How To Get Overwatch League Tokens?

In your experience of playing Overwatch, what do the Overwatch League Tokens mean to you? Do you have any idea about how to get them and what they are used for? If not, it is a bit hard for you to understand the game. The following blog will help you know about the meaning of “Overwatch League Token”, and provide some useful tips that can help you get more tokens.


What are Overwatch League Tokens?

It is an in-game currency, which can be used to buy Overwatch League team skins, new emotes, and highlight intros. These tokens are only available for the owners of the PC versions of Battle Net and Xbox One. After the ending of OW League, players can use this token to buy Overwatch League team skins and other items.


How Many Types Of Tokens Are There In-game?

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There are two kinds of tokens: League Tokens and Esports Tokens. Typically, you will get these tokens by participating in events or watching the matches through Both of them have different values:

The value of one league token is equivalent to $4.99, while an esports token’s value varies from $1-50 depending on your level. To be honest, it is very hard for us to predict which type of token will have higher demand because they both have different functions in the game.


How to Get More Overwatch League Tokens?

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Now the question is how to get more Overwatch League Tokens? The best way is to participate in events. For example, several days before the event starts, Blizzard will announce that there are some rewards for those who can achieve certain results and win fights during the OWL matches. If you can kill at least 4 enemies within 3 seconds or power up a teammate 20 times within 6 seconds, you will get an Overwatch League token as a reward.

In 2020, token holders will be able to purchase Overwatch League tokens by watching the mobile app or on their official website. This took a few extra steps, but afterwards earning these tokens has been easy thanks to the growth of YouTube and Twitch in 2019. To earn more points on the platform, your account must be linked to it too, just like last year’s version of the Overwatch League website.

Every hour that you watch live Overwatch League matches, you will receive five tokens. This viewing time is recorded in real-time; if the time of your watching session equals 60 minutes,  you’ll be given credit for the complete hour. The only match format available to earn this reward is a live one.


What Can You Buy with Overwatch League Tokens?

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There are a lot of things that you can buy, including skins for various heroes, emotes, highlight intros, etc. Now let’s get back to the main topic: what kinds of items will be available after the end of OWL? The answer is simple: you can still use your tokens to buy new skins and other stuff! If you want to know more details about this event, please keep an eye on our website Best Gaming Tips for further news.