What Is Overwatch 2: Everything You Need To Know

When will there be a sequel to the game Overwatch?

Blizzard gave us a behind-the-scenes view of Overwatch 2 during Blizzcon 2021 and we have a clearer idea of what the game will offer. Interestingly enough, this new step into the overwatch universe won’t be your average sequel. Some of its new multiplayer modes will actually be coming to Overwatch 1 as well as some old favorites also some new heroes.

Either way, Overwatch is sure to coexist in the future. Both games will share a fortitude- PvP modes allow players from both teams to compete against each other and PvE story missions primarily focus on single-player campaigns. Characters in Overwatch have always been popular with the community, and it seems this game is following along. Here is a rundown of Overwatch 2’s features announced at BlizzCon 2021.


When is Overwatch 2’s Release Date?

Blizzard said at BlizzCon 2019 that Overwatch 2 is still in early development with no indication of when it will release. “I don’t know. Jeff Kaplan, the ex-game director for Overwatch said: “I have no idea.” “It’s what we care about more than anything. Just let us make it great.”

Activision CEO Keith Hernandez has announced that the company does not expect to release Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4 by 2021. It was previously believed they would be released in 2021, but now it is known that the games will not be ready for another two years at least. BlizzCon 2021 was one of the first opportunities for people to see gameplay footage from World of Warcraft’s 2022 expansion, so let’s hope that this is an exciting year.


What we learned at BlizzCon 2021

What Is Overwatch 2 -1

  • There are two new maps of New York and Rome.
  • New features are coming to Tanks, making them more competitive fighters.
  • Sojourn’s weapon looked satisfyingly lethal, an assault rifle/railgun combo that we got a good look at.
  • Blizzard is experimenting with new “role passive” bonuses that would help differentiate the three core roles in Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 has not had the same opening ceremony treatment that its Blizzard cousins have, but we now have a much better sense of how Blizzard is tweaking Overwatch for their upcoming sequel. With regards to the Player vs. Player portion of Competitive Play, big changes are on the horizon. One adjustment to Reinhardt will see him play more aggressively. (Reinhardt currently throws two Firestrikes per cooldown and can cancel his charge at any time.)

Blizzard also said it would be tweaking modes as needed. Jeff Kaplan, ex game director for Overwatch 2, suggested that the unpopular two-point capture mode may be an idea that should never see again. It might be replaced by a new mode that Blizzard feels confident in, such as Push. We didn’t get any updates on Push at BlizzCon 2021 either though.


What is Overwatch 2 ?

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We at Best Gaming Tips have heard that Overwatch 2 will be a large expansion with more story content than we usually see in game sequels. A common complaint has been that the limited-time events don’t have enough story and dialogue, so this sounds promising to many gamers. A cinematic trailer was announced and we know it will be released in 2021 (Hopefully).


Overwatch 2 will have five-player teams, at least one of which is assigned the role of a tank.

In May, during a livestream Blizzard revealed that Overwatch 2 would change match team sizes from six to five players. Each team will consist of one tank, two DPS, and two supports.

“We feel like this is the next natural step in how we think Overwatch should be played,” game director Aaron Keller said. “Each of the Overwatch maps has different situations, but players must be constantly aware of what’s going on.” The pace of the action is incredibly fast-paced.” We try to make our combat easy for players to read and understand, but occasionally it can be difficult identifying all the enemies on the battlefield. In order to simplify the gameplay, we removed two of those enemies from battle so that players can better identify their surroundings.

“Tanks will undergo incremental changes for Overwatch 2 to make them more aggressive on the gameplay side,” said the lead hero designer. “The tanks are less about just wall protection and more hybrid now.”