Best Sims 3 Mods You Shouldn’t Play Without

The Sims 3 was a rich game full of content that could be explored for hours. However fans of the game will by now have gone through most of the content or will have found minor inconveniences that hurt the overall fun of the game. That is where mods come in. Whether you are looking for extra features or features to make your game run smoother, modders have you covered. These are the best Sims 3 mods you shouldn’t play without.

1. Disasters and Blessings

With this mod the powers of an ancient god fall into your hands. From raining meteors down on pathetic sims, to instantly blessing one to become a master of all skills, this mod gives you control like never before. Feel like a Zeus as you hurl lightning down from above. This mod is sure to be fun. Download it from the Mod the Sims website here:

2. Weapons System

Ever feel like the Sims 3 doesn’t have enough Call of Duty? Then this mod is exactly what your looking for. This mod uses the games camera ability to aim at sims you want to shoot, but instead of taking a picture, you shoot at them. Warning the sim you shoot will be fatally wounded. If you need more death in your sims game you can find this one on Mod the Sims by clicking here:

3. Outdoor Lighting Tweaks

If the last two mods had a little to much death in them, then perhaps a mod designed to improve aesthetic will be more your speed. The Outdoor lighting tweak mod will improve the your outdoor experience allowing your game to render much more realistic outdoor affects. If you are interested in this mod please click this link to visit its Mod the Sims page:

4. Permanent Tents

This mod allows you to purchase tents on your residential and community lots. Having tents available to buy can help you build your own base camp for your own explorers tomb. If that sounds like something you need check this link:

5. Performing Arts Lifetime Wishes

This mod adds three new lifetime wishes to your game inspired by the Golden Tongue, Green Thumb lifetime wish that is already in the game. The three new wishes are Beet of Your Own Drum, Master of the Scales, and Well-Toned, Well-Tuned. Beet of Your Own Drum combines the drum skill and gardening skill, Master of the Scales uses the bass guitar and fishing skills, and Well-Toned, Well-Tuned uses the piano and athletic skills. Mods that add extra content can easily be included in a list of the best sims 3 mods. Here is the link:

6. Dark as Night: A Black UI Mod

This mod is another aesthetic mod that turns the interface from blue to black. A little change of UI never hurts. Here’s the link:

7. Quicker Cooking & Eating OverRide

Meal prep and eating time ever bother you? Well they don’t have to get in your way anymore with the Quicker Cooking & Eating mod. This mod changes the speed for nearly all the non-quick meal recipes increasing their speed and equalizing them. Without this mod a $500 stove would take longer to cook a meal on than a $1000 stove, but this mod changes that. Here is the Mod the Sims link:

8. Learn Cooking Recipes by Watching Tv

This mod makes it so that sims watching the cooking channel with any level of cooking skill will learn a new recipe every 10 minutes instead of having a 3% chance every 10 minutes. With this mod cooking becomes easier to learn for your sims. Here is the link:

9. Ultra-Plain Faces

Give your sims more attractive looking faces with this mod. This mod enhances your sims facial features and works with no expansions. There are faces for both genders in this mod. Here is the link:

There are eight great sims 3 mods that any player could enjoy. Whether you prefer inducing god-like powers or just simply want some visual fixes, these mods will help you find new life in your Sims 3 game. May your fun continue.