When Is The Next Overwatch Event?

Overwatch is a popular team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard. It was released in May 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Since its debut, Overwatch has held multiple seasonal events that added new content and gameplay modes to the game as well as changes to existing maps.

Overwatch has been out for a while, and recently the Summer Games event has ended. Yet you’re still here wondering “when is the next Overwatch event?”. Well, wonder no more because we have some information which may have your interest.


Overwatch Events have typically consisted of a new map along with three skins, two of which are rare and one legendary.

This time things seem to be a little different as there was not much in terms of an actual patch or game update between how players experienced the PTR (Public Test Realm) and live servers, meaning that what went into the PTR will likely go live without any changes. This would allow Blizzard to work on other features rather than add new content into the game, although this should change soon enough as the recent Summer Games event has just started.


When Will The Next Overwatch Event Be?

Overwatch Event

Blizzard’s recent statement regarding when the next event will be is “soon.” This means that we may not have to wait much longer for new content, as the Summer Games skins are only available until August 10 2021 at 10pm PDT, and Blizzard usually likes to keep these events going right up to the deadline. Overwatch might release a character Challenge after that most probably blizzard will release “Halloween Terror 2021”


What To Expect From The Next Overwatch Event?

There’s no knowing what the next event will be just yet, but there are a few things that we can expect. Given that Summer Games is over, and Halloween Terror has not happened yet, an event would have to happen around mid-august when it has been in previous years, as this is when Blizzard puts out its promotions for Halloween terror. Also, we should expect new skins and emotes as usual.

About Halloween Terror

Overwatch Event -1

In previous years, Halloween Terror has had a game mode along with a host of new cosmetics and one map. It seems that this year’s Summer Games will be the only event, as there was no new patch or update on the PTR to indicate that we’ll get more maps in overwatch.

It is believed that Halloween Terror this year might come out between October 10-15. However, these dates cannot be confirmed since Blizzard hasn’t released any information regarding when it’ll happen yet. A possible leak suggests that Blizzard may release another character challenge instead of Halloween Terror deathmatch or Junkenstein’s revenge modes, although no official statement has been made by Blizzard yet.

So don’t worry folks because you’re not going crazy – Blizzard has indeed said “soon” in regard to when the next Overwatch event will start up, so hopefully, we won’t have to long to wait before more cosmetics are added to our collection. That’s all for now but if there’s any new information that comes to light, you can be sure that we’ll update our article. Until then stay tuned as it may not be long before Overwatch’s next event starts! And you can read our other blogs at Best Gaming Tips.