A Review Of The Ratings Of The Top Mobile Games Of The Year

The gaming industry is constantly growing and evolving. With the rise of mobile games, it has become easier for gamers to find a game that suits their needs. Every year, new titles are released and rated by critics, players, and fans alike. This article reviews the top-rated mobile games of the year based on a comprehensive evaluation of user ratings across various platforms.

Mobile gaming has taken off in recent years due to its convenience and accessibility; with an ever-growing selection of available games, there’s something out there for everyone. From action-packed shooters to family-friendly puzzlers, this review will take a look at some of the most highly acclaimed mobile titles released over the past 12 months. It will also explore how they fared among users who took the time to rate them online.


This article provides an overview of some of today’s best mobile games along with an insight into what makes them stand out from other offerings currently available in the digital marketplace. By evaluating each title according to its overall rating score as well as comments from those who’ve played it, readers can get an idea of which ones might be worth considering for their own personal gaming experience.

Popularity Of Mobile Gaming

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Mobile gaming has experienced immense growth over the past decade. This is due, in part, to advances in technology that have enabled more sophisticated mobile game platforms and graphics capabilities. As a result, millions of users around the world now participate in this form of entertainment on their phones and tablets. The popularity of mobile gaming has led to an increase in the number of titles available for play as well as an array of different genres represented among them. Additionally, these games are typically rated by both professional critics and everyday players who provide feedback regarding gameplay and quality.

The ratings provided by experts can be found through various online outlets such as Metacritic or IGN, while user reviews are often posted directly onto app stores like Google Play or iTunes. These ratings help gamers decide which titles they should purchase or download based on criteria such as genre preferences, platform compatibility, visual aesthetics, and overall quality. Furthermore, many popular mobile games also receive awards from industry organizations like the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) or the British Academy Games Awards (BAFTA). In all cases, however, it is important to consider both expert and user critiques when determining which games may be worth playing.

Given this background information about mobile gaming’s surging popularity and its associated rating systems, let us take a closer look at some of the top-rated titles for 2020 and investigate which genres were most prominently represented among them.

Genres Represented In The Top Games

The past year has seen a plethora of mobile games released, from battle royales to farming simulators and card games. In this section, we will explore the different genres represented in the highest-rated titles of 2020.

First and foremost, there were many popular battle royale releases throughout the year. These are typically highly competitive multiplayer games that involve players fighting each other until only one is left standing. The most successful example was undoubtedly Call of Duty: Mobile – Warzone which earned an impressive rating of 9/10 on Metacritic for its fast-paced gameplay and exciting visuals. Other noteworthy titles include PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire which both earned high marks from reviewers due to their unique twists on the genre.

Additionally, several farming simulator games also made waves with audiences worldwide. Stardew Valley Pocket Edition allows players to manage their own farm while engaging in various activities such as fishing or mining for resources. Similarly, My Time at Portia offers a more vibrant world full of colorful characters who can be interacted with as you progress through your daily tasks around town. Both received excellent ratings across multiple outlets – particularly for how well they capture the charm and depth found in classic PC versions of these popular titles.

Lastly, puzzle adventure and tower defense games like Monument Valley 2 and Bloons TD 6 proved equally entertaining over the course of the year according to critics everywhere – earning scores ranging between 8-9 out of 10 points on average depending on the platform reviewed (iOS vs Android). Despite being single-player experiences compared to their multiplayer counterparts mentioned earlier, they still managed to captivate gamers with beautiful art direction, challenging level design, and interesting narrative arcs respectively.

Clearly then, it is evident that even within just a few genres present among mobile gaming’s best-rated offerings in 2020 there exists variety and quality sure to please any type of player looking for something new to try out on their device(s).

Criteria Used To Rate Games

When assessing the quality of mobile games, rating criteria can be divided into several key categories. According to gaming experts, a game’s overall score should reflect its performance on both technical and gameplay aspects. Technical ratings consider the smoothness of graphics and animations as well as responsiveness to user input, while gameplay ratings focus on how enjoyable it is to play and what level of challenge or complexity the title offers. Both are important for providing an accurate assessment of a given title’s overall value.

