eSports Betting Sites: How to Pick the Best One!

Regarding the eSports scene as an underdog in 2021 is a detriment to both the industry and the eSports community! Not so long ago, this new and unique way of online gambling tapped into a billion-dollar revenue, encouraging both minor and major betting sites to take their part as well.

However, good news typically carries something shady as well, which in this case is an abundance of eSports betting sites that exist only to rip you off. New suspicious gambling websites constantly pop up – wreaking havoc in the completely legal and entertaining eSports betting market!


But, it’s not as bad as it sounds, as you can still easily find a rock-solid bookmaker worth depositing with. There are a few simple rules to follow though, and that’s exactly our article’s focus for today.

While countless websites featuring only the best eSports betting sites such as exist, you can still take the extensive path and pick one for yourself!


eSports Basics: Best eSports Betting Sites

Even though eSports is nothing new and most punters are already aware of its existence, some players still can’t wrap their heads around it. To devour it easily, you can think of it as the younger brother of traditional sports betting. But, a few key differences separate them, and you will learn all about them throughout the article.

Electronic Sports, or more commonly referred to as eSports, is the type of competition where gamers compete at tournaments on a professional level. With millions of people around the world taking part, the gambling market decided to seize the opportunity and come up with a unique way of online gambling – eSports betting!

This phenomenon didn’t just randomly come to exist, as it dates back to 1972 – a time when the first eSports tournaments started appearing. But, most of them were held in basements and didn’t manage to attract wide audiences. Fast forward to 2021, and you have a time where millions of people across the world tune in to watch their favorite players embark on legendary battles.

2021 is a time that allows you to bet and possibly earn money on your favorite childhood games. Not only that but you are guaranteed lots of fun – no matter the outcome of your bet! Esports fanatics know it by heart just how thrilling and heart-racing eSports betting can be.

Why Bet on eSports?

The bigger question is why not? You’re not a traditional sports fan, but you still crave online amusement. If you’ve never tried betting on eSports and watching the action live, then there’s no possible way to describe the feeling.

Moreover, fundamentally understanding the game tactics can do you wonders and allow you to actually make some profits. But, we will have a whole dedicated section about that later in the article, so let’s continue with what’s in front of us – the reasons why you should consider betting on eSports!

Competitive Odds

Online bookmakers are well aware of the odds they feature on their traditional sportsbooks. While not always the case, some bookmakers do tend to slip when creating the odds for dedicated eSports matches. This results from a lack of knowledge – a situation that you can take great advantage of.

As we said, it’s not always the case, but it does happen from time to time. When you see unreal odds for an underdog, you should immediately take advantage!

Live eSports Betting

The whole thrill, entertainment, and drama boil down to only one thing – live betting!

In-game eSports betting is the source of all pleasure, as it allows you to place live bets while you’re watching the action live! Moreover, it permits you to bet on your favorite team even though you were a couple of minutes late.

Almost all top eSports betting sites will provide you with a live stream along with in-game betting. However, some online bookmakers still lack this feature, but you can easily register for an account at It’s the #1 live streaming service where you can watch live eSports matches from all over the globe.

If that’s not enough to understand how good a feature live betting is, let us spice it up even more. All successful eSports punters rely on in-game betting to make profits. Once you become skilled enough to sense what a certain team’s about to do, you can take great advantage and possibly start making real profits.

eSports Betting Options

We know you’re aware of all creative bets that you can place on soccer. For example, traditional sports bookies will let you bet on the first corner, the first goal, over/under, etc.

Well, nothing is different here, as there are countless creative eSports bets that you can utilize to kick your betting experience up a notch. Betting on the match-winner the entire time can prove boring, which is why you can engage in other bets that can possibly kick you off your chair!

