Best Weapon in Bloodborne

Bloodborn certainly isn’t the easiest game ever made. With a pedigree of brutality, most players look for any edge they can find to get through the game. For most, it’s important to have a fantastic weapon. With plenty to choose from, though, it can be hard to tell when you have found the perfect upgrade. Fortunately, a few weapons really do stand out above all the rest. Below are a few of the best Bloodborne weapons, weapons that might not make the game easy but that will certainly work with most play styles.

Saw Cleaver

There will come a point in the game at which you will have to choose between three different weapons. While they may all look cool, the best bet is to go for the Saw Cleaver. It’s not just one of the best early weapons in the game – it’s one of the best weapons, period. With a great attack speed and the ability to stun most enemies, it is one of the better weapons to learn with. While there are a few better weapons that you can find, the fact that you’re almost guaranteed to get this one earns it an important spot on the list.


Hunter Axe

The Hunter Axe is a fantastic weapon on its own, especially when you fortify it correctly. It nabs a spot not just for its ability to work well by itself, though, but for how useful it is in concert with the Saw Cleaver. This is one of those duos that can effectively work as training wheels for new players, allowing you to drop the difficulty just a bit while you focus on learning the ins and outs of the game. Not quite a game breaker, it is nonetheless a weapon that you’ll want.

Burial Blade

The Burial Blade deserves a spot on the list because of how hard it is to get. You don’t get this one in a normal playthrough – it’s reserved for New Game+ only. When you get it, though, you’ll absolutely feel like you missed out on something the first time around. It’s not just a fast weapon – it’s a fast weapon with a surprisingly high amount of stopping power. Add on an arcane stat that will help you take down a few more enemies than you’d think and you have a weapon that’s more than worth a second playthrough.

Threaded Cane

Rounding out the starting trio is this ridiculous weapon. It’s a little on the bizarre side, but it’s almost comically easy to use. Unfortunately, it’s definitely at the bottom of the heap for starters – it’s a little lacking in high damage output, so it’s going to get replaced quickly. It still deserves a spot on a list of the best weapons because of how well it will train you to get through the rest of the game, though. It’s so easy to use that you’ll forget how hard Bloodborne really can be.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Though there might be a few counter-arguments, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the pre-eminent sword in Bloodborne. It’s the total package – good speed, great damage, and the ability to stagger enemies. It does damage as well as the other top-tier swords but without most of the downsides. It’s the weapon that you’re going to want, even if you don’t quite know it yet. There are probably some fantastic builds that can totally ignore this sword, but players who don’t pick up this holy blade are really missing out on something special.

Repeating Pistol

The Repeating Pistol is, on paper, not the best gun. It doesn’t have quite the damage that you’d want one of a ranged weapon most of the time. It also fails to conserve ammo, which can be important in a fight. What it does do, however, is knock enemies down. It takes out weak enemies quickly and will stagger bigger foes with ease. It’s also a quick shot, so you won’t worry quite as much when you’re walking around with a torch. It’s not the fastest or the deadliest, but it’s fast enough and deadly enough to outclass almost anything else.

Blade of Mercy

While all the weapons on this list are great, the Blade of Mercy is the best when it comes to doing one single thing – killing bosses. While it does have a great move set, it’s not the best weapon for taking out crowds. It’s almost unbeatable, though, when it comes to outputting single-target damage. That means that it’s going to be your go-to weapon against any boss you find, especially if you’ve got the right build for the blade. While Ludwig’s Holy Blade might be a better all-around choice, this is the Bloodborne best weapon for bosses.