How to Craft a Smoker in Minecraft


Back in 2019, Minecraft introduced a new tool called a smoker. The main benefit of the smoker is that it cooks food twice as fast as a regular stove in the game, although it does burn fuel twice as fast as well. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of raw meat in your inventory, having a smoker is a great way to get it all cooked up in no time while leaving your regular stove open for other tasks. So, let’s get started.

Gather Your Materials

Before you can craft a smoker, you need a few materials to get started. Go ahead and head over to your crafting table, or look up how to make a crafting table if you don’t already have one. This is important because without a crafting table, you won’t be able to craft complex items that require a 3×3 grid. Once you have your crafting table it’s time to start gathering the other items you need.

The main ingredient you need to build with is a Furnace. If you don’t have one already, a furnace is made from 8 blocks of cobblestone or Blackstone, so go ahead and make one before you move on. This should only take a moment if you already have stone in your inventory.

Next, in order to turn your furnace into a smoker, you will need four blocks of wood. Fortunately, the game isn’t too picky on this recipe, so you can use any four blocks of wood, stripped wood, logs, or stripped logs. That should be pretty easy to gather up.

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Time to Craft Your Smoker

Go to Crafting Menu

Navigate your way into the crafting menu so that you see the 3×3 grid. Remember, if you are only seeing a 2×2 grid, it is because you aren’t using the crafting table mentioned earlier.

Drag your furnace into crafting bench

Drag the furnace from your inventory into the center block of the grid. This is the main component of a smoker, as it shares many of the same functions as a regular furnace. This also makes it pretty easy to build because furnaces don’t require any special ingredients.

Add additional elements

Now, create a cross in your grid by dragging a block of wood, stripped wood, logs, or stripped logs to the center top, center bottom, center left, and center right grid boxes. If you are using Minecraft’s crafting recipe book, it will show you the proper placement of the blocks in red.

Hot the craft button

Press the craft button and you will see the crafting arrow begin to light up in white as it transforms your items into a new smoker.

What To Do Next

Now that you have a smoker in your inventory, it’s time to place it on the ground and get ready to use it. Again, the smoker is specifically used to cook food, and will not accept other items like stone or metal which can be processed in the blast furnace instead.

In addition to the uncooked meats that you wish to use, you will also need a fuel source to cook them with. Similar to a regular furnace, the smoker will allow you to use just about anything as fuel, so just make sure you stock up on enough logs or other fuel sources to get you through all the meat you need to cook.

Another interesting fact about the smoker is that it can be used for the profession butcher in the game by villagers.

How to Make Smoker in Minecraft, Smoker Recipe Minecraft

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Now you know how to go about crafting your very own smoker in Minecraft. This fun new addition to the game makes it easy to cook food faster and have multiple furnaces running at the same time. Just remember that cooking faster also means burning more fuel, so make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. Once you have a smoker in your home, you won’t have to worry about wasting any extra time cooking up big batches of meat and fish. Instead, you can get straight back to adventuring and building while the smoker does the hard work for you.

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