The Best Keyboards for Your Work Station (or Battle Station)

PC keyboards are one of the most divisive topics in the world. There are message boards and subreddits devoted to debating the merits and drawbacks of various switch mechanisms, as well as scrutinizing every feature and component, down to the plastic used in keycaps.

That’s because there’s a valid reason for it. You undoubtedly spend a lot of time at your computer, using a comfortable mouse and a keyboard. Make those hours as enjoyable as possible, especially now that so many of us are working from home. We’ve evaluated hundreds of keyboards at different price points, whether you have a superb laptop or a game-ready desktop PC. These are our top options for gaming, as well as everything else.



The Brightest and Best

Logitech Pro X Keyboard

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Everyone has a preferred switch type, but most keyboards require you to make a decision before purchasing. What if you wish to experiment with a different switch to get more click or clack? You’ll have to buy a new keyboard. The Logitech G Pro X solves this problem by allowing you to customize each and every key on your keyboard, with three different switch types to choose from: GX Blue Clicky switches (for a crisp click and thicker keystroke), GX Red Linear switches (for a quieter, smoother, but still satisfying keystroke), or GX Brown Tactile switches (for a quieter, smoother, but still satisfying keystroke) (with a soft stroke and tactile feedback).

That’s fantastic. For different uses, I prefer Blue and Red switches. During testing, I used Blue switches on my W, A, S, and D keys (for game movement), and Red switches on other letters for a more comfortable typing experience. Oh, and to provide some variety, there are brown switches for the spacebar and shift keys. The G Pro X stands out as the greatest overall mechanical keyboard thanks to its high amount of customization. You may construct your ideal typing and gaming experience no matter what you want.


Best for Less Than $100

Logitech G413 Mechanical Keyboard

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Random Amazon vendors with all-caps names and candy-colored plastic used to be the exclusive source of low-cost gaming keyboards. The G413 from Logitech is a far cry from the standard budget gaming keyboard. The same subtle black casing, for those Cadillac feelings; the same mechanical switches; and even the same Lightsync RGB lighting as on more expensive Logitech models are available here. It’s one of my favorite wired keyboards if you don’t want to invest in a full-featured gaming keyboard or if you’re just getting started.

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Smallest Gaming Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini

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If you’re not familiar with the term, a 60 percent keyboard contains 60 percent of the keys found on a standard-size keyboard. The numpad and arrow keys have been removed, leaving only the necessities. One such keyboard is the Razer Huntsman Mini, which is my favorite of this size for gaming. It has the same responsiveness and speed as a full-size keyboard, but it takes up far less desk space. It has a very nice and organized appearance about it. In addition, the Mini, like the larger Huntsman Elite above, is compatible with Razer’s keycap kits, allowing you to personalize your color scheme. The mercury white with pink keycaps is one of my favorites.


Lighting that may be completely customized

SteelSeries Apex Pro

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It’s a lot of fun to type on a mechanical keyboard. They simply have a nicer feel than traditional membrane keyboards. SteelSeries decided to enable all of the mechanical switches that are responsible for such a tactile typing experience on the Apex Pro keyboard rather than choosing one. It’s not just a colorful gaming keyboard with a lot of bells and whistles, but it also has mechanical switches that can be changed per key, similar to the Logitech above, to give you a typing experience that’s all your own. It also features a small LED display for system notifications, loudness, and other fun things you can do with SteelSeries’ software.


Just for competitors

Razer Huntsman Elite

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The Huntsman Elite is a competitive gaming instrument that is lightweight and durable. It doesn’t have a number pad, which frees up some desk space for your mouse and mousepad, and its switches are designed for lightning-fast actuation. Consider each one as a hair-trigger, poised and ready to fire at the least provocation. Playing games on this keyboard feels like that.

It’s also quite loud, but in the best possible way. Even if you’re only typing an email to arrange a dental appointment, each keystroke produces an audible clack that makes typing feel epic and exciting. (It’s probably not the greatest choice for open office layouts or if you work with a colleague.) You can also use one of Razer’s keycap kits to change the color scheme of your keyboard.


Studio for the Creative

Logitech Craft Keyboard

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The Logitech Craft is a time-saving device. It’s designed to murder spreadsheets rather than orcs. With an aluminum and matte-gray plastic design and silent island-style keycaps, it looks completely at home at any workstation. It’s wireless, and a single charge lasted me about a week.

The Crown, a touch-sensitive knob, is perhaps the most notable feature. Hundreds of preprogrammed profiles are supplied in the software package to assist you get the most out of it in various applications. The Craft knows which application is being used and configures the Crown to respond accordingly. You can control the volume of your music, move a timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro, or switch between browser tabs in Chrome with only a twist or a tap.