What Type of Bets can you Place on eSports?

The world of sports betting is no longer solely focused on the standard sports we are used to. The world of eSport is taking its place amongst the mainstream sporting environment and is now a huge part of sports gambling.

No longer is the sport category confined to a small number of devoted followers, events will have hundreds of thousands of fans watching on and its widespread betting appeal is clear to see. The prize funds have naturally increased as viewership has risen.

There has been a huge increase in esports betting amongst those who are interested in sports gambling online. This has come with new clients as well as those who have previously wagered on standard sporting events.

As per Mazi Picks, the digital nature of eSports has given gambling operators the chance to access instant data and all game-related data to ensure up to date and comprehensive information is available in order to provide excellent in play options as well.

Betting operators are having to create algorithms to understand which parts of games and events could affect likely outcomes. As new games are developed and competed in, operators are having to learn, and a period of adjustment is needed to be able to understand and punters with an in-depth understanding of the games may be able to find an edge over the bookmakers at first.

Hundreds of millions of dollars a year are placed in wagers on eSports by millions of people across the world. The rate in which the esports community grows is matched by the rate in which the betting market is adapting and growing in the esports field.

The quantity of bets available to punters on eSports can vary depending on the operator used and their understanding of the eSports field.


Like with many sports, the Outcome bet is the most common, popular and easy to understand for anyone looking to bet on eSports.

There are a number of different forms of outcome bets. Placing a wager on who will win a specific game will come with set odds and can be placed any time before the event, with odds changing in play for outcome bets. You can place bets on tournament outcomes as well group winners in tournaments.

 Outcome bets are a good way for those who may not have a full grasp of the eSports world but have enough of an understanding as to how the games are played. They will likely be heavily weighted to the favourites and may offer limited odds that may not appeal to the punter too much.

Along with outcome bets there are odd/evens and over/under bets available as well. Odds/Evens are those that require betting on the outcomes of games or kills or rounds played. Predicting if by the end of the game an even or odd number of these outcomes comes out can be tough to choose, though an understanding of the game will help in identifying the possibilities of the outcomes.

Over/Under bets are a little more complicated but are based on the sportsbook predicting an outcome and the punter can predict if the final result will be over or under that line.

There are more complex bets available to those willing to look into the sport more. Score bets are for predicting the total games won in a match for example 4-1 to Team A. It can be heavily used during in play betting as can be difficult to call prior to a match starting.

As well as in the team games like Dota2, this can be used in FIFA tournaments by betting on the exact score outcome in a match.

MPV bets refer to the Most Valuable Player and metrics are used to identify this player from each match. Wagering on this is often based on the most well-known players or the favourite teams, but punters should also take into account the teams that are playing and identify who will be best in a specific style of match.

Player performance bets are based around what a player might do within a game. Specifying which player will make a certain number of kills in a shooter game or the shots in a football game. This type of bet Is very complicated and difficult to make a clear and concise decision on, it can be left down to luck at time.

There are also lots of specific game related bets punters can wager on. In games like Counter-Strike punters can bet on the first map or in-play bets on maps as each round is played. This can be difficult for people to wager on if they do not know the teams that are playing. For those with an in-depth knowledge and follow specific games like this, you can bet on teams that you think will be more offensive in the early stages of games.

The world of eSports betting is evolving, and sportsbooks are offering a range of ways for fans to engage and wager. With every new game and tournament, there are new ways for people to get involved.