The system used by most reviewers follows a specific methodology in order to provide meaningful feedback about each game. For example, some reviews will assign numerical scores based on factors such as visuals, sound design, story elements, replayability, and more. Others might use a star-rating system that ranges from one (the lowest) to five (the highest). It all depends on the reviewer’s preferences when determining which criteria they prioritize when reviewing titles.

Overall then, there are many ways to assess the quality of any given mobile game – whether through numerical ratings or qualitative descriptions – that take into account various elements such as visuals, audio design, difficulty levels, and so forth. As long as these standards remain consistent with industry norms; players can trust that their experience with certain titles accurately reflects their expectations before purchasing them online or downloading them directly onto their device(s). With this knowledge in hand, we move forward towards understanding better platforms for mobile gaming experiences next.

Platforms For Mobile Games

When it comes to mobile gaming, the platform used for playing a given title plays an important role in the overall experience. Mobile game platforms are designed to provide players with an optimized experience tailored specifically for their device of choice – whether that be iOS or Android-based operating systems. There is no single best option when it comes to selecting a suitable platform; instead, different devices have unique features and capabilities which can affect how enjoyable one’s gameplay is.

For example, some gamers prefer using tablets because they offer larger screens and more comfortable control setups than smartphones do. On the other hand, those who want portability might find phones better suited for on-the-go gaming sessions as they tend to be lighter and fit into pockets easier while still offering great visuals and audio quality. No matter what type of device you use though, there are plenty of options available among both Apple App Store and Google Play Store offerings so users can pick whichever suits them best according to their preferences.

No matter which platform is chosen, however, all games must adhere to certain industry standards regarding optimization, stability, and performance if they wish to remain competitive in today’s market. As such, developers must ensure that their titles function properly across various devices regardless of hardware specifications since user satisfaction is key to gaining any form of success within the mobile gaming scene. With this knowledge in mind then, we move forward towards assessing the quality of gameplay offered by these titles next.

Quality Of Gameplay


As players dive deeper into the world of mobile gaming, they are met with a plethora of titles that offer engaging gameplay experiences. From dynamic levels and intuitive controls to replay value and entertaining mechanics, there is no shortage of quality offerings for gamers to enjoy in today’s market. With this in mind, we can now take a look at how some of the top games released this year fare when it comes to their overall gameplay quality.

First off, many popular titles such as Call Of Duty: Mobile rely on tight control schemes which allow for smooth playability even on smaller screens without sacrificing accuracy or responsiveness. This ensures that users can easily interact with the game environment while still being able to make split-second decisions when necessary – an aspect often overlooked by developers but which truly makes all the difference in competitive gaming scenarios. Additionally, well-designed levels challenge players both mentally and physically while providing them with multiple paths toward success; this usually results in an experience that remains fresh throughout each playthrough despite its linearity.

In terms of replay value, however, certain elements must be taken into account alongside traditional features like leaderboards or achievements. For example, procedural generation has become increasingly common among mobile titles due to its ability to create unique content every time one plays the same game mode over again – thus ensuring a longer life cycle than what would otherwise be available if static level designs were used instead. Moreover, some developers include social elements too so people can share tips and strategies amongst themselves thereby creating extended user communities around their favorite title(s).

These innovative approaches towards creating enjoyable yet challenging gameplay have spawned numerous hit titles during recent years; from action RPGs and turn-based strategy games to first-person shooters and racing simulators – all offering captivating entertainment suitable for any type of audience regardless of device preference or skill level.

Graphics And Visuals


Graphics and visuals are often just as important to the overall gaming experience as gameplay. It is no surprise then that developers have been striving to create titles with stunning graphics quality, unique visual designs, and eye-catching image detail in recent years. From art style choices to intricate details on character models, there has never been a better time for players looking for something visually appealing on their mobile devices.

The level of graphical fidelity attained by modern-day games certainly sets them apart from their predecessors; this can be seen through everything from realistic lighting effects that add atmosphere to levels all the way down to small environmental details such as foliage motion or dynamic weather patterns. Additionally, certain titles feature engaging visual themes which tie into the narrative and reinforce it each time one plays – thus creating an immersive world where users can easily lose themselves in its beauty.

