How To Sign Out Of Fortnite On Ps4, Pc, Switch And Xbox

Fortnite was previously only accessible on PCs. Unless you spent a lot of time playing in internet cafes or LAN centers, sign out of Fortnite wasn’t necessary since you’d just return the next day to play additional games on the same PC.

As the game became available on additional platforms, players began to access their accounts from a variety of gaming systems. Given that other gaming systems aren’t quite like a PC when it comes to privacy, the need for keeping an account secure has risen in recent years. In comparison to PCs, most consoles are shared devices in most households across the world.


Here’s how to quickly log out of Fortnite and keep your account secure.

Sign Out Of Fortnite

The settings method for console players

For console players in Fortnite Chapter Two, season five, the game finally offered a logout button. Players previously had to rely on the following techniques, which appeared to be time-consuming for a simple logout procedure..

To log out of Fortnite, you’ll need to:

  • Open your settings and go to the Account and Privacy page..
  • Choose “Logout.”

When the game is closed, it will automatically log you out and the program will close.

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The browser method for sign out of fortnite

Many players have dumped their Fortnite efforts on unofficial sites because there isn’t much to see on the game’s official site. The account hub introduced on Fortnite and Epic Games’ website is quite comprehensive. It lets you manage your accounts across all of the platforms you’ve registered with.

  • Visit and log into your account using the Sign In button in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select your preferred method and enter your login credentials.
  • After signing in, you’ll be sent back to the homepage, and the Sign In button will be replaced with your username..
  • Choose “Account” from the drop-down menu after clicking on your username..
  • Navigate to the Connections menu and select “Accounts.”
  • All of the platforms on which Fortnite is accessible can be accessed and disconnected from through this page.

The connections page is a central place where you may see which platforms you have your account signed in to. This page may help you revoke and grant access on the go, allowing you to safeguard your Fortnite account while on the move.


The launcher method for sign out of fortnite

This technique only works if you’re playing on a PC since other platforms don’t use the Epic Games launcher to play Fortnite. Before logging out of your account, you’ll need to close the game.

  • After you’ve closed Fortnite, the Epic Games launcher should reappear.
  • If it doesn’t, select the symbol in the icon tray to make it reappear.
  • Click on your username, which is located in the lower-left corner of the launch window.
  • Choose “Sign Out.”

You’ll be logged out of your Epic Games account after clicking the sign out button, so Fortnite will begin.

It may appear to be useless to sign out of your account at first, but it’s essential if you let others use your gaming consoles. Signing out of your account after each game will prevent others from tampering with your progress or spending uncontrolled amounts of V-Bucks.

The browser method is your best bet if you frequently log out of your account, since it allows users to make changes on the fly. Changing your password will also log you out of all of the devices you’ve logged into Fortnite, making it a great choice when you need to safeguard your account as quickly as possible in the safest way feasible.