We’re talking about betting on the first team to slay the Baron in League of Legends, the team to win the first pistol round in CS: GO, and the first team to destroy a tower in Dota 2. The ones we just mentioned are only three of hundreds, and you can find the rest at eSports betting sites.

eSports Tournaments

Another great reason for betting on eSports is major tournaments and events. Third-party gaming companies and game producers work around the clock to deliver ever-lasting entertainment to all fans worldwide.

They do this by constantly organizing events to keep the pro players engaged. That’s great news, as you never have to wait a single day to bet on your favorite game again.

Even better, the world is finally breaching through the Covid-19 pandemic, which suggests that we may finally see live eSports events!

The most notable tournaments in the eSports betting industry include the League of Legends World Championship, Dota’s International, and CS: GO’s IEM Katowice.

A Thrilling Journey

And the best part yet – a journey filled with drama, laughter, and countless ups and downs! The absolute main reason why you should consider betting on eSports isn’t making money – it’s about the adventurous ride!

The professional eSports scene is filled with outrageous outplays and terrible blunders. Even without betting, casually watching a live eSports match can prove to be extremely fun. Combine that with online bookmakers and you get a wonderful hobby that will help you relax and engage with a wonderful community.

Top eSports Games

Countless eSports games exist, and you don’t have to know them all before placing bets. But, getting familiar with the most notable ones is mandatory, as they allow you to bet all year round. Below, we’ve compiled a list with brief information on some of the most notable eSports games in the industry, so make sure to check it out.

1.   League of Legends

One of the most profound names in the eSports scene that you can hear gamers whispering about is League of Legends. This game was released by RIOT in 2009 and is one of the biggest contributors that made eSports what it is today. Featuring immense tournaments with millions in prize pools, League of Legends is definitely a title you can’t ignore. Betting on League of Legends is dramatic and amusing at the same time, as you will get to know when you decide to begin your online eSports betting journey.

2.   Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Another significant name among eSports bettors is CS: GO. It’s a first-person shooting game by Valve, dating back to 2012. CS: GO has the biggest range of tournaments throughout the year, allowing you to bet every day – at any time! It’s the main reason why almost every eSports betting site deals with this game – it attracts lots of attention.

But, betting on CS: GO isn’t as simple as it seems, and countless reputable eSports gambling websites offer tips and top bookies for CS: GO betting.

3.   Dota 2

Dota 2 is extremely similar to League of Legends, both betting and gaming-wise. This MOBA title dates back to 2003 when the first DotA 1 was introduced. Being a bit flawed and unbalanced, Valve had to step up and deliver a brand new thrilling title that gamers would fall in love with – Dota 2!

This game now dominates a colossal portion of the eSports gambling market, and punters adore betting on it! Moreover, Dota 2 holds the record for the highest-ever prize pool in a tournament – a whopping $34,33 million in 2019! Dota’s International Tournament is all the craze when it comes to eSports betting!

4.   Starcraft 2

Starcraft is one of the few games left dating back to the original eSports origins. Its first tournament was organized in 1999, boasting a $14,000 prize pool and attracting a massive viewership.

Starcraft 2 is now featured by most major and minor eSports betting sites, and old-school gamers love betting on this evergreen!

Other notable titles you will come across as you embark on your journey are Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, PUGB, Call of Duty, etc.

eSports Welcome Bonuses

Once you find decent eSports bookmakers, it’s time for some action! This action is claiming a welcome bonus, as most eSports betting sites utilize one. Bonuses simply lend you a hand at your humble beginnings, allowing you to place a couple of free bets and test several betting markets.

However, all bonuses have their differences, and you must learn them by heart to distinguish valuable ones from downright unworthy offers.

Free Bet

These types of bonuses are rare with eSports bookmakers in 2021, as you’re not required to spend a dime to get them. All that you have to do is sign up, and the bookie will reward you with a free bet, typically ranging from $5 to $20.

It’s a great incentive to attract new customers, as it allows them to test the betting eSports section without spending money. This bonus will typically arrive with higher than usual wagering requirements that you must fulfill before asking for a withdrawal. Honestly, your chances of clearing this bonus are low, but it’s a good thing that you get to test the betting platform for free!

