Are You A Pokemon Card Collector? Learn How To Keep Them In Mint Condition

Pokemon is an interesting game mostly played with cards and it is one of the most popular games in the world. Although the game is now mostly played digitally, some people still prefer to play it physically with cards as they love the feeling that playing with the cards brings them.

Keeping a pokemon card can be a bit of a task especially when you always want them to be in a good condition. There are various reasons people want to keep the pokemon card in a good condition. As a result of the frequent use of the cards, they can bend or get dents, or scratches on some of them. However, there are various ways through which you can make sure that your cards are well kept and preserved as a card collector. 

  1. Keep Them Boxed

A great way to keep your pokemon card in a good condition to preserve them in a box. You can do this when the cards are not in use. Boxes are a great way to keep the cards protected when transporting to tournaments or poker clubs. Better still you can get your pokemon booster cards since they come in a box pack. There are affordable card boxes that you can get which would provide so much value for a little price. 

You can also use light transparent nylon around the boxes to prevent water from denting the cards. It will also help you keep a large number of card decks at a time so you don’t have to look for several containers to keep your cards. After each pokemon game, you should remember to pack the cards in an orderly manner and neatly arrange them in the card box. Also, make sure to get boxes that are made for cards and not just any type of box.

  1. Use Sleeves

While this may seem unnecessary, it is a good way to prevent the cards from rubbing off on each other. Sleeves are a great way to individually protect your cards without having to pack them all together. It will always prevent cards from getting blemishes transferred to one other through constant contact. 

With the use of sleeves, you will be able to show the cards to friends or guests without them having to touch them which will further prevent the cards from easily wearing out. This is a great way to keep the cards in a mint condition as the cards will be protected separately and can still be used together. You can also get card sleeves at a fair price and they are often easy to get and use. They are also transparent and you don’t have to remove the sleeve as people can see the card content through the sleeves.

  1. Submit Your Cards to a PSA

Using a Professional Sports Authenticator can help in the process of preserving your Pokemon cards. If you have an ultra-rare card that has a lot of value and can be worth a lot of money, you can send them for a PSA grading. PSA can help in determining the value of your cards, however, you can use this means to get viable protection for your card

If you have a very valuable pokemon card, you may not use other ways of protecting the cards, but rather you should send them to PSA so they can grade them and determine the value. The protection comes when they send it back to you. They send it back to you in a plastic case which leaves the card in perfect condition. This is a great way to preserve your pokemon card. Not only does your card get valued, but you also get them protected.

  1. Make Use of Top Loaders

As the name implies, these help you slide your card in the casing from the top. This would prevent bending or tearing of the corners and edges of the card. You may however have to wear a sleeve on the card first because the top leaders have a large opening at the top. If the sleeves are worn, it may leave room for moisture to damage the cards. 

Top loaders are mostly used to preserve cards that are not in use anymore but may be of high value. They are used to preserve these types of cards as there is no way one would play a game with top loaders.

Keeping these methods will help you leave your pokemon cards in mint condition which may further increase their value and encourage players to want to keep playing the pokemon game.