Know Everything About Nvidia’s Touch-Sensing Trackball

Nvidia is releasing a new controller that has the finger trackball in it. The finger trackball enables you to control where your cursor moves by simply moving your finger around without clicking anything. This means you can use the controller while playing a game and don’t need to keep taking your hand off to reach for a mouse. This is very innovative and should make gaming more fun and less frustrating. Learn more about it by reading everything below.

A new type of touch-sensing trackball controller covered by an Nvidia patent has been revealed. The invention, which debuted in 2019, will include a trackball device with the precision of a mouse but the speed control of a joystick.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all game controller, according to the patent. The application says: “While for a single game type, one form may be desirable, or even compatible, for one mouse input or joystick input.”

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Nvidia's Trackball

A mouse input, for example (as may be utilized with a computer system), represents relative movement to a video game by reporting incremental movement in one direction and is particularly useful for games that need absolute accuracy and precise positioning.

“Furthermore, a joystick input (for example, which can be used in a gaming system), offsets the information in the centre, is also useful for ‘speed control’ video games, such as where the faster a cursor or cameras in a game moves in that direction is the greater the distence between the user’s hand and the center of mass.” “

‘The solution seems to be a game controller with the same input that the mouse or the trackball input can deliver but it also measures to what extent the input has been distant (for example, how far out there is a center) and can return to its center when it is discharged, similar to a joystick input.’


As a result, all functions are performed by a single controller. “A new game controller with a sensor trackball that has both a mouse and a joystick allows users to play any kind of game without worrying about the compatibility of the game controllers,” the patent says.

The thumbstick, which produces a simulated joystick input, and the conductive core that enables the capacitive touch interface are both included in the filing. Of course, there have been numerous previous attempts at game controller alchemy throughout history’s gaming annals. And yet we’re still here in 2021 with just that keyboard and mouse combination.

It’s not clear if the controller is a passing patent whim or a device on its way to becoming a retail product and a PC near you. But if it can come close to fulfilling the promise, it will be truly revolutionary. We most likely won’t toss out our keyboards and mice just yet.

So this was all about Nvidia’s touch-sensing trackball controller. It is a new controller that has a finger trackball device with the precision of a mouse but the speed control of a joystick. If you liked this article, check out more articles on BestGaming.Tips