How to make a saddle in Minecraft

Saddle in Minecraft

In Minecraft, saddles can be equipped onto a variety of mobs for use as transportation. This allows for quicker movement between biomes and notable landmarks that are great distances from each other. While most objects in the game are craftable at a crafting table or furnace, saddles are not one of them. In order to obtain a saddle, you must either find it in the world or spawn one in.

Mobs That Can Use A Saddle

Not every mob in Minecraft can be equipped with a saddle, and even if a mob can have a saddle, it doesn’t mean you can ride it.


Equine Mobs

The most commonly ridden mob in the game, equine mobs include horses, mules, and donkeys. Once tamed and equipped with a saddle, these mobs move faster and jump higher than the player. This makes them useful in transporting the player across great distances. If the mule or donkey is equipped with a chest, they can transport up to 15 additional items as well.

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In Minecraft, pigs can be ridden with a saddle and a carrot on a stick. While not as fast as the equine mobs, mounted pigs still move more quickly than the player character, and they take the fall damage when falling from a height greater than five blocks.


Passive nether mobs, striders can be equipped with a saddle and controlled with a warped fungus on a stick, similarly to how a pig is controlled with a carrot on a stick. While this mob is slow on land, they are one of only a few mobs that can walk or swim over lava without being hurt. This allows you to cross a long stretch of lava easily when riding a strider.


While a ravager can use a saddle and other mobs may be seen riding them, a player can not ride a ravager. Although killing a ravager that has a saddle will drop the saddle as a lootable item.

How To Obtain A Saddle

There are several ways to find a saddle in Minecraft. Saddles can spawn in chests in various locations, be dropped by different mobs, be traded by certain villagers, and spawned into the game.

Find It In A Chest

The best places to find a saddle from a chest is a Nether fortress or a dungeon. Both of these places have a high chance of spawning in a chest with a saddle. You can reach these areas by either creating a Nether portal or digging down in the overworld, respectively. Fortresses that are found in the Nether have the best chance of spawning one or more saddles and are relatively easy to find once the Nether is reached. Dungeons are a bit harder to find, as most are underground in the overworld.

These chests can also be found in desert temples, bastion remnants, end cities, jungle temples, and strongholds. But there is a reduced rate of spawning as the list descends.

Villages also host chests that could include a saddle. These chests can be found in the tanner’s house, the weaponsmith’s house, or the savanna house.

Dropped By Mobs

Several mobs can drop a saddle upon death. Any mob that a player has equipped with a saddle, such as a pig or horse, will drop the saddle when they are killed. Ravagers will also always drop a saddle when killed, as they always spawn with one. A strider, if spawned with a zombified piglin, has a chance to drop a saddle upon its death.

Alternatively, a saddle has a small chance of spawning as a treasure a player can find while fishing. But the fish themselves do not drop a saddle.


Traded In A Village

In villages, a master level leatherworker will allow you to buy a saddle for six emeralds. While this is a relatively easy way to obtain a saddle, all villagers start at the novice level, so you may have to trade with the leatherworker for awhile to get them to the master level.

Spawned In Creative Mode

While you are in creative mode, you can find and spawn in a saddle from the creative menu. It can be found under the transportation section.

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