How To Unblock Someone On Fortnite

Fortnite is seen as a fun pastime by the majority of people, but it is viewed as something too serious by a few. Dumb individuals can be found everywhere, and we may usually avoid them. When you’re in-game with one who is attempting to ruin the experience or just chat trash in chat, it might spoil your enjoyment. That’s when block or unblock in Fortnite becomes handy.

Blocking in Fortnite is not ideal, however. You can prevent someone from communicating with you, but you cannot stop them from appearing in the public lobby or completing missions. Even if they can’t communicate with you individually, you may come across them in-game as a result. It’s a less than ideal system, yet it’s all we have right now.


Unblock Someone

Block players in Fortnite

You may only ban players from chat in Fortnite, as previously said. In missions or the open lobby, you may still see them, and if you’re unluckier they might appear in-game occasionally. Given the enormous player base, this should be uncommon, but it is possible. Select your friend’s list from the Fortnite lobby menu and block your friend by right-clicking their names. This will prevent them from bothering you in chat but will do nothing else.

You may also ban someone in-game using the menu. Open the menu and select Report Player or Block while in-game. This works for me since I play on PC. It’s possible that mobile is different. Although they will still be able to chat with you, this won’t prevent them from appearing in the game.

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Unblock players in Fortnite

Blocking a player in Fortnite requires a few more steps, but it’s not difficult. Everyone deserves a second chance if you inadvertently blacklist someone or the person has changed their attitude.

  1. Open the Fortnite lobby.
  2. In the top right, select your buddy’s list.
  3. Select Settings from the top right corner.
  4. Uncheck the box next to Hide Blocked Players.
  5. Return to your friend’s list.
  6. Scroll down and select the new option called Blocked Players below the screen.
  7. Right-click the player’s name and select Unblock to unblock them.

If this technique works, the person who was previously restricted will be added to your friends list. Players on the Epic forums complain that this method doesn’t always work. There appear to be a lot of instances when a player is unblocked but remains inaccessible through chat afterward. When it happens, there appears to be no way around it.


Dealing with toxic players in Fortnite

Toxicity has been affecting Fortnite in a major way, with many players quitting as a result. I’m aware of several gamers who quit even after informing Epic about their conduct. It’s a shame that such hatred can cause you to stop enjoying a game you enjoy, but it happens.


Toxic players may be of several varieties.

The troller

A troll will go into chat and trash talk, as well as try to disrupt everyone’s game with racism, stupid remarks, provocative ideas, or comments that appear to be designed to achieve anything they can by pushing a button.

The armchair general

The one who believes they are superior to everyone else and that you should all do what they say when they say it. This is not as toxic as the troll, but it can quickly get out of hand if players don’t listen to their demands.

The leech

Elite loot is rare and far between in games like this, resulting in a somewhat more aggravating troll or armchair general than the troll or armchair general. They usually prefer support classes and are hesitant to put themselves in harm’s way. They lurk in the background and will jump into the fray to grab the best stuff before you do.

The disrupter

The disrupter will tamper with your walls, follow you after you’ve completed your construction and try to disrupt your game as much as possible. These are typical in Fortnite for some reason, and they’re exceptionally aggravating.

How can I deal with a toxic person?

Players can’t be blacklisted in Fortnite, so you’re left with no choice but to report them and move on. Try to ignore them while the game is going on or quit and search for another match if possible. You won’t be able to follow individuals you aren’t friends with, in Fortnite, so wait a while before seeing them again in these areas.

It’s vital not to react to individuals like this, since they feed on your response. They’re looking for it. Nothing annoys a troll or disruptor more than when you completely ignore them and continue playing as if they aren’t there. It may appear that way, but it is in fact the finest option!