How To Clean Your Computer Screen

Your computer screen can get dirty just like your clothes, dishes, or something else. Sometimes if the dirt is bad enough you will be unable to see what is on the screen. To avoid this you will need to clean it out regularly to make sure it looks nice and works right. Here are some tips for how to clean your computer screen without damaging it so that you may use it well again!

1) Using Water

Water is one of the best things for cleaning off screens because it does not contain chemicals that might damage the surface of the screen if they come into contact with it. Also, water evaporates quickly which means that there will be no residue left behind after wiping down the screen with a cloth dampened by water.

(Wet wipes are also good for screens)

2) Using Glass Cleaner

Another option for cleaning your screen is to use glass cleaner. While this method will get the job done it is not recommended because there are chemicals in glass cleaner that could damage the computer screen. The main ingredient in most glass cleaners is ammonia which may cause damage to certain types of metal oxide used as coatings on computer screens (the kind used as electrodes to change pixels).

Even using a cloth dampened with water and a little bit of soap has been shown to clean displays better than mild window cleaners or disinfectants, so you should definitely choose this method if possible.

How To Clean Your Computer Screen

3) Using A Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Dust From Your Keyboard And Monitor

Another good way to clean your monitor is with a vacuum. Turn the monitor upside down and use the vacuum’s brush attachment to remove any loose dust or dirt that may be on it. Be sure to turn off the monitor before doing this because sometimes things can get sucked into your computer parts, which will damage them!

4) Using Compressed Air To Remove Dust From Your Keyboard And Monitor

You can also do this method of cleaning by using some compressed air to blow away any dust from your keyboard and screen. This will cause any particles to scatter around so you might want to use some tape or masking tape first to keep anything that blows away on it instead of on your screen or keyboard!

5) Makeup Remover Is Also A Good Option

You can also use makeup remover with a cotton swab on your monitor to remove anything that is on it. Make sure not to press too hard while doing this because you don’t want to damage the screen or leave any marks behind!

Clean Your Computer Screen

6) Close Out All Of Your Programs

The best way to make sure that you don’t mess up your screen is to close out all of your programs before cleaning it with anything. If you are using a computer, make sure to shut down the computer completely when you are done because there could still be some electricity left over in the parts even though it is turned off!

7) Use A Soft Cloth To Wipe It Down

Make sure the cloth you use is soft so that you don’t damage the monitor by rubbing too hard. Specialized microfiber cloths are fine for most screens but if they scratch easily than just avoid them and get something else! Any old rag or towel will if it isn’t too rough.

8) Avoid Using Paper Towels

It is important to avoid using paper towels because these can leave behind small pieces of paper which will stick onto the monitor and could scratch it over time. There are also bacteria and other germs that can stick to it so you don’t want to use something like this on your screen!

Computer Screen

9) Clean Off Any Residue

When you have finished wiping down your monitor it should be sparkling clean. However, there may still be some residue leftover from the cleaning process so if possible wipe any trace off with a damp cloth as well as dry cloth for added protection for your monitor. We at Best Gaming Tips think that when all this is done correctly computer screens will look brand new again and work just as well they did when you first bought it!