When Is Overwatch 2 Coming Out?

“The World Could Always Use More Heroes.” — Soldier: 76

Blizzard has been quite coy about the Overwatch 2 release date. In an investor call in May 2017, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said that the company would be “broadening [Overwatch’s] global reach” and “committing to the franchise long-term”. This led many to think it was a given that we’d see a sequel sometime soon. But Blizzard 2017 came and went without any mention of Overwatch 2 news!

But it doesn’t mean we won’t see another Overwatch game in the future. In a 1 August 2017 tweet, Jeff Kaplan stated Blizzard has “multiple teams working on different ideas related to overwatch”.


Overwatch 2: All We Know About The Unconventional Sequel

Overwatch 2 - 1

At BlizzCon 2017, Jeff Kaplan reiterated they would not be releasing a sequel until they were ready with something new and made clear that “we have multiple different prototypes going right now”. So, no firm release date yet from Blizzard!

Despite many Overwatch 2 fans being upset that the game won’t arrive this year, it could actually be good news. Since Activision Blizzard announced the game earlier this month, there has been some confusion as to why their plans might have made Overwatch 2 appear to just be a game of DLC.

More than a few fans are wondering why those plans would make the sequel seem like an extension of the original title instead of its own separate entity. Despite some hopeful murmurs about reworks to popular characters in the first Overwatch, most developers talked about what they are already tinkering with for future versions of the game.


While The Release Date Of Overwatch 2 Isn’t Currently Known, It Is Bound To Be One Of The Most Anticipated Video Game Releases.

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If Overwatch 2 is pushed back to 2023, Activision Blizzard could take advantage of the opportunity by ensuring that this time around they are taking their time and fixing the issues before releasing it.

Cyberpunk 2077 should have taught you a valuable lesson about how delays work. Once a delay such as this happens, you need to make sure that you capitalize on it and really take your time to fix any problems within Overwatch so that we get an effective game when it does come out.

Waiting until 2023 to release the game is a blessing, in some respect. People might be a bit frustrated that it’s taking this long, but extra development time should make sure the quality is there when Overwatch 2 finally does arrive.


Overwatch 2 Should Be Its Own Game From Overwatch 1

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When Overwatch 2 was first announced, it seemed like the new game had little to do with the original. There are a few connections to the original, but most people saw it as a sequel or DLC and have been confused by Activision Blizzard’s intentions. The good news about the game’s delay is that there seems to be adequate time for new work on the title. That means instead of just tweaking Overwatch characters in the next game, there are opportunities to create all-new characters and make more of them.

Certainly, we at Best Gaming Tips hope that, improving the beloved characters will be important for the sequel. The developers have spent a lot of time and effort doing backstory research on these first game’s character’s narratives, but they’re also interested in creating new backstories and unveiling additional characters over time as well during the next game’s development cycle.