Nonetheless, only a few sites offer this bonus, and you should most definitely claim it if you manage to find it.

First Deposit Bonus

Unlike the free bet, a first deposit bonus is what you’ll most likely come across at eSports betting sites. This welcome bonus is not for free, and you can claim it by making a qualifying deposit. The bookmaker will typically double your funds up to a certain maximum amount. For example, let’s say that you found a welcome offer of 100% up to $50. By depositing $50, you will get $50 extra to bet with. But, depositing more will not provide you with extra funds, as the max amount that the eSports betting site is willing to offer is $50.

Truthfully, this is one of the best offers that you can find at eSports betting websites. Not only will you get your funds doubled, but you can also use them to generate more winnings. These bonuses typically arrive with a smaller rollover than the others, allowing you to easily convert them and withdraw any winnings that you’ve made.

The typical wagering requirements range around the mark of 10x, and you should never settle down with eSports betting sites that boast 30x.

Reload Promotions

These bonuses are targeted at existing customers, with the sole purpose of making them stick around for more. After all, one incentive isn’t enough, as you will need something extra to keep you engaged. That’s why top eSports betting sites tend to walk the extra mile and deliver solid promotions that you can use to your advantage.

The rewards you can get by claiming a reload promotion typically include cashback, a free bet, free spins (If the eSports bookmaker has a dedicated casino area), bet boost, etc.

These rewards frequently arrive with no strings attached at all, and you can immediately cash them out!

Cashback Rewards

Another popular bonus among the eSports betting world is the cashback reward. It’s simply what the name suggests – cash that you get back on your losses.

It’s a great deal designed to give you a chance at getting back the money you lost. Of course, you will never get a full refund on your losses, but usually a maximum of 10%.

Nonetheless, it’s a great deal for both new and existing members, and it’s always worth claiming!

Achieve an Edge at eSports Betting Sites

Whether you’re gambling for fun or to make a profit, it’s always good to adhere to certain rules. Furthermore, online betting can sometimes be confusing, and you should learn all fundamentals before you even begin.

Lacking knowledge on eSports betting can result in a disastrous and completely unsatisfactory gambling experience. Therefore, we advise you to read our tips and tricks that follow, as they will greatly help you as you embark on your adventure.

#1: Keep an Eye on Major eSports Teams

If you want to bet on eSports successfully, you will have to track all major teams and how they perform. We’re not talking about watching two or three history games but genuinely tracking their current form.

If you notice a major eSports team losing traction as time goes by, it’s a great opportunity to place an opposite bet when they face an underdog. These bets will usually have high odds, allowing you to win a decent amount without having to risk too much.

Another good example would be a key-player transfer. If an eSports team lost its player to another one, it’s a good time to bet against them as they need time to adapt to the playstyle of the new player they just hired.

You get our point. Simply track as many teams as you can, and let the results speak for themselves!

#2: Bet Smart – Not Big

If you’re new to the eSports online betting world, it’s always smart to start slow. Don’t go rushing and placing high bets, as chances are that you’ll make rookie mistakes at the beginning.

Instead, start with smaller bets to determine what works and what doesn’t. Even if you’re positive that you know what’s about to happen, it’s probably just your intuition luring you into an inevitable loss.

Once you become familiar with the betting platform and satisfied with your results, only then you can ramp the stakes up!

#3: Compare Odds

We can’t stress the meaning of great odds enough. Countless eSports betting sites exist, and they all feature different odds. This situation gives you an opportunity – one that allows you to make your own choice!

Don’t just register and deposit with any eSports bookie – compare their odds first! Even better, make an account with multiple bookmakers and place bets only with the ones featuring the best odds. Simply open the same game at multiple gambling websites and compare their odds. Once you find the best one, make your bet there.

You’re spending real money, which means you should only settle down with the best odds the betting industry has to offer.

