Overwatch What You Left Behind Story Summary

“What You Left Behind” has players getting to know the Overwatch hero better, Baptiste. If you want more information not only on this hero but also a sneak peeks into future heroes in the series, be sure to click on the link for the full story “What You Left Behind.”


Here’s a Quick Summary:

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

What You Left Behind

  • As this short story is set a few days after the recall, most of the cinematics and comics take on this day.
  • This story takes place after Baptiste was successful in his confrontation with Cuerva and his thug, following the plot of the origin story.
  • Baptiste has been a supporter of Overwatch, speaking highly of it as time progressed and even now still idolizing its members.
  • Mauga (who is more likely to come as a hero in Overwatch 2’s future, most likely as a tank) is likely of Somoan dissent and has a villainous yet comedic nature. Nguyen (who is less likely to come as a hero in Overwatch 2’s future, probably as DPS or support) of Vietnamese dissent and has an emotionless heart.
  • Mauga carries a combination of heavy machine guns (similar to those in Retribution and Storm Rising) and a shield. Nguyen only has access to pistols and hologramsprojectors.
  • Vincent Sainclair, the CEO of a medical company that dominates over Haiti’s limited supplies and forces them to pay extortionate prices, was once an Overwatch employee who had been feeding information to Talon for years before its fall.
  • Sainclair was not aware of the fact that Talon had information on other Overwatch members, something they were likely planning to leak in order to strike fear into the hearts of everyone who knew what Overwatch once represented.
  • Mauga released Baptiste from Talon and let him leave without death because he liked him and saw the potential.
  • Baptiste and Mercy had met on a humanitarian mission in Venezuela, but it is unknown if this was before or after Overwatch fell.
  • Baptiste is still friends with Sombra and will be asking for her help in tracking Mercy’s precise location so he can warn her that Talon agents are coming for her.


What We Think:

What You Left Behind -1

In contrast to most other Overwatch characters, Sombra appears to be a mercenary who will ally with anyone for money. We can’t yet know whether her connection with Baptiste is genuine, or if she will start extorting the Overwatch once she infiltrates their ranks. Mauga is also a great character, with the archetypal ‘sociopathic’ traits that Doomfist shares. However, in Mauga it is doubled-down on the friendly side which gives those sociopathic tendencies more edge. It would be disappointing if we did not see him used better.

Overall, this story is more weighty, lengthy, and entertaining. The skin were pretty sick too! Gives us hope at best gaming tips for other stories like (how old is nezuko in season) this in the future.

Overwatch fans have been waiting for a new tank hero for quite some time now. There hasn’t been an addition to the game in over a year and it’s getting very frustrating waiting around. Hopefully, with the soon release of overwatch 2, we can see Mauga in action.