Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Games You Probably Didn’t Know

In this growing world of digital technology, gaming like a pro is the need of the 21st century. It is not just about time passing and entertainment, you can also make a living out of it.

Online gaming has gained huge popularity in recent years. Not only teenagers but children and adults all are into gaming these days. Moreover, there is no gender discrimination as people of both ages can enjoy playing games whenever they wish.

Here are some interesting facts about gaming that will blow your mind:

  1. Female Gamers Are More In Number Than Males

It might seem surprising to you that about 45% of the gamers are females. Furthermore, 46% of the game purchasers also belong to female groups. That means gaming does not just belong to boys anymore.

Women of every age group love to play different games in their free time. Their choice is not limited to a single type rather they have a variety of favorite genres. Mostly they like complex stories, personalized characters, and girly theme games. But we can’t say women are confined to only the girlish genre. Like other areas of life, women are competing with men equally in the gaming world as well.

  1. Most Expensive Game In The World 

With plenty of games being launched every year or even each day, the title of the most expensive game goes to the Grand Theft Auto V. It was launched back in 2008 when even after some hours of launching, its sale broke the records.

Now the 2013 version of GTA-V comes in the list of most played games in the world. Due to its expensive online multiplayer game, it has become the most costly game among other online games. Its production as well marketing costs are higher than any other game in the gaming industry.

  1. Most Played Games In The World

There is a huge variety of games being popular among people of this era. Each day many new games are launched that take the place of the older games due to their unique and updated features. Yet there are some games that have been loved and played by gamers for the last many years.

The two most played games in the world are Fortnite and League of Legends. It would be quite shocking for you to know how many people play league of legends around the world. From over 145 countries there are about 115 million people who play league of legends. The number is about to increase further in the future even after decades.

  1. For Gaming, Age Is Not A Factor

It’s not about a particular age group, every gender irrespective of age, race, or religion can enjoy playing games depending on their interests. There is no discrimination in the game in terms of age. The only thing that distinguishes one gamer from another is the skills they have.

According to a study, about 48 percent of females and 58 percent of males who play games belong to an age group of 20 to 49 years. Some of the older patients are recommended by the doctors to play games so that their mental fitness can be enhanced.

  1. Popularity Among Families

With the advancement in time and technology, the gaming audience has also changed and expanded. Nowadays, parents don’t always forbid their children to play games in their free time as gaming can increase their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Due to the popularity of gaming among every age group, it becomes a family fun activity. Adults often sit together with their kids and play some interesting and fun games to make the bond with them even more strong. A reason behind this reputation is a huge variety of gaming genres including many instructive and family-friendly games.

  1. Most Of The Gamers Use Smartphones Or Tablets

Smartphones have become a huge part of our lives these days. Their use in online gaming is increasing day by day. According to a report, about 68 percent of online gamers play games on smartphones and tablets. 

Although PCs provide a better gaming experience with a lot of features, the latest mobile phones have many aspects specially designed for gaming. In the future, the use of smartphones, tablets, and other such devices by gamers is going to expand even more.

Gaming is not just about fun, it is a workout for your brain that increases its creativity. You can make a living on online gaming as the gaming industry is growing so fast. If you love games and are looking forward to finding a career path in online gaming, the aforementioned facts will surely make your mind whether to choose it or not.