Best Weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda certainly wasn’t lacking when it came to weapon options. Unfortunately, there were so many available that it got tough to figure out what to bring down to a planet. Below are a few of the best weapons in the game.

Tell us what you think are the best weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda.


Valkyrie Assault Rifle

It’s really hard not to call this N7 assault rifle one of the best weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda, and not just for reasons for nostalgia. Firing out in two-round bursts, it does a good deal of damage while still allowing you a degree of precision that you don’t usually find in this weapon class. While there are other weapons that are more powerful, there are none that let you surgically take down hordes with as much ease.

Dhan Shotgun

A brief caveat – this weapon is best when you have an extended ammo mod equipped. If you do, though, you’ll be looking at a shotgun with a great charged attack that continues to deal damage even after you’ve hit the target. Great for groups and close range, it’s a good augment to your melee weapon or a nice primary gun for big encounters.

Falcon Assault Rifle

This is another weird gun that is nonetheless a fantastic candidate for best in the game. It’s an assault rifle that fires bouncing explosives – something that’s far more useful than it might sound. While each individual explosive isn’t all that strong, the effect really adds up when you’re in a corridor. Take a look at this rifle when you know that you’re going to go into a tight spot – you’ll mow down enemies with ease.

Asari Sword

Who doesn’t like to teleport? The Asari Sword is a fantastic melee weapon that allows you to warp strike directly over to an enemy in your line of site. It’s great for dealing with those foes who stick to cover, as well as allowing you to get right into the action without running through enemy fire. It’s a nice sword that will serve you well as a primary melee weapon for most of the game.

Scorpion Pistol

While pistols aren’t exactly the most useful weapons in the game, this one changes the game by firing sticky grenades instead of bullets. You’ll do a huge amount of damage per hit and the ability to swap out damage types makes it perfect for dealing with almost anything. This is a fantastic gun for knocking off big chunks of health towards the end of a fight, especially if you are otherwise out of ammo.

Remnant Cryo Gauntlet

A fairly easy weapon to find or research, the Remnant Cryo Gauntlet makes the list for one simple reason – it freezes any unarmored or unshielded foe in the game with one hit. If they’re armored, it will still slow them down. Being able to lock down an enemy in place without allowing them to fire is a huge benefit in any fight, so the lack of range on this one is easily overcome.

Isharay Sniper Rifle

A single-bullet clip should disallow almost any weapon from this list, but the Isharay Sniper Rifle is the big exception. While you need good aim to make this one work, it can take down almost any enemy – including those with shields and armor – in a single hit. It’s a contender for the highest base damage in the game and the high degree of accuracy will help you take down almost anything in your path. If you’re a confident sniper, you need to carry this weapon at all times.

Scattershot Shotgun

Have you ever wished you had a ranged shotgun in the game? If so, the Scattershot is for you. It actually fires projectiles that track the enemy over range, giving you all the damage of a shotgun with a little more distance. It’s also a decidedly old-school weapon for Mass Effect, as it doesn’t use ammo – just keep track of the heat like in the original game. This throwback is a ton of fun to use.

The great thing about these weapons is that they can all be customized at least a bit. Whether you’re picking your damage type or changing out a few other stats, you’ll be able to figure out a way to turn any of these weapons into an ideal part of your loadout. If it’s been a bit since you booted up the game, try a new playthrough with these weapons.