How To Make A Fence In Minecraft

To make a fence in Minecraft, place an oak wood plank in the first and third boxes and one stick in the second box of your crafting grid. Replicate this pattern for row 3, then move it to your inventory.

Fences were first introduced in Minecraft Java 0.2.0 . You can learn more about crafting fences by going through this short tutorial that is beginner friendly and easy to follow.


Fences are usually among the first things players construct when beginning a new game. The fences are very useful and essential in farming, and they’re part of most farm builds – both large farms and small ones.

In terms of the in-game aesthetic, barriers have for a long time been used as staple decorative blocks. These humble objects are commonly utilized by builders because they offer a distinctive appearance.


The materials needed to build a fence are simple:

In order to craft a fence, you will need four wood planks of any type and two sticks.

Wood planks can be crafted by dropping any piece of wood in the 2×2 crafting menu (four wood blocks will be gained from each block).

Fence In Minecraft -1

The crafting menu helps you make four sticks with two planks by placing one wood plank on top of another.

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Fence In Minecraft -2

How do you make a fence in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide:

This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to create a fence in Minecraft.

Step-1 Opening a crafting table menu can be done by interacting with a crafting table  – this guide explains how to open the crafting table window.

Fence In Minecraft -3

Step-2 Place two sticks and four wood planks in the formation shown below in the crafting table menu.

Fence In Minecraft -4

Step-3 Now simply drag the fence from your crafting table to your inventory.


What Types of Fences Can I Build in Minecraft?

Different types of wooden planks can be used in the fence crafting recipe to alter the type of fence that is made. Please note, you must always use the same type of wood in this recipe: mixing different types will not produce any output.

For example, The birch fence was made using birch wood:

Fence In Minecraft -5

Fence types include birch, oak, acacia, nether brick, jungle, crimson and dark oak.

To craft a fence with any material, replace the wood block in the recipe’s list of ingredients with planks for whichever wood you are trying to make. For example, if you use jungle wood blocks to craft a jungle type fences, replace them with jungle type wooden planks when crafting.  

To craft red, nether brick, or warped fences from planks, bricks, or planks respectively; use the corresponding blocks instead in the same recipe.

The best uses of Fence:

Fences are often used to enclose or trap mobs. This is due to the fact that they cannot be leapt over; this makes for easy farming and breeding of animals in-game.  

Minecraft fence designs:

The image below depicts all four fence types in Minecraft, these are oak (on the left), spruce (second from left), birch (third from left) and acacia (fourth from left).

Fence In Minecraft -6

Fences are a crucial block when building mob traps in Minecraft. Not only are they one of the cheapest blocks to craft, but they provide unique gameplay mechanics unseen with any other block that make them an integral part of mob control.