Overwatch Winter Wonderland

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is anticipated each year, but what can we expect from the 2021 version?

Overwatch features many events, which give fans the chance to play a variety of unique game modes and get limited-time skins. One of the most popular is Winter Wonderland, a festive event that takes place during winter holidays.


The December 2018 event has beautiful character skins, including Snow Owl Ana and Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy. There will likely be both old and new skins included in the latest update.

The Winter Wonderland event in 2021 is sure to delight every Overwatch fan with exciting features. Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland will be coming to the Blizzard game by December 15, and it definitely won’t happen in-game.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Past dates for the event include:

2016: 13th December – 2nd January

2017: 12th December – 1st January

2018: 11th December – 2nd January

2019: 10th December – 2nd January

2020: 15th December – 5th January 

With this in mind, we estimate that the 2021 event will begin around December 12 and conclude on January 1.

Overwatch introduces new holiday themed skins

The Blizzard event, Winter Wonderland will be coming with five new Legendary skins. Also three new Epic skins are your rewards for completing the weekly challenges.

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland will be held in 2021.

To unlock an Epic skin, players must win a total of 27 matches with each match counting as 2 towards the total.

Along with the Elf Junkrat skin, there are three other new skins available through this event: Gingerbread Ana, Frosty Roadhog and a rare spray.

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Overwatch is hosting some Christmas event modes.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event

The 2020 event is known for including many modes of play.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive: A 6v6 snowball fight featuring Mei.

Eight people face off in a free-for-all snowball fight.

Yeti Hunter: A six-player mode where five Meis try to take down one Winston.

In addition to the popular modes, Blizzard also introduced Freezethaw elimination. In this new 4v4 mode, players attempt to freeze opponents; but if they are frozen themselves, an ally can help thaw them out.

The first team that manages to freeze all their opponents wins. This game mode is simple, but creates tons of fun. The Mei guide will help you get some practice in before this year’s Winter Wonderland event returns, so use it if you want to try out these modes before strapping on your snowshoes.

Hopefully this provided all the information you needed about the upcoming Overwatch Christmas event. That being said overwatch will also make changes to its map in the winter wonderland events

An Overwatch player revamped the Paris map in time for Winter Wonderland. The fan-made version of Paris has been removed from Competitive play but can be played in Quick Play and Custom matches.

Overwatch events change the maps to have a specific theme, such as Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, Chinese New Year. One fan even changed Eichenwalde , Blizzard World, and Hollywood. Now Paris is getting a similar treatment.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event-1

With Christmas decorations strewn throughout, and the streets covered in a blanket of snow, it is immediately apparent that this holiday themed map has been reused from its previous version.

Among the best is that none of the winter assets seem out of place, with the snowmen found around the map looking just like those in other Christmas-themed Overwatch maps.

To add a bit of fun to the otherwise dismal appearance, Christmas-related ornaments are hung up around the station and there is even a small snow-covered fir tree within it. Additionally, two Zenyatta ornaments based on his Winter Wonderland skin from previous years have been added.

Perhaps the best part of the whole redesign is using Christmas lights to create an iconic backdrop for the first objective.