Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Deals And Sales

Even in non-competitive play, a good gaming keyboard may make all the difference, but some of the best cards can be quite expensive. Checking for cheap gaming keyboard deals allows you to save a substantial amount of money by selecting the features you need and renouncing the extras you won’t use.

That’s exactly what we’re doing here: gathering all of the top cheap gaming keyboards and demonstrating which ones you should buy based on the features and specifications available. The greatest cheap mechanical gaming keyboard bargains can be seen just below, along with wireless options.

From there, we’ll pick up the best gaming keyboard offers from a variety of well-known manufacturers, so you can jump right to your favourite and seamlessly integrate your new deck into an existing environment.

With a large choice of gaming keyboards under $50, we’ve selected the cheapest options worth buying. You do have to give up a few features to get that pricing, but if you need a little more power for your money, the next step up is stated under each option.

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Logitech G413

The most affordable mechanical gaming keyboard

Gaming Keyboard

Backlighting: Yes – red | RGB Customization: No | Programmable Keys: F1 – F12 | Switches: Romer-G | USB Passthrough: Yes | Wristrest: No | Connection: Wired

  • Mechanical switches are available at a great price.
  • Slim profile with a lovely brushed effect
  • USB tethering
  • There are no options for RGB customization.

The Logitech G413 stands out because mechanical gaming keyboards are frequently more expensive than hybrid or membrane counterparts. You get USB passthrough and alternate key caps in addition to Logitech’s Romer-G switches, which provide a quiet but tactile experience. Those features are generally found on much more costly decks, but in order to attain such a low price, you must make compromises elsewhere.

Only red backlighting keeps you company during those darker hours, as there is no configurable RGB here. There are also no dedicated macro keys, though the function row can be programmed, which is a good compromise at this price point.

This might not be the best option if you’re looking for a highly customizable keyboard. There’s still plenty to like here, with 1.5mm switch actuation, 26 key rollover, anti-ghosting, and even an adjustable height.


Corsair K63 Wireless

The best wireless gaming keyboard for the money

Gaming Keyboard -1

Backlighting: Yes – blue | RGB Customization: No | Programmable Keys: Yes – fully programmable – no special macro keys | Switches: Cherry MX Red mechanical | USB Passthrough: No | Wristrest: Detachable

  • Connection that is extremely dependable and speedy
  • Battery that can be recharged
  • Keys that are completely programmable
  • Only a blue backlight

Wireless connections can drive up the cost of gaming keyboards, just as mechanical switches do. The Corsair K63 Wireless, on the other hand, manages to combine Cherry MX Red mechanical keys with an extremely fast and incredibly stable 2.4GHz wireless connection at a price that is well within the budget range. That’s a lot of power in a cheap gaming keyboard, but it comes at the cost of a little cosmetic customisation. 

Because there is no RGB customization here, the blue lighting you take out of the box will stay with you. You lose a number pad and any dedicated macro keys as a result of the smaller design, but the Corsair compensates for this by providing a fully programmable array of keys.

With a 75-hour battery life without backlighting and a 25-hour run time on maximum brightness, you’ll be able to charge up using a Mini USB connector.


SteelSeries Apex 3

SteelSeries gaming keyboard at the lowest price

gaming keyboard -2

Backlighting: Yes | RGB Customization: 10 lighting zones | Programmable Keys: Yes | Switches: ‘Whisper Quiet’ rubber dome | USB Passthrough: No | Wristrest: Detachable

  • Customization of RGB and macro is excellent.
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Rubber feet and a soft palm rest
  • It is not mechanical

While the SteelSeries Apex 3 is a great all-arounder for those searching for a low-cost gaming keyboard, those looking for a quiet experience will benefit the most from it. Each tap is exceptionally quiet while remaining smooth and tactile thanks to SteelSeries’ “Whisper Quiet” membrane switches. While these aren’t mechanical switches, and you’ll notice the lack of snap, they’re nonetheless lightning fast and have the high profile that mechanical decks are known for.

You get ten customisable RGB zones here, which is a good range that outperforms many other brands in this price bracket, however it falls short of Razer’s fully paintable deck.

If you like to keep your desk tidy, you’ll appreciate the cable routing structures built into the base plate, as well as the slip-resistant luxury palm rest with rubber feet.


Logitech G213 RGB

Logitech gaming keyboard at the lowest price

gaming keyboard -3

Backlighting: Yes | RGB Customization: 5 lighting zones | Programmable Keys: F1 – F12 | Switches: Mecha Dome | USB Passthrough: No | Wristrest: Fixed Connection: Wired

  • Keypresses are quiet and respond quickly.
  • Lightsync used to match RGBs with content
  • It is not mechanical.
  • Quite huge

Since its initial release, the Logitech G213 RGB has seen a significant price drop. That makes the full-sized cheap gaming keyboard, even if it is an older model by today’s standards, a particularly good buy. With a non-detachable palm rest, big form factor, and plastic shell, the deck has some clues of its age.

Under the hood, though, you’ll still discover Lightsync technology, which can sync your five RGB lighting zones to content from your games. It’s also completely compatible with Logitech’s G-Hub software, which can be used to configure the illumination and set macros to the function keys.

This is the deck for you if you’re looking for a really inexpensive gaming keyboard while still staying within the Logitech ecosystem – but if you’re building a new rig, there are better features out there for just a little more money.

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Razer Cynosa V2

The most affordable Razer gaming keyboard

gaming keyboard -4

Backlighting: Yes | RGB Customization: Individual key customization | Programmable Keys: Fully programmable | Switches: Membrane | USB Passthrough: No | Wristrest: No | Connection: Wired

  • Keys that are completely programmable
  • Routing of cables
  • Keystrokes that are quiet
  • It is not mechanical.

With a completely customizable deck and individual key RGB options, the Razer Cynosa is possibly the most adaptable inexpensive gaming keyboard on the list. If you’re looking for a fully customised rig, this is the one for you – yet mechanical switches are still sacrificed to achieve such a low price point.

Nonetheless, this model has a few good features that make it well worth your $50. You’ll be able to keep a tidy workstation thanks to cable routing beneath the main deck, and quieter keystrokes will work best if you’re working in a shared location. Furthermore, these membrane switches are still extremely quick, resulting in a setup that is still competitive.

Whether you’re looking for a super fast competitive setup or simply a more streamlined PC gaming experience, a gaming keyboard is definitely worth the money. Additionally, haptic, clicky switches make a significant difference.