Can you find a Turkoman in the wild RDR2?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most realistic games ever created, with exceptional attention to detail when it comes to horses. There are many different breeds each coming with its unique characteristics and aesthetics making some better than the others.

When we talk about some of the best and rarest horses in the game, it is hard not to include Turkomans which are often considered the best all-around horses in the game that can be obtained in an early game.


Let’s learn more about the Turkoman breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 and find out more about its stats, color combinations, and where to get this incredible beast.

About Turkoman

The thing that makes Turkoman a great breed is that it is the perfect combination of a racing and a working horse. The creators of Red Dead Redemption 2 added a horse to use as a characteristic to the game making some horses better for racing, while others for pulling caravans or traveling longer distances.

With the Turkoman being a combination of a working horse and a racehorse, we can safely assume that this horse breed has the health and stamina to go over exhausting workouts without sacrificing its speed. This is why the Turkoman breed is often considered the best all-around horse that can be used for everything in the game. Whether you are traveling long distances or you want straight-line speed, the Turkoman won’t disappoint.

However, just like any horse breed in the current horse racing news, it must have a flaw. The Turkoman breed comes with a warning and players must know that they are one of the most impatient animals you’ll come along in the game. This suggests that they are harder to tame, and once you get one, you shouldn’t make them stand in one spot for a long time.

There are three different Turkoman breeds, but this should make any difference since all Turkoman horses have the same stats.

When it comes to their coat color, you can get one of the following:

  • Silver coat Turkoman
  • Dark Bay Turkoman
  • Golden Coat Turkoman

Each type has 7 horsepower, a speed of 6, and an acceleration of 5 and costs $950.

The thing that makes the Turkoman breed the best is because of its versatility. With all these attribute mix-ups, the Turkoman is one of the most exciting horses to get in the game.

How to Get a Turkoman Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

Since we are talking about a top-tier horse, you shouldn’t expect to find Turkoman wandering in the wild. The Turkoman is one of the rarest horse breeds in the game and due to its all-around abilities which makes it one of the best horses in the game, it is almost impossible to be obtained or tamed in the wild.

The only guaranteed method of finding a Turkoman is to purchase one at a stable at some point in the game. Since there are three different types of Turkomans, each can be obtained at a different stable.

The first encounter with a Turkoman will come at the Blackwater stable, where you can obtain the Dark Bay variant. Next, the Gold Turkoman can be only purchased at the St. Denis stable once you begin Chapter 4. Lastly, the Silver Turkoman, which is considered the most beautiful of the bunch can be bought at the Tumbleweed Stable.

Final Words

Since Turkoman is one of the most valuable horses in the game, finding them in the wild is almost impossible. With that said, there are some reports of people finding Turkomans in the wild but it is very rare and the only guaranteed method is to purchase one.

So, instead of wandering around in the wild hoping to find a Turkoman, try to collect as much money as possible until you have enough to purchase one from the local stable.