5 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss While Using Headphones

There are many dangers of wearing headphones while listening to music on the go or anywhere. Headphones cut out all of the surrounding noise and can often play at high volumes without you even knowing it. That can cause damage to your eardrums if you listen for too long.

Also, the cord gets tangled in your purse or pocket when not in use which can result in damaging the wires. Don’t worry though, there is a solution! Here are five ways to prevent hearing loss when using headphones:


1) Go wireless

There are many options for wireless headsets these days that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Many companies have created blu compatible earbuds that work with bluetooth enabled devices. These earbuds are small, lightweight and versatile which make them easy to carry in almost any purse or pocket. You can find these for around $25 or less on Amazon .

2) Listen at a safe volume level

This one is probably the most important! Listening to high volumes for too long can cause permanent damage to your ears no matter what device you are using. Headphones do not have an automatic cut-off that limits how loud it can go. You need to monitor yourself when wearing headphones in order to prevent hearing loss. Headphone companies typically will put a recommended volume range number on their products so be sure to check yours before putting them on your head.

5 Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss While Using Headphones

3) Don’t let the headphone cord get twisted

When you are not using your earbuds it is important to make sure that they are in the right position, so the cord doesn’t get bent or twisted. It’s best to keep them straightened out and then coil them around your hand for storage. If you leave the cord in a crumpled pile then this can cause significant damage over time.

I’ve seen several people wrap their cords around their phones, but this can have an even worse effect because it puts more pressure on them when plugged into certain devices.

4) Clean Your Headphones

Yup, you heard me. Clean them! Did you know that dirt and debris can cause damage to your earbuds over time that is just as bad as hearing loss? Also, earwax can accumulate that will block the sound from traveling clearly into your ears. The best way to avoid this is to simply wipe down the outside of your earphones with a damp cloth every now and then.

This will also help prevent bacteria from forming on them if you tend to wear them for long periods of time without taking them off. You can get specially designed headphone cleaners or just use a baby wipe on the cord itself on both parts of the headphones.

Clean your headphones

5) Keep an eye on your listening time

You should always keep track of how long you wear your headphones and limit yourself to a certain amount of minutes. Even though this is the most obvious tip, it can be easy to lose track and go over that time. There are many free apps available for both Android phones and iPhones that will allow you to set reminders so you know when it’s time to stop listening.

With these tips from Best Gaming Tips, you should be able to prevent damage to your ears while using headphones! If hearing loss has already occurred then there are some other options that might work for you.