How To Make A Compass In Minecraft

Not many people use compasses anymore, but they are incredibly useful for first-time explorers trying to remember where certain places are around their world.

Remembering important locations is no easy task, but it becomes much easier when you are able to determine which direction you are facing. Compasses allow for such a determination and can be used as part of the map-making process–which gives an opportunity to become involved with maps in a really fun way. How do you make one?


Needed Materials

In order to craft a compass, it is important that the following materials are present:

Crafting table


7 iron ore

1 red stone

How to make a Compass?

To build a compass, place four iron ingots and 1 red stone in the 3 by 3 crafting grid. The red stone should be placed centrally, while the ingots are aligned along its edge at each of the cardinal points, once the compass is complete move it to your inventory.

Here is a step-by-step pictorial guide to make a compass Minecraft:

For making a compass, you’re first going to need a crafting table. The first step in the process is converting logs to wooden planks by utilizing the crafting table.

To make wooden planks, simply place one of the logs that you collected inside a slot in the crafting table. As shown

how to make a compass in minecraft

Once logs are converted into wooden planks, you can make a crafting table. To learn how to craft a table read this blog.

In order to create a pickaxe for collecting cobblestone, you first need a crafting table. The cobblestone collected from the ground is used to make the furnace. The first step of making a pickaxe is making the sticks to be used as the handle. You can craft these with your survival inventory crafting table or the crafting table you just created.

how to make a compass in minecraft

For making a stick, place 2 blocks of planks above each other on either the left or right side of the square.

how to make a compass in minecraft

To do this, you’ll need a crafting table. Now, in the crafting GUI, place a row of planks along the top and two sticks under the middle plank to create a pickaxe for collecting your cobblestone—needed for making a furnace.

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Next, find some iron and coal.

It is suggested that you have seven pieces of iron on hand for this recipe, it being so important and all. To collect iron you need a stone pickaxe.

To make a stone pickaxe, use the same remedy as mentioned before but replace the cobblestone with wood. See the provided example.

The two materials iron and coal spawn quite frequently and can be found around big caves, in cliffside, or even at the surface on stone-topped biomes.

Once you find coal, mine it and start searching for iron.

Iron is found in caves and below the surface just like coal, you can find it easily both in surface caves and below the surface.

Once you have found all of the necessary pieces for your iron, smelt them down to ingots by using your furnace.

Open the furnace GUI:

Place your iron bar in the top slot.

Then place fuel  into the bottom slot:

Wait for the bar to fill and then collect your iron:

The compass is something that you cannot invent at the start of a game because red stone is needed to make it. First, you need to upgrade your wooden pickaxe to a stone one, then an iron one. Only through iron pickaxe Redstone ore can be collected.

To create an iron pickaxe, follow the same crafting recipe as for other picks, just replacing the top row with iron ingots. The image below reflects this:

Now you need to go find some red stone.

Redstone is found more in lower Y-level zones than iron and coal, between bedrock and 16. Luckily for you, it is commonly available; mining in a ravine or strip mining at the right levels can increase your chances of this material.

Before you can craft a compass, you need to mine red stone as well as collect one piece of red stone dust.

To make crafting, simply place down your crafting table and open the craft GUI.

Next, set up the remaining iron ingots in a diamond shape in the middle of the GUI. Place your red stone in the center of this.

Set up the iron ingots in a diamond shape and put one piece of red stone in the middle.

This way you can make your compass in minecraft.