The long-awaited update is finally here! The first expansion for New World Rise of the Angry Earth comes with many new features like mounts, character level, gear score and trade skills level increase, a new weapon, and many more!

The Rise of the Angry Earth Expansion brings on the new zone, Elysian Wilds, replacing the old First Light that has been invaded, conquered, and transformed by the power of Artemis and the Angry Earth monsters.

The new zone features new types of angry earth monsters and a brand new Expansion meant for Level 62+ players, filled with primordial Beast Lords. As the new grind includes 5 new levels, 75 more gear score points, and new types of gear, we have the solution. New World boosting services providers have teams of pro players ready to help anyone level up and get to end-game fast and effortlessly.

What does the new Expansion include?

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion is filled with new, updated, and reworked content. We have compiled a list with most of the changes coming with the expansion:

  • Max Level increased from 60 to 65.
  • New story – More campaign quests were added to supplement the level 60 to 65 experience.
  • Mounts – The long-awaited rideable beasts.
  • New Riding trade skill.
  • New progression – The 500 to 600 Gear Score expertise has been removed.
  • New gear type – Artifacts. These new items feature six perks. You can only equip one Artifact in every gear type slot – Armor, Jewelry, and Weapons.
  • Flail – A new weapon that can be used on its own or with a shield.
  • Elysian Wilds – A new zone that replaces First Light, a territory transformed by Artemis and the Angry Earth monsters.
  • The Savage Divide – Brand new expedition featuring several primordial beast bosses.
  • Primal Fury – A new heartrune ability that brings out the beast in the player, dealing unarmed light and heavy attacks.
  • New season – The expedition update also includes Season 3.
  • New main storyline – The main quests in the Great Cleave and Edengrove have been reworked.
  • Massive PvE changes – Removal of the ward/bane perks.
  • Massive PvP changes – Removal of the Resilient perk.
  • Seasonal events – All previous events will be reintroduced throughout the seasons.
  • Mutation system reworked – The number of mutations has been reduced from 10 to 3 and they have different requirements.
  • Trade skills leveling – Increased the max level for trade skills from 200 to 250.
  • Gear score changes – Gear score limit is now 700, increased from 625.
  • Weapon/perk balancing.

Next, we will go through the most important and exciting topics mentioned above, going into detail about each.

New story & progression

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion comes with new quests added to the Main Story to complete the XP gap created by the level cap increase from 60 to 65 while also reworking the main quests found in the Great Cleave and Edengrove territories.

The Expertise system has been removed, and the gear score cap has been raised from 625 to 700. Raising the gear score of your items will only be possible by simply dropping items from higher-level monsters with a better gear score until you hit the 700 cap.

Umbral Shards and Mutations

Umbral Shards obtained through the Mutations are removed, and Mutation levels go from 10 difficulties down to just 3, with different gear score requirements:

  • Intermediate – Requires 650 gear, includes Mutation.
  • Hard – Requires 675 gear, includes Mutation and Promotion.
  • Elite – Requires 700 gear, includes Mutation, Promotion, and Curses.

Elysian Wilds and The Savage Divide Expedition

The southeastern tip of Aeternum, formerly known as First Light, has been invaded by the powers of Artemis and the Angry Earth. Previously protected by a magical barrier, the Elysian Wilds is available with the expansion and gives the player a whole new territory to explore, new beasts to slay, and new gear to farm.

The magical new landscape brings a new end-game expedition filled with ferocious beasts and primordial beast lords, with tons of new loot ready to be claimed by the players.


The most-awaited feature is finally here in New World: Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. No more running and rolling around to get from place to place at a slow pace.

After completing the required quest for each of the mounts, you can now summon and master three types of mounts: Horses, Dire wolves, and Lions, each with its own unique look and customizable equipment, unlocked at different levels. You can also name the mount you use as an extra customization while riding the new unsettled terrain.

The Mounts come with a brand new Riding trade skill that awards the player increased speed, buffs, and even new higher-tier consumable food for your companion. Alongside the mounts, there is a new minigame activity, which can only be found in the new territory. The racing minigame can be used to increase your mount’s level quickly.

Mount equipment

The mount comes with eight slots and can be used as follows:

  • Two slots in which Bangles and Charms can be equipped, both rewarding the player with a set bonus, like boosting the mount dash recharge rate.
  • Two other slots are used solely for cosmetic purposes, being able to equip decorative attachment skins like tomes and shields.
  • Four slots for consumables.

Artifacts and Flail

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion will also add a new gear type – Artifacts. There will be just a few of them, with unique and extremely powerful perks. However, the player will only be able to equip an artifact in each general item slot type, for example, one artifact in the armor slot, one in the jewelry slot, and the last in the weapon slot.

We’ve been shown a few of these artifacts, and we will present their special perks:

  • Vengeance – Life Staff – Reduces all healing you do by 50% but massively increases the damage of some of the more aggressive life staff abilities.
  • Scorpion’s Sting – Spear – Causes the Javelin ability to pull enemies towards you.
  • The Wall – Tower Shield – Increases blocking stamina, adds a 25% reduction to elemental damage and removes the ability to dodge.
  • Plague – Blunderbuss – Deals burn damage when using any ability.
  • The Abyss – Great Axe – Scales damage off of intelligence instead of strength and changes damage from slash to void damage.
  • Life Taker – Void Gauntlet – Every ability inflicts “disintegrate” to your target, making them suffer 5% void damage per second and reducing their armor by 10% (8s duration).

We expect these new Artifacts to completely change the meta of builds in New World.

The Flail is the new weapon introduced in the game with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. It can be used either as a one-handed weapon or paired with a Shield. The flail deals Arcane damage and scales off Strength and Focus.

In New World, the flail comes with 2 skill trees: Cleric and Bastion. The Cleric skill tree revolves around providing support & healing for the team, while Bastion could be a great choice for tanking purposes.

QoL Changes

  • The main story questline was updated with more quests added to fill in the XP gap between levels 60 and 65. Here, we can also see the main story quests found in Great Cleave and Edengrove modified or completely overhauled, with more quests added for better immersion in the story.
  • The new mounts allow the player to roam around the map faster than usual, increasing the speed with the Riding trade skill.
  • The new progression system gives players an easier time on their journey towards the end-game, with the expertise system and umbral shards being removed from the game.
  • The new Gear rarity, Artifacts, brings a breath of fresh air to the game, giving the players powerful new items to focus on and a way to create builds centered around them.
  • The new weapon – Flail. It’s been quite some time since the greatsword and blunderbuss were added to the game, and it was long awaited. This new weapon, which scales with STR and FOC, will enable some new, Paladin-like builds, giving the healers of the New World a brand new way to play the game.
  • Primal Fury – The new heartrune gives the player the ability to deal unarmed light and heavy attacks, raising the size of the character.
  • New faction tier – A new faction tier loaded with new items ready to be claimed at your faction vendor; that, of course, after completing the new faction quest.
  • Removal of the Wards and Banes – This change, which the community has asked for a long time, is the main QoL update in this new expansion. This will make sorting through items and gear slot sets way easier, not requiring tons of different sets to be able to complete every expedition out there.
  • Resilience will also be replaced with the Health perk, the critical damage reduction now being a bonus offered by the equipment load: Light 15%, Medium 20%, and Heavy 25%.
  • Mutation levels are reduced from 10 to 3, requiring 650, 675, and 700 gear scores.

In conclusion, the Rise of the Angry Expansion has brought many new features to the New World game, giving the player a whole new experience and quality of life changes. So what are you waiting for?