Battlefield 1 Best Medic Weapon

You’d think that a Battlefield 1 Medic would always be concentrating on keeping his or her teammates alive, but the truth is that medics in the game often have to get their hands dirty. After all, you can’t help out your team if you’re constantly being overwhelmed by the enemy. If you want to contribute more, you’ll want to look at this list of the best medic weapons.

Tell us below what you think is the best weapon for medics.


Mondragon Storm

This variant of the Mondragon is definitely going to be the go-to weapon for most medics. With a very predictable recoil and great damage, it will help you to support quick assaults with relative ease. You’ll be able to place accurate fire at moving targets without much of a problem, though the relatively small clip means you have to keep an eye on your ammo at all times. You’ll need to invest a bit in this gun, but it’s more than worth the cost.

Selbtslader 1906

No, this isn’t a joke – with recent patching, the Selbslader m1906 has become a great high-accuracy rifle for medics. While there’s a lot not to like, including the lack of attachments and other options, it’s nonetheless one of the best rifles a medic can use for getting a bead on moving targets. The downside remains a horrifyingly small clip, but your increased accuracy should make up for that factor. Consider this a weapon of choice if you can stay calm and focused on the task at hand.

Cei-Rigotti Trench

The Cei-Rigotti Trench variation earns a lot of points for simply being predictable. It has neither the highest rate of fire nor highest damage of any of the medic weapons, but it does do what needs to be done. This particular variant is good for firing from the hip and does well in close quarters. It’s the perfect weapon for holding off other soldiers while you are trying to do your main job as a medic. It’s not going to win awards, but it works.

RSC 1917 Optical

If you’re a great shot that enjoys taking out the enemy at range, nothing will beat the RSC 1917 Optical variant. While most medic guns will allow you to take out an enemy at three shots, this one will do it in two. This isn’t a gun for novices, but it can change the tide of a battle in the right hands. It’s a good fit for those who are looking for a way to rack up long-distance kills while playing medic, especially if they are incredibly confident in their own abilities. Don’t use this one until you get used to scopes jumping around and dealing with the repercussions of missed long-range shots.

Selbstlader m1916 Marksman

The Selbstalader m1916 Marksman variant may well be the best medic weapon in Battlefield 1. It has a generous magazine and does a crazy amount of damage all while being scarily accurate while you are standing still. Though it absolutely loses some of its luster while you are moving, it’s the perfect gun for standing your ground. Spend some time with the basic variant to get used to recoil before you trade up for the Marksman in order to increase your viable range.

M1907 SL Sweeper

The M1907 isn’t a great gun in its stock configuration, but it becomes something special in the Sweeper mode. This is a fantastic fully automatic medic weapon, one of the few that will make you a real monster in CQC. It’s got some nasty recoil and the accuracy isn’t perfect, but you won’t notice while you are gunning down others in a trench. Consider this one if you have always wanted to get up close and personal with the players on the other team.

Autoloading 8.25 Extended

This is another one that comes down to the variant. The base version of the gun is actually a bit pitiful, but the extended version can put you right in the middle of assaults. It’s not quite as good a CQC variant as some of the others on the list, but it’s got the benefit of being a relatively early unlock. Consider this your primary choice if you’re still early in the game but want to stick out a fight with your more combat-oriented teammates.

As always, the best weapon in the game is a matter of opinion. You’ll want to get comfortable with a few depending on your game mode and how your team functions. With the right gear, though, you can develop new strengths and become a better asset to your team.