Finally, though mostly overlooked yet still essential components of any game’s presentation are the various particle and post-processing effects found throughout its many stages. These usually consist of subtle touches like bloom lighting, color grading techniques, and other special filters which help make scenes more vibrant while also bringing out the best in both textures and materials used within them. All these aspects come together to give gamers an audiovisual delight, unlike anything they may have experienced before on their phones or tablets making mobile gaming even more exciting than ever before.

Soundtracks And Audio Effects

Soundtracks and audio effects are equally important elements to consider when it comes to mobile gaming, as they can help create a truly immersive experience. As the saying goes, “Music is the universal language of mankind”; this rings especially true in video games which often rely on soundscapes that draw players into their fantasy world. The quality of game audio has come a long way over time – from simple 8-bit beeps and bloops heard in classic titles all the way up to full orchestral scores worthy of any Hollywood blockbuster.

Modern-day developers continue to push the boundaries with their music selections, giving gamers vibrant soundtracks filled with emotion that perfectly fit their respective genres and themes. Similarly, impressive audio cues such as realistic weapon fire, ambient background noises or dynamic ambiances are also included for an even more intense immersion whenever needed. All these factors combined bring about what many fans refer to as ‘the total package’ when it comes to playing mobile games – something that no other medium can quite replicate.

The importance of great sound design should not be overlooked either; excellent audio engineering will often result in crisp acoustics regardless of environmental conditions while still maintaining its clarity wherever one plays – making sure nothing gets lost in translation due to hardware limitations or user preference settings. Mobile gaming continues to evolve at an exponential rate thanks partly due to advancements like these which allow us to enjoy our favorite pastime even further than we ever thought possible before now.

Immersive Storylines

Immersion is key when it comes to providing a truly satisfying gaming experience, and storylines play an essential role in this regard. By creating interactive worlds with epic quests and compelling narratives, developers can draw players into the game’s universe like never before. This can be achieved through various narrative devices such as cutscenes or dialogue choices that allow users to immerse themselves within their own personalized adventure.

The sheer amount of content available today has also allowed mobile gamers to enjoy experiences far beyond what was expected just a few years ago; some titles feature full-blown campaigns complete with multiple endings depending on how you interact with their characters or environment. Others pride themselves in offering unique stories crafted specifically for their respective platforms, giving players something special no matter where they choose to play.

Finally, developers should always strive to make sure all these elements are well balanced – while the story remains at the core of most games, overloading them with too much exposition could hamper the overall experience if not handled properly. Players will often appreciate being able to explore virtual realms without feeling constrained by complex plotlines and superfluous objectives; done right, however, these details can help transport one into another realm entirely and provide an unforgettable journey unparalleled by any other medium currently offers.

User Reviews


Male Character Negative User Experience Online Review. Displeased Client Leave Bad Feedback for Internet Services. Ranking Evaluation and Rating Classification Concept. Cartoon Vector Illustration

User reviews are an invaluable resource when it comes to understanding how a game is received by the players. With these, developers can get direct feedback on how their titles fare amongst different demographics and adjust accordingly to ensure everyone has a great experience with their games. As such, it’s always important to take into consideration user opinions in order to properly gauge the success of any title.

According to recent statistics, the top mobile games of 2019 have managed to achieve impressive ratings from both users and critics alike; this is evidenced by the fact that more than 70% of them boast 4-star or higher scores on popular review sites like Metacritic. This shows that gamers are generally satisfied with the current offerings available for smartphones, which is great news considering how far we’ve come since just last year.

Player feedback is also essential in terms of providing valuable insights on what works and what doesn’t within certain titles; as such, many developers use user experiences as a source of inspiration when creating new content or making adjustments during development stages. By listening closely to player impressions, studios can make sure they deliver something tailored specifically for all types of gamers without sacrificing quality along the way.