#4: Play the Game

Last but not least – playing the game! Of course, you won’t have time to play all games, but showing off your skills in one of two is just enough. There’s no better way to understand the fundamentals of an eSports game than actually playing it.

This allows you to determine all the ins and outs and will help you to predetermine what’s about to happen. Getting that sense will massively help you if you’re interested in live betting! If you manage to master League of Legends, for example, you might develop an intuition that eSports betting sites don’t possess, thus increasing your chance of placing a successful live bet.

If you’ve managed to reach this far, you’re already armed with decent eSports knowledge. Now, it’s time to educate you in picking a trustworthy eSports betting site!

Narrow Down Secure eSports Gambling Sites

Betting on eSports is all fun and games until you deposit with the wrong online bookmaker. Countless irregulated websites are up and running, setting bait for uneducated punters.

As you’re depositing real money, you should be wary when choosing your online bookmaker. That’s the main reason why we exist – to educate you about all aspects that make eSports bookies secure and reliable.

There are a dozen rules to follow to avoid falling victim, and you can learn about those rules below!

Gambling Commission

Gambling commissions are regulatory bodies that provide licenses for eSports betting sites. These governing bodies are the first and foremost part that every online bookmaker must cover. If you ever come across a bookie that’s not properly licensed by a reputable gambling commission, you must avoid it at all costs.

Another unpleasant situation is an expired license. When acquiring a license, gambling websites get it with an expiry date, after which they must apply again. Those who can’t manage to fulfill the extensive requirements the gambling commission asks for will not get their license extended. So, we always advise you to consider that as well.

To find whether your betting site is licensed or not, you should scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for a dedicated gambling commission logo. Once you find it, click on it! It should redirect to an official page where you can clearly see how much longer their license is active. If the time’s expired, look elsewhere.

If you have no idea what gambling commissions stand for, let us break it down. They exist to provide a scam-free gambling environment, where all players are treated equally and their money is kept safe. All eSports betting websites must adhere to strict measures, such as keeping the customers’ funds separated from their company funds. Profound gambling commissions include the UK Gambling Commission, Isle of Man Supervision Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, etc.

Customer Support

Another part playing a massive role in the overall security of eSports betting sites is customer support. While betting online, technical difficulties are a common occurrence. Once you stumble on this tiny problem, you will need a rock-solid support team to help you out. By rock-solid we mean a team that doesn’t need 24 hours to reply.

So, it’s always a great idea to test their responsiveness before you go on depositing real money. Most players overlook the importance of complaint resolution – don’t be one of them!

Market Reputation

Do your due diligence and search the web to find out if your eSports betting site is reputable. Most players having an issue will submit real testimonials that you can read and take into consideration. It’s one of the best ways to determine whether the bookie is reliable, as top eSports betting sites shouldn’t have any unresolved complaints.

eSports Payment Methods

Another staple part worth mentioning is all banking options that you can utilize. While most eSports bookmakers offer plenty of options for you to pick, some are still weak on this matter.

You can’t settle down with a betting operator that’s offering only one payment method, as that’s not a good sign. Reputable eSports betting sites will present you with a plethora of options to choose from, and that’s always a feature that you must consider before depositing real money.

Popular banking options and their industry-standard withdrawal times will be presented below:

  • Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Discover, etc) – Deposits: Instant / Withdrawals: 3 to 7 days
  • E-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, ecoPayz, etc) – Deposits: Instant / Withdrawals: 1 to 3 days
  • Wire Transfer – Deposits: Up to 3 days / Withdrawals: Up to 10 days
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, etc) Deposits: Instant / Withdrawals: Instant once processed

Skin Gambling

By now, we’ve been talking about what you should look for, but never actually mentioned what you must avoid. Skin gambling has been a part of the eSports industry ever since the first betting sites started offering odds.

