How to Find the Best Indie Games

The world of gaming has evolved considerably and the age of indie games is upon us. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of excellent titles that often go unnoticed due to a lack of big-budget marketing campaigns. With so many great options available, it can be difficult for gamers to find the best indie games. This article will provide an overview of how they can do just that.

First, we’ll explore different platforms such as Steam or where you may find lesser-known gems. We’ll also discuss how reviews and ratings can help narrow down the selection process by providing insights into what others think about a given game before downloading it yourself. Finally, we’ll look at some tips on making sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when choosing an indie title over one from a larger publisher or developer.

Indie games have come a long way in recent years and there’s no better time than now to get stuck into discovering all these hidden jewels! By following the steps outlined here, you should be able to separate the cream from the crop with ease and enjoy hours of entertainment without breaking the bank.

What Is An Indie Game?

In the world of video games, there is a small but mighty force that stands apart: Indie Games. An independent game, or an indie game, is created by a small studio or even a solo developer who has gained the creative freedom to make something unique and special. It’s often different from mainstream titles because it doesn’t have a big publisher behind it. As such, you can expect some truly innovative ideas and gameplay mechanics in this type of game.

Indie developers are passionate about their creations; they put everything on the line for what they believe in and bring out something really awesome as a result. They don’t have to succumb to corporate pressures or trends; instead, they get to express themselves freely without any restraints. That’s why these games tend to be unlike anything else on the market. Some notable examples include Celeste, Cuphead, Super Meat Boy, and Stardew Valley.

what are best indie games

Because of their creativity and originality, indie games offer players experiences that no other genre does – making them stand out among the rest. Whether you want to explore strange new worlds or take part in thrilling adventures with quirky characters, look no further than indie games! With so many options available now, how do you find the best ones? Let’s discuss where one might uncover these gems…

Sources For Discovering New Indie Games

Finding great indie games can be a challenge, but thankfully there are plenty of sources to help you discover new ones. From game review websites and platforms to social media and gaming communities, here are some of the best places to uncover hidden gems:

First, many online resources exist specifically for discovering indie titles. Sites like IndieDB provide detailed information about upcoming and current releases as well as user reviews and ratings. Players can also check out popular digital stores such as Steam or which offer an extensive selection of independent titles from all genres. Furthermore, streaming services like Twitch are another source; watching live gameplay sessions with experienced gamers is a great way to get an idea of what’s available in the world of indie games.

In addition to exploring these digital outlets, one should also look into local events hosted by small developers or fan groups. Attending conventions like PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) allows players to see demos firsthand and even meet the creators behind the projects they admire. Moreover, participating in forums dedicated to discussing specific titles can give valuable insight into which experiences might suit a person’s tastes. Finally, following social media accounts related to gaming – both professional companies as well as individual influencers – is a great way to keep up-to-date with news surrounding indie projects at any given time.

With so many different avenues for finding exciting new experiences across multiple platforms, it’s easier than ever before for anyone looking for their next favorite game! To truly make use of these discovery methods though, there needs to be a good understanding of how to evaluate quality when presented with potential options…

Tips For Evaluating the Quality Of A Game

Gaining an understanding of how to evaluate the quality of a game is essential for discovering great indie titles. Whether one is looking at online reviews, visiting conventions or simply asking fellow gamers, it’s important to know what criteria should be used when assessing a particular title. Here are some tips on how best to rate and review games:

First, study existing game ratings and reviews as much as possible. It’s important to understand why certain aspects were praised or criticized in order to make more informed decisions about upcoming releases. In addition, try playing multiple demos from different developers; this will help narrow down preferences and decide which genres may be better suited for individual tastes.

Second, pay attention to key features such as graphics, sound design, and gameplay mechanics – these are integral components that can shape the overall experience of any given project. Whenever researching new projects, look into feedback surrounding each aspect before committing time to them. Also, consider reading up on major updates or patches released by developers since these can drastically alter the state of an indie game over its lifespan.

Finally, research sustainable support structures like forums or live streaming services provided by creators for players who wish to stay connected with their favorite independent titles after release. This type of engagement is especially beneficial for those interested in contributing directly towards development through crowdfunding campaigns or other kinds of financial aid initiatives. Keeping track of all these elements allows individuals to form opinions based on meaningful evidence rather than relying solely on hearsay from others.