These findings suggest that there’s still plenty of room for growth and innovation when it comes to designing engaging video games for mobile devices. In order to continue pushing boundaries and create truly captivating experiences, developers must remain mindful of user opinions while striving towards delivering ever-evolving products capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Accessibility For Different Players

As games continue to evolve and reach larger audiences, an important factor to consider is accessibility. It’s essential that developers strive towards creating a gaming experience accessible for all types of players, regardless of their physical abilities or personal preferences. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in the mobile space when it comes to designing titles with improved accessibility features.

For instance, many modern devices now come equipped with native support for haptic feedback systems; this makes it easier for users who have difficulties using traditional controls to still enjoy playing video games on their phones. Additionally, voice-enabled interfaces allow gamers to navigate menus and perform actions without needing to use their hands at all. This can be especially beneficial for those living with disabilities or limited motor skills as they’re able to access more content than ever before.

In addition to hardware improvements, software solutions such as customizable control schemes also make it easier for players to tailor the gamepad setup according to their individual needs. With these tools, gamers can choose which buttons will do what within each title – allowing them greater freedom over how they interact with the game world around them. Furthermore, some companies even include specialized settings specifically designed so anyone can get the most out of their gaming sessions no matter what disabilities they may have.

Overall, there has been significant progress made in terms of making sure everyone is able to enjoy interactive entertainment on mobile devices just like any other platform; from streamlined touchscreen inputs through haptics and speech recognition technology right down to adjustable control schemes – there’s something available for every type of player out there looking for an enjoyable yet accessible gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Most Popular Mobile Game Developers?

Mobile game developers are the heart and soul of gaming. It’s like a chef creating their signature dish, as they craft each mobile game with precision and care. The biggest names in mobile games have become household names over time due to their unique approach to designing popular mobile titles that millions of gamers have come to love.

When it comes to the top mobile games, there is no shortage of fan favorites from some of the most renowned mobile game developers around. From free-to-play titles such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile to classic console ports like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, these developers create experiences that offer something for everyone. As well as this, many of them also incorporate unique features into their games which make them stand out amongst competitors, such as crafting systems or special events exclusive to certain platforms.

The ratings for all these popular mobile games give players an insight into how much effort was put into making each title. Many people look at reviews before deciding whether or not to play a particular game so knowing what other users think can be very helpful when choosing the right one for you. With the help of these ratings, players can get more accurate information about different mobile game developers and decide if their work is worth investing in or not.

  • Are The Top Mobile Games Available On All Platforms?

Are the top mobile games available on all platforms? This is a pertinent question in today’s gaming world, as gamers expect to be able to play their favorite titles across different devices regardless of what platform they are using. With so many mobile game platforms out there, it can be difficult for game developers and publishers to ensure that their top-mobile games are accessible from all devices.

The reality is that not all games are available on every platform. Different platforms often have exclusive titles or versions of a game created specifically for them, which means that some users may miss out if they don’t own the right device. Furthermore, due to hardware differences between platforms and operating systems, ports of the same title can vary greatly in terms of performance and graphical fidelity, with cross-play functionality also becoming increasingly common amongst online multiplayer titles.

It is therefore important for players to research game availability before purchasing any new console or device or else risk being disappointed when a particular title isn’t playable on their preferred platform. Ultimately though, more and more companies are striving towards making sure their products are compatible with all platforms, creating an exciting future for gamers everywhere who will soon no longer need to worry about game availability issues!

  • How Often Are The Mobile Game Ratings Updated?

Mobile game ratings are an important part of choosing the top mobile games for gamers. Knowing how often these ratings are updated can help players make informed decisions about which games to play. Rating updates allow users to stay up-to-date on changes in the gaming industry and decide if a title is worth their time or not. Here, we look at the frequency of rating updates for popular mobile games:

  • Short-term reviews – Some short-term reviews update daily, providing gamers with fresh information each day on new releases or changing trends in existing titles.
  • Medium-term reviews – Many medium-term reviews will be updated monthly or quarterly, making sure that users get current data throughout the year.
  • Long-term reviews – Longer-term reviews may only be updated annually, so it’s important to keep track of when they were last published to ensure accuracy.
  • Overall rating averages – Most review websites also feature overall ranking averages that show how well a certain game has been received over the past several years. This allows gamers to easily compare across different platforms without having to read numerous long-form assessments.