If you’re not familiar with it, let us break it down. In-game CSGO skins, for example, are a tradable currency. This allows you to deposit skins instead of real money, as they have a true monetary value. The eSports betting site will typically exchange your skins for real cash or casino coins that you can use to gamble with.

While many reputable betting operators working exclusively with in-game skins exist, countless others will completely rip you off.

Once again, if you decide to gamble using skins, you should consider signing up with a licensed and reputable eSports gambling website at least. Check for online reviews and see if other people managed to withdraw their winnings.

eSports Betting Sites Vs. Traditional Sportsbooks

Before beginning your journey, you should know that there are two types of bookmakers through which you can bet on eSports.

The first type is bookmakers that deal exclusively with eSports. This should be your go-to method most of the time, as they typically offer countless more possibilities for eSports punters. We’re talking about live betting along with a dedicated live stream, countless betting options, and wide market coverage. They’re also famous for boasting dedicated eSports promotions that you can use to win some extra cash. Furthermore, their websites are typically filled with up to the information on the eSports community, allowing you to immediately get information about any key-player transfers that you were unaware of.

Top eSports Betting Sites 2021
Website Name Welcome Bonus License
PnxBet 30% Risk-Free bet on eSports Curacao eGaming
SpinPalace 100% Up to $200 Malta Gaming Authority
Unibet 100% Up to $50 Malta Gaming Authority
Thunderpick 5% Up to $500 Curacao eGaming
Bet365 Up to $25 in Free Bets Malta Gaming Authority

The second type is traditional sportsbooks that decided to implement eSports into their operations as well. The advantage of these gambling websites is their state-of-the-art reputation. They’ve been on the market long enough to gain the players’ trust, so rest assured that you will never get ripped off by a reputable sportsbook operator. The downside, however, is that traditional sports still remain their main occupations, and you shouldn’t expect dedicated eSports promos or rewards if that’s what you were looking for.

If you’re all about eSports and feel no affection for traditional sports you should definitely go with the first choice. If you like the idea of placing a couple of NBA bets from time to time, the second choice is obvious!

Best eSports Betting Sites: Top 5 Real Money eSports Bookies

  • Unikrn eSports – Newcomer Bonus: 200% Up to $200. Esports giants with a plethora of betting opportunities
  • Lootbet – Newcomer Bonus: 100% Up to $100 + 35 Free Spins. Bonus code: LOOT
  • Rivalry – Newcomer Bonus: 100% Up to $100. Bonus code: WELCOME100
  • Tony Bet – Newcomer Bonus: 100$ Up to $100 welcome bonus, fully licensed operator
  • 22Bet – Newcomer Bonus: 100$ Up to $122 welcome bonus, highly reputable eSports betting site


? Which are the Most Popular eSports Games to Place Real Money Bets on?

We can’t provide a universal answer to this question, as all players have their own preferences. However, the most popular titles include CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, etc. To utilize the biggest range of betting options, consider wagering on CS: GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

⚖️ Is eSports Betting Legal?

Yes. Esports betting is completely legal in 2021, as long as you’re gambling with a licensed betting operator. Furthermore, online eSports betting should be legally allowed in the state you’re residing in. If you live in a country where online gambling is restricted, you should never register nor bet at online betting websites!

? Where Can I Find the Best eSports Odds?

There’s no magic stick that says which eSports betting site is boasting the best odds, but if you do your due diligence, you can find out yourself. Select a match and open multiple bookmakers. This way, you will get to know who features the biggest odds, thus increasing your eSports betting ticket value.

❓ Can I Bet for Free on eSports?

Only if you find an operator that provides players with free bets when they sign up. Otherwise, you will have to make a qualifying deposit.

? How Can I Withdraw my Bonus Funds?

You can withdraw your bonus by meeting the wagering requirements attached by the eSports betting site. If you get $20 in free bets with 5x wagering requirements attached, you will have to play them through 5 times before becoming eligible to withdraw them. So, you will need to wager at least $100 to clear your bonus.