Popular Platforms For Finding Indie Games

Finding the best indie games is no easy task. Like searching for a needle in a haystack, one must sift through endless options before coming across something truly special. Fortunately, there are many platforms dedicated to helping gamers discover and evaluate quality titles from independent developers. Here are some of the most popular places to start looking:

  • Steam – The undisputed king of PC gaming offers an immense selection of digital content, including numerous indie projects from small teams around the world. It also contains helpful tools such as user reviews and game tags that can be utilized when browsing available titles.
  • – This site provides access to hundreds of free-to-play experiences crafted by passionate devs who understand the value of creating innovative creations on shoestring budgets. Aspiring players can find all sorts of gems here without having to break the bank.

platform for best indie games

  • Epic Games Store – This upstart platform has quickly become another go-to destination for finding top-notch releases from smaller studios. Generous weekly giveaways provide even more incentive to check out what’s new every week!
  • Humble Bundle – Offering bundles of discounted games at heavily reduced prices, this service caters to those seeking discounts while also supporting charitable causes with each purchase made. Many great deals can be found here if you’re willing to take a chance on unknown titles or wait for big sales events throughout the year.

With so many avenues leading toward discovering amazing works from talented teams, it’s never been easier for fans of indie games to explore their favorite genres and uncover hidden gems waiting just around the corner. From here, it’s time to determine where these unique experiences can actually be purchased…

Where To Buy Indie Games

When it comes to buying indie games, there are numerous options available for gamers who wish to support independent developers. From dedicated online stores to unique platforms that offer curated collections of titles, the choice is yours when it comes to finding great deals on quality content. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ways to buy indie games from around the world:

  • Indie Game Stores – Many game publishers now have their own digital storefronts where fans can purchase projects directly from them with no extra fees or hassles. These sites often feature special discounts and bundles designed to reward loyal customers while also introducing new releases in exciting ways.
  • Find Indie Games – Services like Steam or provide access to hundreds of eclectic experiences crafted by passionate devs, each offering its own advantages depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. Prices range from free-to-play offerings all the way up to full retail releases, so be sure to compare prices before making your purchase!
  • Indie Game Platforms – Numerous services such as Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network boast impressive selections of exclusive titles developed exclusively for these consoles/handheld devices. This provides an ideal way for players who enjoy gaming on specific hardware setups to find something truly unique without having to worry about compatibility issues or other related concerns. Moreover, many of these outlets regularly discount older titles so keep an eye out if budget is an issue!

With so many avenues leading towards discovering amazing works from talented teams, one can easily find incredible gems across various genres at competitive prices – perfect for any type of gamer regardless of platform preference or budget restrictions. Now, let’s focus our attention on how best to play these games across multiple platforms…

How To Play On Multiple Platforms

The modern gaming landscape offers a plethora of opportunities for gamers to explore titles and experiences beyond their own platform preferences, thanks in large part to the growing trend of multiplatform gaming. From indie game platforms that offer access to diverse genres through cross-platform compatibility, there are countless options available for those who want an indie gaming experience without being limited by hardware or budget constraints.

play best indie games on multiple platforms

For example, services such as Steam Play allow players on PC/Mac to enjoy titles from both Windows and Linux systems while also offering discounts when purchasing multiple versions across different platforms simultaneously. Additionally, Sony’s PlayStation Now service allows subscribers to stream select PS4 games onto non-Sony devices like smart TVs and tablets so they can continue playing their favorite title wherever they go. These kinds of initiatives have opened up many possibilities for fans looking to get the most out of their multiple-platform gaming sessions.

Furthermore, next-generation consoles such as Xbox Series X|S come with full backward compatibility which means you can play all your favorite classic titles alongside brand new releases on one device – perfect for anyone looking to make the switch but don’t want to give up any of their existing collection! With features like these, it’s never been easier to find great indie games regardless of what kind of setup you prefer or where you live – just be sure to read reviews before making any purchases so you know exactly what you’re getting into! As we move forward into this exciting era of multiplatform gaming, let’s take a look at some popular genres within the ever-growing world of indie games…