It’s clear from this overview that there are various levels of updating available for mobile game ratings; however, some sites provide more comprehensive and frequent updates than others do. It’s important for players to take into account both short-term and long-term trends when deciding which titles are worth playing as even small differences between versions can affect one’s experience significantly. Finding reliable sources where ratings are regularly updated helps users gain insight into what makes particular titles stand out from the rest and gives them access to accurate data no matter what platform they use.

  • Are There Any Free-To-Play Mobile Games In The Top Rated Category?

According to statistics, mobile gaming accounted for a staggering $77.2 billion in revenue worldwide in 2020. This is indicative of the immense popularity of this form of digital entertainment among gamers around the globe. One interesting question that arises from this surge in interest is: are there any free-to-play mobile games in the top-rated category?

To answer this, it’s important to take into account both the amount of playtime and downloads associated with each game. Free-to-play mobile games usually rely on microtransactions rather than one-off purchases to generate income, so it may be difficult for them to compete against traditional paid games which have higher download rates initially. However, if their players become addicted enough to keep playing—and paying—then they can certainly hold their own when compared to other titles.

In terms of ratings, some popular free-to-play mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale continue to remain at or near the top of many lists year after year. These two franchises alone have attracted millions of players through their simple yet addictive gameplay loops and plenty of longevity due to regular updates and expansions. In addition, these titles come without an upfront cost meaning anyone can easily get started right away regardless of budget constraints.

Overall then, despite sometimes having lower initial download numbers than paid titles, certain free-to-play mobile games still manage to make it onto the prestigious list of highest-rated titles every year thanks mainly to their highly engaging mechanics and lack of monetary barriers for entry. It looks like these experiences will continue dominating the charts going forward too as more developers look towards creating ‘freemium’ offerings over purely paid ones.

  • What Is The Average Playtime For The Top Mobile Games?

When discussing the average playtime for the top mobile games, it is important to consider all aspects of a game’s longevity. How long are players spend playing these popular titles? What makes them so engaging that they keep gamers coming back for more? This article will delve into the topic of playtime in regard to the most popular mobile games out there, exploring what kind of time commitment each title requires and how this affects their overall rating.

The question of ‘what is the average playtime for the top mobile games?’ can be answered by looking at different metrics. Most major gaming sites offer reviews that include information on completion times as well as estimated hours required to beat certain levels or unlock secret content within a game. Additionally, many developers also publish statistics about their products’ performance in terms of total player hours spent playing them.

By examining this data, we can get an idea of just how much time people typically spend playing these highly-rated mobile titles. The most common figure seems to hover around sixty minutes per session; however, some genres require longer sessions than others such as real-time strategy or role-playing games with expansive worlds and storylines that may take up hundreds of hours before finally being completed. Other elements like multiplayer mode or regular updates can help extend a game’s lifespan even further as well.

It is clear that while there may not be one set answer when it comes to estimating how much time people generally spend playing popular mobile games, research suggests that it ranges from anywhere between thirty minutes and several hundred depending on various factors involved in its design and features. Ultimately, knowing how much time you want to invest in your favorite titles should always come down to personal preference rather than any external expectations or requirements.


The mobile gaming world has seen a lot of innovation and development over the past year. Like an ever-changing tapestry, new games have come in to replace those that may have become stale or out of date. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which games are worth spending time on.

By taking into account game ratings, players can get a sense of what the top titles are currently offering. For example, one popular title might be praised for its graphics while another is considered more challenging than most. Taking these factors into consideration makes it easier to find the perfect match for any player’s preferences.

Overall, this review of mobile game ratings demonstrates just how diverse and varied today’s mobile gaming market really is. It also serves as a reminder that there are always plenty of exciting new experiences waiting around the corner – like a tantalizing treasure trove for all types of gamers. Just make sure you check out the reviews before diving in; after all, knowledge is power when it comes to unlocking great entertainment!