The Best Code Vein Mods

In this article I’m going to show you the best code vein mods available.

Code Vein is a game with its own unique style and spin on the action-roleplaying genre. As great as the game is, though, you’ll eventually run out of things to do within the bounds of its world. Fortunately, there are some excellent mods out there that can help to improve the quality of the game for its biggest fans. Below are a handful of the mods that stand out from the crowd.

What do you think is the best mod for Code Vein?

FXAA Enabler

While Code Vein looks pretty good in its default state, there are always ways that the game can be pushed to both look and perform better. This aptly named mod allows the game to make use of FXAA, which allows the game to look significantly better without pushing for more resource usage. An excellent tool for those who want to up the visual quality of the game, this is definitely one of the Code Vein mods that you’re going to want to download as soon as possible.

UE4 ReShade

While Code Vein has a very cool style, the truth is that it can also look a little more washed-out than most players would like. If you find yourself wishing that the visuals were a little bit crisper, this might be the mod for you. A simple mod that mimics that look of true HDR, this simply improves colors and contrast without requiring much out of your machine. This is definitely a great option for adding a little more color to the world of Code Vein.


If you’re noticing a theme with these Code Vein mods, it’s probably that some of the most popular are also those that try to bring the game’s visuals a bit more in line with modern gaming. This is another visual mod, one that puts a lot of work into improving the game’s lighting in a way that makes it look a little bit more like a cutting-edge game. The mod’s biggest contributions are improvements to Bloom and to sharpening up most of the game’s textures in a way that makes it look a lot more modern.

Improved Visuals and Performance

All of the other visual mods listed thus far are intended to make subtle tweaks in the game’s color scheme or graphical effects in order to help it look more modern. This one, though, is a complete overhaul that absolutely pushes the engine as far as it can go. It’s not quite enough to make Code Vein look like an entirely different game, but it is enough to make it look almost like it’s a total remaster. Be warned, though – this mod is incredibly resource-intensive, so you’re going to experience longer loading screens on virtually any computer running this game.

Character Mods

Some of the more interesting mods in Code Vein really come down to the player’s own preferences. There are a number of mods that not only allow you to play as different versions of the NPCs in the game, but also mods that allow you to play as characters from completely unrelated games. One of the more popular mods, for example, will allow you to plays as 2B from Nier: Automata. How useful any of these mods can depends on the taste of the individual player.

Outfit Mods

Not in the market for an entirely new character? If not, you might want to look into outfit mods. These mods run the gamut from those that remove veils and masks to those that allow characters to wear NPC outfits. There are also a number of different mods that allow the player to alter the bodies of their characters, something that seems to be fairly popular in the larger modding community. As with the character mods, how highly any of these mods rank really depends on the individual player.

Custom Loading Screens

If you’re using a lot of different mods or you’re playing on an older machine, you’re going to encounter long load times in Code Vein. Fortunately, one of the best Code Vein mods does work to ensure that players can at least have something pretty to look at while they’re waiting for the game to load. This Custom Loading Screen mod replaces the default loading screens in the game with screenshots taken from within Code Vein. It’s not exactly going to revolutionize the experience for most players, but it is a nice addition that will give you something to look at while you’re waiting for your game to deal with all of your new mods.

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