Genres Of Indie Games

Indie games come in a variety of genres and styles, providing players with an exciting range of experiences to explore. From roguelike dungeon crawlers to sandbox survival adventures, there’s something for everyone when it comes to indie gaming. Visual novels typically offer unique storytelling experiences while platformers often provide intense challenges that test reflexes and puzzle-solving skills. Here is just a brief overview of some popular genres within the world of indie gaming:

Roguelikes are turn-based RPGs that feature procedurally generated levels, permadeath (characters stay dead after death), and rewards based on player performance rather than grinding levels or completing quests. The aim of these types of games is usually to reach the end goal by overcoming difficult obstacles without dying too many times – making them perfect for gamers looking for an extra challenge! Sandbox titles allow users to create their own worlds where they can build structures, craft items and more from scratch using various tools given to them. These open-ended worlds give players complete freedom over how they play and progress through the game, giving them endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.

Visual novels focus heavily on narrative-driven stories, taking full advantage of interactive elements such as dialogue choices that shape the storyline as well as characters’ development throughout the journey. Platformers require quick reflexes and skillful jumps across dangerous platforms in order to make it past each level – providing hours upon hours of fast-paced fun that never gets old! Puzzle games also present unique challenges but demand careful thinking instead; offering brain teasers ranging from simple block puzzles all the way up to complex logic problems requiring multiple steps in order to solve them successfully.

Whichever genre you prefer there will always be new ways to experience indie games – so why not take a dive into this ever-expanding world today?

Reviews And Ratings Of Indie Games

Finding the right indie game for you can seem like an overwhelming task, but there are several methods available to help make your decision easier. One of the most popular ways is by looking at reviews and ratings given by other players who have already tried the games. Reviews provide insight into what others think about a particular title, giving potential buyers a better idea of how enjoyable it actually is before making their purchase. Ratings from various websites also offer quick snapshots of whether or not critics believe it’s worth trying out – helping narrow down choices even further!

Indie game reviews often go in-depth on topics such as graphics quality, sound design, gameplay mechanics, and more – allowing readers to get a full understanding of all elements included within each title. With reliable information readily available online, researching different titles has never been easier! Additionally, opinions provided by fellow gamers (particularly those experienced with similar genres) can be invaluable when deciding which titles best suit your preferences; they may point out flaws that aren’t immediately noticeable or highlight features that make certain games stand apart from their peers – both valuable pieces of advice that should always be taken into account.

When considering any type of purchase it’s important to take price into account too; luckily many indie games come at budget-friendly prices so getting great value for money isn’t usually difficult either. While some developers do charge higher fees for extra content or expansions, overall these types of purchases tend to still remain affordable compared to AAA releases – providing yet another reason why exploring the world of indie gaming could prove beneficial in the long run.

Price Vs Quality Of An Indie Game

Deciding which indie game to purchase can be a tricky task, particularly when it comes to price versus quality. Knowing how much you should spend for a good experience is essential in order to avoid any potential disappointment – an issue that could have been avoided by taking some time to compare prices and assess the overall value of each title before making a final decision.

Here are five key points to consider when assessing the cost-value ratio of an indie game:

• Research reviews from critics and other players in order to ascertain whether or not the title lives up to its billing; this helps buyers understand what they’re getting into prior to investing their hard-earned cash.

• Compare prices between different sites, including online marketplaces such as Steam, GOG, Humble Store, and more – often developers will discount titles on certain platforms so shopping around pays off!

• Check out promotional offers such as bundle deals which offer multiple games at discounted rates; these provide great value for money if all titles included an appeal to your tastes.

• Consider alternative payment methods like subscription services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Apple Arcade where gamers get access to hundreds of titles for one monthly fee.

• Always remember that paying extra does not guarantee better gameplay experiences; sometimes budget-friendly options come with just as much fun (if not more) than those at higher price points!

Finding the perfect balance between price and quality doesn’t need to be difficult; armed with the knowledge gained through research and comparison shopping, anyone can find an indie game that fits within their preferred budget while still delivering plenty of enjoyment and entertainment. With careful consideration given to both factors, there’s no reason why gamers shouldn’t be able to take full advantage of everything the world of independent gaming has to offer! Moving onto the next step then, let’s look at some of the benefits associated with playing indie games...

