east or west position, the Y coordinate will provide the elevation above the bedrock, and the Z coordinate gives the north or south position.

If you want to use teleportation to find a specific location you don’t have the coordinates of, such as a town, temple, or dungeon, an online map generator can help. Most Minecraft map-generators will give the relative coordinates to notable landmarks that can be used for teleporting.


In order to teleport to another Minecraft player, you will need to know their username. While this is an easier requirement than figuring out an area’s full coordinates, the command is case sensitive. This means that if a player’s username is Feather_Dwarf, it must be typed in this exact way. Typing in feather_dwarf will not work.

Teleporting In The Java Edition

To teleport in the Java Edition of Minecraft, you need to have cheats enabled in the world that you plan to teleport in, and you need the coordinates of the place you want to travel to or the username of the player you want to be spawned beside. Once you have those prerequisites in place, you can begin teleporting.

Coordinate Teleportation

The first step of teleportation is to bring up the command prompt text area. This is done, in-game, by pressing the forward-slash button or the /. The command prompt text area should pop up on the bottom of the screen.

Next, you will need to begin typing out the teleport command. This can be done by typing out /teleport, or /tp. Then you need to put in your Minecraft name, this will look like /teleport Chicken_Bob.

After this, you can put in your coordinates in the X, Y, and Z format. This will look like /teleport Chicken_Bob X Y Z or /teleport Chicken_Bob 133 34 -105. Once this is done, you can press enter, and you should then be spawned to the coordinates that you entered.

Player To Player Teleportation

Alternatively, if you want to spawn next to another player, you would put their user name after yours, instead of any coordinates. So the command should look like /tp Chicken_Bob Feather_Dwarf. Once this is typed out, you can press enter, and it should spawn you next to the player.

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