Best Weapons in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic game that is in many ways defined by its combat. The legendary difficulty of the series really comes down to the fact that every victory is truly earned, usually through the mastery of specific combat techniques. Which techniques lead to victory depends on the weapons that you choose, of course. With a huge potential arsenal available, it can be difficult to wade through all the choices. As such, you might want to look at some of the gear that qualifies as one of Dark Souls 3 best weapons.

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Farron Greatsword

A giant sword and dagger combo, this weapon is not only great for striking opponents but sets up a very nice parry combo as well. It’s definitely got all the greatsword drawbacks, of course, but it’s nonetheless a very cool weapon. It’s got a very flashy attack that won’t drain your character’s FP and it’s a suitable reward for taking out the Abyss Watchers. It’s not going to make you entirely overpowered, but it’s a nice boost as far as weapons go. Definitely something to take if you prefer the greatsword route in the game – just be on the lookout for a few rare upgrades at the same time.

Gundyr’s Halberd

This big pole-axe is actually a lot faster than you might think. It has an incredible amount of reach and allows the player to deal damage quickly. It’s definitely the kind of weapon you get after surviving a major gut-check, so you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as soon as you get ahold of the halberd. It’s not the most powerful weapon in the game by a longshot, but the speed and reach combination makes it a good fit for certain players. Consider it if you tend to want a little bit of space between your character and the enemies.

Crystal Sage’s Rapier

In terms of sheer weapon power, this one isn’t special. Sure, if you level it up you’ll get damage that’s on par with other rapiers, but that’s not really worth your time. What makes this one special are the high Intelligence stat and, more importantly, the awesome Item Discovery Status. This is literally a blade you’ll equip so you can find better gear. You’ll eventually use it to find some of the better alternatives in the game.

Fume Ultra Greatsword

One of the most powerful weapons in the game, this one is worth all the time and effort that goes into securing it for your arsenal. It has a surprisingly wide range of great attacks and its ability to stagger shielded enemies makes certain portions of the game much easier. It’s been nerfed a bit since its introduction, but the sheer power of the weapon still holds up. This is a great weapon to pursue, though at the risk of your character’s life if you aren’t careful.


This is an interesting weapon, as you can grab it fairly early on in the game. It’s got some of the best utility in the game, though, with the ability to parry into a strong attack and the ability to inflict bleeding after enough hits. It even has a decent lunge, making it one of the better all-around weapons from the vanilla game. It’s another weapon that can be overcome in various categories by other weapons in the game, but that tends to be one of the better overall choices for most players.

Heysel Pick

This is another weapon that ranks because of utility. It gives players the ability to fight up close, of course, but the ability to drop back and use magic with the same weapon really shouldn’t be ignored. It’s one of those weapons that allows for a little bit more flexibility in play style, which is great for those who still aren’t sure how they want to approach most fights. It’s switching away from if you prefer one mode of fighting or the other, but worth keeping if you want to mix things up.

Sunlight Straight Sword

This is one of Dark Souls 3 best weapons for those who want to roll with a team. The Straight Sword uses a variety of one-hand attacks, but what makes it stand out is the Weapon Art. This one can not only buff your damage while reducing damage taken, but extends that status effect to the rest of your allies. While you might not always want to be the character carrying this one, its worth considering any time you have allies around.


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