Benefits Of Playing Indie Games

With the ever-growing prominence of independent gaming, it’s easy to see why so many players are turning towards indie titles for their next gaming experience. Offering a unique and often more budget-friendly alternative to traditional AAA releases, playing an indie game can provide gamers with an intriguing variety of experiences that they may not have had access to otherwise. Plus, thanks to the creative freedom afforded by developers working outside of major publishers, there’s always something new and exciting on offer!

Indie games boast a wide range of different genres from roleplaying games (RPG) such as Stardew Valley or Hollow Knight to puzzle adventures like The Witness or Fez. With this kind of diversity comes a greater chance for exploration – allowing gamers access to worlds and stories that don’t follow the same mainstream tropes found in most big publisher productions. Furthermore, because these titles come from smaller teams who usually operate without interference from corporate interests, players get to enjoy a much more personal connection with developers; something which is often missing in today’s market.

In addition, opting for an indie title also offers buyers access to exclusive features unavailable elsewhere – such as early access programs where consumers can test out unfinished products before anyone else or even unlock content only available through microtransactions on certain platforms. This means that those willing to take risks with pre-release software could potentially be rewarded down the line when updates become available after launch day has passed!

The world of independent gaming opens up countless possibilities for discovery and enjoyment; no matter what type of player you are, there will surely be something within its vast library that appeals directly to your tastes. Consider taking some time away from your usual go-to titles and explore everything indie gaming has to offer – you won’t regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Make Sure I’m Getting The Best Deal On An Indie Game?

Gaming has become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more people becoming interested in playing indie games. Indie games are often cheaper than AAA titles, but given their unique nature they can be difficult to find the best deals on. This article will discuss how game fans can make sure they’re getting the best deal when buying an indie game.

When looking for a great deal on an indie game, it is important to research prices across multiple retailers. Many stores offer discounts or special offers during certain times of the year, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. By comparing prices between different outlets, gamers can determine which store is offering the most competitive price on a particular title and get the most bang for their buck. Additionally, some stores may have exclusive deals that only apply to specific platforms or genres – these should also be taken into consideration when searching for the best indie game deals available.

In addition to researching prices from various sources, another way to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible is by keeping up with gaming news and industry trends. Certain websites specialize in tracking bargains and specials related to video games and could potentially provide information about upcoming sales or deep discounts on specific titles; this knowledge could help gamers time their purchases so as to maximize savings while still enjoying quality content. Social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit are also good resources for finding out about newly released indie games and any potential discounts associated with them.

It pays off to do your homework when shopping around for an indie game – whether it’s checking online reviews, reading forums, or monitoring social media channels – all of these activities can help gamers identify which titles offer the greatest value at any given moment. Taking advantage of promotional pricing opportunities like holiday sales events can save even more money in the long run – allowing gamers to purchase new experiences without breaking the bank!

  • Is There A Difference Between An Indie Game And A Mainstream Game?

The eternal question of gaming: is there a difference between an indie game and a mainstream game? Like day and night, the two are vastly different entities. From the developers to the gameplay, each aspect carries its own unique characteristics that set them apart.

To begin with, let’s talk about who makes these games. Indie developers typically have smaller teams working on their projects in comparison to mainstream developers who may have hundreds if not thousands of people working for them. This means that indie developers can be more creative when it comes to ideas and also give gamers something new as opposed to what you might find from bigger companies which often rely heavily on existing titles or franchises.

In terms of the actual gameplay, there tend to be some differences too. For example, indie games tend to focus more on storytelling rather than flashy graphics or intense action sequences as you would find in many mainstream games. It’s this kind of creativity and innovation that keeps indie games fresh while still allowing players to experience something they haven’t seen before – making them great choices for those looking for something out of the ordinary!

From different development teams to distinct styles of play, it’s clear why so many gamers opt for independent titles over traditional ones. With a wide range of options available across all genres, indie games offer something special that no other type of game can replicate; giving players an exciting opportunity to explore uncharted territory without having to worry about getting stuck in familiar ruts.

  • Are There Any Age Restrictions On Certain Indie Games?

When considering indie games, one important factor to consider is age restrictions. Generally speaking, it is up to the individual developer of each game to decide what rating and level of content they would like their game to be rated by gaming communities. Depending on the type of content in the game, an indie developer may choose to restrict certain ages from being able to play or purchase their game.

