Regulation of Gaming in Australia and The Legalization of Online Casinos

Online casinos are popular all over the world, and Australia is no exception. A lot of people visit such sites. Many factors make iGaming popular. Customers can play hundreds of slot machines in one place. You don’t even need to leave your home to visit the casino. If most land-based sites limit customers to those over 21, then online sites can usually be visited at 18. The best online casinos that payout list also includes access to bonuses. It can be free spins, bonus money, or an increase in the deposit. Online platforms have a large selection of payment methods. You can deposit and withdraw money from a bank card, electronic wallet, etc.

To avoid various payment problems and delays, it is essential to choose sites with a license. Online gambling licensing in Australia has several features, which will be discussed below.


Features of Gambling Legislation in Australia

In Australia, gambling is prevalent. Over 80% of adult Australians use this type of entertainment, which is the highest figure in the world. Australians spend 1.6 thousand dollars more each year than residents of other countries. This is one of the first states where gambling activities started to get attention in 2001, after a law was passed.

According to the legislation, the gambling business in the country operates legally, but there are still quite strict restrictions in this area. The development of strict rules in the field of gambling is designed to solve two issues at the same time. First, the local population is protected by strict laws, and second, the law allows you to collect taxes from the gambling business and replenish the local budget.

Taxes on casinos depend on the state they’re in. The state budget receives about 15% of the income of a particular casino.

The following types of taxes are charged:

  • Turnover tax – this tax is levied on gambling such as sweepstakes, sale of lottery tickets, betting, etc.
  • Loss of player tax – such activities are subject to sports betting, casino, sweepstakes, etc.
  • Tax on net income – subject to income received from online poker, and investment sweepstakes.
  • Royalties – casinos, lotteries, betting, lotto, etc.

In 2001, Australia passed legislation on games that people can play online. It states that certain online gambling services are prohibited in the country.

In particular, we are talking about the following companies that do not have an Australian license:

  • Online casino;
  • Sports betting;
  • Bookmakers without an Australian license;
  • Bets on the outcome of lotteries.

The country not only banned these services. It is also prohibited to advertise said organizations or offer credit to consumers for online betting. In some states, restrictions on gambling may apply.

Local regulatory authorities monitor the work of companies that provide access to gambling entertainment on the Internet. If illegal activity is detected, local ISPs will block Australians from accessing such sites.

Getting a Casino License in Australia

Several companies are currently operating in the country and have been issued licenses for gambling. In each state, certain organizations control gambling. Each regulator asks for certain things when it gives a casino a license.

There is also a list of mandatory requirements that all gambling establishments must meet:

  1. The company should only hire people with a lot of experience in gambling.
  2. The casino works with law enforcement.
  3. All CFT policy provisions are observed when conducting business.
  4. The privacy of casino visitors’ data is safeguarded, and all personal information is reliably protected.
  5. Financial transactions are safe, customers are protected from loss of funds, and third parties are not allowed access to banking information.

What is the danger of playing in a casino without a license?

When customers use gambling sites without a license, they put themselves at risk. In illegal organizations, there is a high risk of financial loss. Such sites do not provide the proper level of customer protection. A common situation is that unlicensed casinos refuse the player to return the deposit or payout funds. Since the organization operates outside the legal field of Australia, the player cannot benefit from legal protection.

Since these sites violate the law, the player could eventually encounter problems accessing the site. When an illegal site is detected, the ISP will block it. After that, the player cannot log in and access his account, withdraw winnings, etc.

Players from Australia are also discouraged from using sites licensed in other countries. In this case, appealing to consumer protection will result in particular difficulties and additional costs.


Obtaining a license from the relevant authorities allows land-based companies and online casinos to operate within the legal framework. The websites of such organizations are not subject to blocking. Clients receive full access to all services, while they can seek help from supervisory authorities to resolve specific contentious issues.