Which Overwatch Character Are You?

What Overwatch character are you most like? The initial result shows who your soulmate is in Blizzard‘s Overwatch Universe. One approach to take the Which Overwatch Hero Are You test is to go online, but there are other options if quizzes aren’t your thing.

#1: Gamestyle

When playing Overwatch, you have to consider three different play styles: Damage, tank and support. A selection of Overwatch characters specialize in one of these gameplay types, so the type you choose should determine which character is best for you.


#2: Playstyle

After considering your play-style, you’ll want to decide which character is best for you based on what they specialize in. Here are a few Overwatch characters that will be better suited for different kinds of players.

If you prefer playing as an offensive hero, then consider choosing from the following characters:

McCree – His main weapon shoots fast and accurate bullets with wide spread; his ultimate Deadeye deals devastating damage but leaves him vulnerable while it charges up. So use him when enemies are far away or after they’ve been weakened already.

Genji– This melee assassin can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time but requires good judgement to play effectively.

Pharah – She’s armed with a rocket launcher and can hover in the air while shooting at her enemies. With good aim, she’s able to deal huge damage to multiple targets.

Tracer – Her ability to travel through time keeps her away from danger while she deals lots of damage on the offensive. Tracer is best played as an aggressive offense character who picks off weakened targets or uses AoE attacks when lots of enemies are present.

Overwatch Character

If you prefer playing more defensive characters, then consider choosing from the following list:

Bastion – He has a turret that he can use for defense but also as an effective attack against enemy heroes if placed strategically in their path. This character does well when used with other teammates because he’s slow moving and vulnerable when out alone.

Lúcio – With his fast movement and a healing ability, Lúcio is great for keeping teammates up on health. His ult, Sound Barrier , also protects himself and his team from incoming damage.

Mei – She’s skilled with an icicle gun that deals significant damage to one or multiple targets. Her main advantage is that she can freeze enemies in place to keep them from advancing while her allies deal with them.

Soldier 76 – He’s equipped with a powerful bionic arm cannon that he uses to get rid of enemy threats quickly; when used alongside other teammates, his ultimate Tactical Visor can devastate an entire group or enemy attack.  

#3: Playstyle/Hero Matchup

So now you’ve narrowed down which Overwatch characters are best for your play style. But that doesn’t tell you which one will be the best fit in terms of your current game partners.

This one’s pretty simple: new or veteran? If you’re a first time Overwatch player, probably not all that experienced with gaming in general, then someone who has played characters like Genji and Tracer would be a better choice than Widowmaker or Pharah. But if you have an advanced gamer on your team then Winston, Reaper or Lucio may make better teammates.


So, which character class are you?

Overwatch Character -1

Damage Class

Damage is one of the key classes in the game. It is the best option for aggressive, brave, and fast gamers. If your playstyle matches this class, then your best Overwatch characters are:

Soldier 76 – Tank Buster;   Reaper – DPS ; Pharah – Heavy Assault.     

Tank Class

This is the most balanced class in Overwatch that fits for all kinds of players. The damage dealt is not high but it can still take out enemies in a short time. This class includes heroes with big health pools, moderate attack rates and additional abilities to slow down their opponents or grant them shields.  If you enjoy being in the middle of the action while also fulfilling the role of keeping your teammates alive, then these will be your best Overwatch characters:

D.Va – Defense Matrix;   Reinhardt – Charge; Winston – Barrier Projector .  

 Support Class

The support class is the most diverse one with lots of heroes. They have abilities that allow them to heal allies or debuff opponents and their job is also to keep everyone else alive on the battlefield until the end of time. Players who choose this class often give, are smart and are humble. If you are a player who likes helping other players win, then these will be your best Overwatch characters:

 Mercy – Angelic Cadence; Symmetra – Sentry Turret; Torbjörn – Forge Hammer.

Overwatch Character -2

Overwatch characters for all playstyles, We at Best Gaming Tips Think There’s no one-size-fits-all character to choose in Overwatch. With the right pick, you can enjoy playing as any hero and fit into any game situation.