The Reasons Online Betting is superior to going To the Betting Shop

Many people believed online gambling would change the way we wager in the same way that it has changed many other aspects of life. But, recent studies on the prevalence of betting have shown that the amount of gamblers who bet online is not the same as other kinds of betting like phone betting like Fun88 Online Betting, using the bookmaker, or going to the track. If you aren’t sure about the benefits of Online Sports Betting & Online Casino website instead of the other alternatives Here are reasons to be:

Bets that are free :

Due to the high level of competition on the internet betting businesses want to invite customers to sign up with their service to build some kind of brand loyalty. To lure you in, they often provide a free bet. This usually takes an offer of a match bet. You deposit a certain amount and they’ll match the amount. This will let you double your cash, but there is not more. When betting on major events such as that of the World Series and the Kentucky Derby the free bets typically double, making them an appealing incentive.


Compare the odds :

Many websites let you to compare odds on various bets on every kind of betting event. You’ll be amazed at the difference in odds from one bookmaker and with the help of online odds comparison tools , you will be able to find the most favorable odds. This type of information is available only on the internet, and is completely accessible for free. If you’re at the bookshop all day, you’ll only have the odds offered by the shop in question, and they could be much lower than the odds in other places.

Special deals:

Something that seems to be getting more well-known online is special offers like “money rebates”. This is something that an online betting website will provide before the event to draw attention from gamblers. It could be something like the case where your horse is injured or your team is penalized, you can receive back your stake. This is a service you’ll seldom see in bookmakers located on the top street or in a phone bet.

Access to data: 

It doesn’t take any genius to realize that you can access any kind of information such as figures, historical statistics and statistics on the internet. The information is available quickly and for free. Whatever the creator of the form guide is on your preferred newspaper, it will never be able to compete with the volume of information accessible online. There are many blogs, forums and reports that are easily accessible to help you understand the betting options available to you.


Why take yourself to the bookmakers(that may take you miles) and then unwind in the comforts at home and bet. Bookmakers are usually dull locations with Formica chairs, drab decor , and usually a lot of grumpy faces everywhere. It is much more sensible to boil the kettle, turn on your computer and look up the betting odds for the current day.


Provided you have an internet connection that is reliable the online betting process is instantaneous. There is no waiting in line, or even missing the beginning in the game or race. All you have to do is locate your bet, choose your choices and then put your bet in. All of this can be accomplished within the time it takes to record your choice on the betting slip. Many may think that telephone betting is equally quick however, you typically must wait between 5 and 20 seconds to connect with the person who will be your representative. Why should you wait when you don’t need to?

Access from any location:

Provided it is legal to bet in the country that you reside in, there’s no reason to believe that you cannot place a wager from any place in the world, as long as you’re connected with the web. You can transfer funds and place bets, or access your account from wherever you are at any the time of evening or day. The majority of bookmakers on the high street close in the early evening, with some remaining open until late. It’s the same for many betting options via the telephone. And you can imagine the bill coming at your hotel after you’ve placed half a dozen bets.

Betting on race events:

There is new technology becoming increasingly accessible online that lets you bet on the course or during the course of a game. This is incredibly sophisticated technology that changes the way we bet significantly. There is no way that this is feasible in betting shops or even via the phone.


For some, playing with the bookmakers’ route is so routine that it’s impossible to alter, however for other players it’s now obvious that there are advantages. Increase your odds that you will win more by betting online!