How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

In Minecraft, concrete is a hard block that behaves in the same way a stone block would. It is possible to be made in the sixteen different dye colors used in the game. The developers added the block to the game in the 1.12 update, The World Of Color. The concrete block requires a pickaxe to be mined, and if a different tool is used, the block of concrete will be lost. But before you can ever create concrete, you must first make concrete powder. The concrete powder is what, when put beside or in running water, turns into concrete.

Making Concrete Powder

First off, you will need to determine what color of concrete powder, thus concrete, you want. The dye options for neutral colors are white, light grey, grey, black, and brown. There is also purple, magenta, pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, light blue, cyan, green, and lime green for a more colorful and vivid pallet. Depending on the color, the dye can be acquired by smelting, trading, or crafting.

Once the dye color is chosen and you have it in your inventory, you then need to collect blocks of sand and gravel. Both of which can be mined easily with a shovel. How much is needed depends on how much concrete you need for what you are building. Each block of concrete powder creates one block of concrete. Each block of concrete powder needs one dye of your chosen color, four gravel blocks, and four blocks of sand.

After all the ingredients have been collected, head to the closest crafting table. Unlike many crafting recipes, it does not matter the order in which you place your ingredients. Just make sure you put in one dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks. This recipe will give you one block of concrete powder.

Concrete powder blocks follow the law of gravity in-game, so much like sand and gravel blocks, it will fall if placed in thin air.

Turning Concrete Powder Into Concrete

Making concrete is simple once you have the amount of concrete powder you need. Place all your concrete powder blocks down where you want your concrete build to be. For example, if you are making a building, you can create the first row of blocks out of concrete powder. Then you get a bucket of water and place the source block of water on top of or next to the concrete powder blocks. When the concrete powder comes touches a source block or flowing water, it turns into concrete. The block will also solidify if it is dropped directly into the water. For the rest of the build, the concrete powder will need to be placed by the water; once the blocks turn to concrete, they must then be mined and set where wanted.

An alternative way is the river method. Where you take your blocks of concrete powder to a nearby river or ocean, you will go through and place all the blocks beside the water, which should instantly turn them into the concrete. You just have to go through and mine up all the concrete blocks with a pickaxe and transport them to your build site.

Once it becomes solid concrete, the block no longer obeys the laws of gravity and can be placed hovering in the air if desired. Also, running water is the only type of water that hardens concrete. Rain, water bottles, or cauldrons will not solidify the block.

Concrete Use and Function

In the Minecraft world, concrete is useful in both decoration and strength builds. In decoration, it is more vibrant than terracotta blocks and finally gives the player a way to make solid color builds out of something other than wool.

Before concrete, players who wanted a solid color in their building would have had to have a large sheep farm and continuously harvest wool from the sheep. This was also very flammable and could easily lead to the player’s build going up in flames. Concrete, on the other hand, is not flammable and is even slightly stronger than stone. But a drawback of the block is it is somewhat less resistant to explosions.

Because it is more robust than stone, blocks of concrete are suitable building materials for fortifications, and player made strong-holds.

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