Should You Get a Big Monitor? Here Are 3 Pros and 3 Cons

If you are in the market for a new monitor, you have probably noticed that they are available in all sorts of sizes. While this may seem like an arbitrary decision on the part of monitor manufacturers, there is actually some science behind it. Here are three pros and three cons to consider when deciding between a big or small monitor.

Pros of Large Monitors

  1. You Can Multitask Much Easier When using two monitors side-by-side, your productivity increases dramatically over single screen users. This is because it’s much easier to toggle between windows if their corresponding programs aren’t sharing the same screen space. If you enjoy working with Word while surfing the web, checking emails constantly throughout the day or having several applications open at once, you will be much happier with a big monitor than a small one. 
  2. Big Monitors Are Good for Landscape If your favourite game, movie or work applications are in landscape mode (wider than they are tall), then it’s difficult to get the same effect on a smaller monitor. You can always just reduce the size of your existing screen, but you won’t have the full immersive effect that programs like this are designed to give you.
  3. You Can Save Space by Having Only One Monitor This is especially useful if space is at a premium for you at home or in the office. Simply put your second screen away when not in use and enjoy having more room to stretch out or see what’s going on behind you.Pros of large monitors

Cons of Large Monitors

  1. We at Best Gaming Tips Think You’ll Need Your Own Stand Even if you are purchasing a big monitor, you will likely still have to buy your own stand or mount in order to enjoy it properly. This is the case even if the one that comes with the unit is adjustable in some way. Unless your new monitor was explicitly designed for multiple users, don’t count on being able to share it with others in its default position. 
  2. You Can’t Travel Light If you are planning on taking your new monitor with you when traveling for work or pleasure, then keep in mind that it probably won’t fit inside any standard laptop bag or briefcase. Bring along all of the necessary hardware and cables too because there’s no guarantee that the hotel you are staying at will have what you need. 
  3. You Lose Portability If you are looking for a monitor to take with you when you travel, then a big monitor will weigh your bag down more noticeably than its smaller counterparts would. This can be especially annoying if you are trying to keep your load as light as possible or carrying it around an airport all day long. Luckily there are plenty of great portable monitors available that are relatively lightweight and very affordable too!

Remember that no matter how good something is, there’s always going to be a downside to it too. Even though large monitors come with their own set of disadvantages, they also bring along some undeniable benefits as well which make them well worth buying if the pros outweigh the cons in your mind.