Indie developers typically take a few different factors into consideration when deciding on an appropriate rating for their game such as violence, language, sexual themes or references, drug use, etc. It’s important to note that all these factors vary depending on who’s playing and how mature they perceive themselves or others around them. Many times developers will rate their games with a broad range of acceptable ages so that everyone can enjoy their work regardless of age.

It’s also possible for gamers to find out more information about the rating system used in various indie games by looking at reviews within gaming communities online. All in all, it is always best practice for players and parents alike to research any potential purchases beforehand and review ratings set by the respective developers—especially if there are minors involved—in order to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience while playing without running into anything too violent or inappropriate for younger audiences.

  • Are There Any Particular Indie Game Developers I Should Look Out For?

When looking for the best indie games, it is important to consider developers and studios that are well-known in the industry. Indie game developers have become increasingly popular as they provide unique titles with innovative gameplay experiences. This has made them a great alternative to major titles released by large publishers. To create an informed decision on which indie game to choose, gamers should look out for particular indie game developers who consistently produce quality content.

Several studios stand out in this regard. They include Team 17 Digital Ltd., Devolver Digital, Playdead, Nicalis Inc., Quirky Fish Games, and more. These companies have not only produced some of the most successful and popular indie games but also boast excellent review scores from both critics and players alike. For example, VVVVVV from Nicalis Inc was awarded 8/10 by IGN while Inside by Playdead achieved an impressive 9/10 rating.

In addition to these renowned studios, there are various other resources available online to help gamers make their choice when searching for the best indie games. Reviews can be found through websites such as Metacritic or Reddit’s /r/patientgamers board where users discuss recent releases before making a purchase. Furthermore, platforms such as Steam offer sales events throughout the year at discounted prices so gamers can find good deals if they shop around carefully enough.

To summarize, when considering what indie game developer or studio to keep an eye out for, notable names like Team 17 Digital Ltd., Devolver Digital, Playdead, Nicalis Inc., and Quirky Fish Games should certainly be taken into account; reviews from prominent websites can also provide insight into whether a title is worth investing in alongside special offers available across digital stores – all providing guidance towards finding the perfect game experience suited specifically for you!

  • Are There Any Online Communities Dedicated To Indie Games?

The world of indie games can be a daunting one, full of hidden gems and unknown developers. But for those brave enough to seek out the best in independent gaming, there is an excellent resource available: online communities dedicated to indie games. Whether it’s indie game forums, fan sites, or networks devoted exclusively to independently-developed titles, these are havens where gamers interested in all things indie come together to share their love of the genre—and perhaps even discover some new favorite titles.

One great example is Indie Gamer Forums (IGF), which has been providing quality discussions on every aspect of indie gaming since 2009. With dozens of categories including reviews and previews along with a vibrant community of passionate players who live and breathe indies, IGF offers everything you’d want from an online hub for fans of this increasingly popular gaming sector. There’s something here for everyone—from casual gamers looking for recommendations to hardcore enthusiasts eager to debate the merits of various indies.

Just about any major gaming platform will have its own niche within the larger indie game scene as well. For instance, Xbox Live’s ID@Xbox program provides access to numerous unique experiences created by small developers that wouldn’t otherwise get exposure through traditional distribution channels. And PC gamers have a wealth of options when it comes to discovering new titles thanks to platforms like Steam Direct and, both of which feature hundreds upon hundreds of independently made creations just waiting to be discovered and played by eager adventurers! At the end of the day, no matter what type of gamer you consider yourself—or what kind of experience you’re looking for—it pays off big time if you take advantage of all the incredible resources dedicated specifically towards exploring the world’s greatest independent video games.


The indie games industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and with it comes the challenge of finding a great game at an affordable price. With so many options available, gamers must be informed about their choices to ensure they are getting the best deal for their money.

In order to make sure you’re getting a quality experience from an indie game, consider researching any age restrictions that may apply, as well as looking out for certain developers who have established themselves within the genre. There are also plenty of online communities dedicated to discussing and promoting indie games which can help you stay up-to-date on new releases and offers.

For example, when ‘Hollow Knight’ was released in 2017 it quickly gained notoriety among fans of exploration platformers due to its unique world-building, challenging boss battles, and memorable soundtrack. The success of this game is a testament to how much potential there is in the ever-growing market of indie gaming – if one knows where to look. By doing your research into different genres and developers, gamers should be able to find great deals on top-quality titles without having to break the bank.