How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Most players consider smooth stone to be a great-looking decoration. One thing you can do is craft smooth stone in Minecraft with this item.

Many players are trying to find out how to make smooth stone in Minecraft. So, we’re going to show you step by step instructions that will enable you to easily make smooth stones and store them in your inventory. We can also advise you what materials will be necessary during the process.


Required Materials for Smooth Stone Recipe

In order to craft smooth stones from stone material, there are few important items you need to prepare before beginning:

  • 1 stone

 Smooth Stone in Minecraft - 1

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: A Guide for Survival Mode

The tutorial provides instructions for creating a smooth stone object in Minecraft, and tells you what materials are required.

There are many different types of stone available, including one known as a smooth stone. Instead of crafting this block on a crafting table, they should be made with a furnace.

Here are some tips to make the process of making a stone smoother and easier.

1. Open the Furnace Menu

 Smooth Stone in Minecraft - 2

After starting Minecraft, you need to open the ‘furnace menu’ as one of your first steps before even beginning.

2. Get the Coal

The second step is to get coal. Coal is a common thing in Minecraft, and it’s what you’ll need to run the furnace.

When you are near stone area, there are many different types of stone that might look like coal. You can also get coal from blocks with black specks, as well.

3. Add Fuel to the Furnace

 Smooth Stone in Minecraft - 3

The next step is about building a furnace after getting coal. It is always wise to add coal to the bottom fuel box in the furnace before you start it. While conducting this process, we suggest using coal as fuel for developing a smooth stone surface.

4. Add Items to make Smooth Stone

 Smooth Stone in Minecraft - 4

The next step is to make sure the heater’s already-burning flames are cooking the stones. The smooth stones can be obtained when the rocks are cooked or smelted in the furnace.

The smooth stone will only appear when you’ve done your previous steps correctly with a furnace and coal. You need to take this step and keep going until you get a perfect, smooth stone that matches what you want.

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5. Move the Smooth Stone to Inventory

 Smooth Stone in Minecraft - 5

After any process involving a furnace, it’s time to move your items to your inventory. Now you have the stone you want!

Tips for what you can make with smooth stone

There are several things that can be made with smooth stones. You can turn smooth stone into various items in Minecraft, such as:

  • Blast Furnace
  • Smooth Stone Slab

As well as decorations, smooth stone is available in Minecraft and doesn’t sound like it would be an easy task to create.


There are many tutorials about making smooth stone in Minecraft. We’ll provide you with an easy one below.