Awesome Pathfinder Kingmaker Mods

In this article, I’m going to show you awesome Pathfinder Kingmaker mods.

Pathfinder Kingmaker is a great throwback to the days of the old Infinity Engine games.


While it’s got a lot of charm and style in its base version, one of the best things about Kingmaker is that it’s fairly easy to mod.

If you’re really looking to get the most out of your Pathfinder experience, you’ll want to take a look at a few of the awesome mods listed below.

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Respecialization Mod

If you’ve ever played a game in which you create your own characters, you know the pain of getting through the entire introduction only to realize that you really don’t like the way that your character was initially built.

Instead of having to go back to the beginning, you can install this mod to re-spec your character into something more playable whenever you like.

This is one of the few mods that is recommended even for those who have never played through the game in its default state.

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild is all about adding more classes to the game.

While Kingmaker actually has a fairly reasonable number of classes in and of itself, it doesn’t have everything that some Pathfinder players might have been hoping to see.

This mod adds on the Hunter, Witch, Bloodranger, and Skald classes, as well as some new feats and new skills.

This mod is actually endorsed by the developers, so you should feel safe giving this one a shot.

Heroes of the Stolen Lands

If you remember the old Infinity Engine role-playing games, you probably remember having to look at number of character portraits before creating your first character.

While Kingmaker’s portrait art is actually quite beautiful, it’s also very limited.

If you’re looking for something that represents your created character a little better than what’s shipped with the default game, you’ll want to download this mod.

It’s a fairly simple addition to the game, but one that’s quite welcome for those who are looking for an immersive experience.

Turn-Based Combat

Another mod that’s endorsed by the game’s creators, this one really turns back the clock on the game and allows players to play it as a more traditional turn-based roleplaying game.

An excellent choice for those who loved games like Baldur’s Gate, this mod definitely changes the flow of the game to a point where it becomes something entirely new.

The best part about the mod, though, is that it allows you to toggle turn-based combat on and off so that you don’t have to slog long fights that are otherwise quite short (and easy) in the real-time mode.

Fast Travel

This one is really a quality-of-life mod. While there are a lot of great things about Kingmaker, the game is also a little on the slow side.

If you’re tired of having to walk everywhere, this mod will allow you to fast travel to the important locations in the game.

It doesn’t really change the balance of the game or the difficulty of encounters, but it does let you skip over some of the boring travel bits so that you can spend more time experiencing the game.

This one is definitely recommended for anyone who has gone through the game at least one time.


Cleaner is one of those mods that isn’t exactly fun, but that will help your game to run better.

Cleaner helps the game to be a bit less resource-intensive by both reducing the size of your save file and by deleting loot once you leave a room.

Given that the game’s save files can get pretty bloated and that keeping loot in old rooms can cause some over-the-top resource usage for some users, it simply makes sense to try this one.

Definitely download this mod if you are playing on an older machine or you are getting close to filling up all the space on your hard drive.

Kingdom Resolution

Many players of Kingmaker tend to complain about the amount of time it takes to get anything done in the part of the game where you actually rule a kingdom.

This mod essentially takes what’s already in the game and speeds it up, allowing you to spend a lot less time doing things like leveling up advisors.

It’s a nice mod that really takes one of the less-fun parts of the game and makes it into something that is, if not actually enjoyable, at least a lot less of a drag.

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