3 Important Tips When Buying a Gaming Monitor

The market today gives the consumer several options to choose from when it comes to gaming monitors. With so many options available, it is important that you are knowledgeable about the basics of gaming monitors so you can ensure that you are picking out a monitor that fits your needs. Knowing how to pick out the best monitor for yourself will help save time and money since there are so many variables involved in buying one of these products.

1) Resolution And Refresh Rate Are Crucial Factors To Look At

When choosing what screen resolution and refresh rate that you want in your gaming monitor, this is completely based on preference. However, there are certain types of games that will perform better on a higher resolution and refresh rate monitor, while other games can get by with a lower one. If you play fast moving FPS (first-person shooter) type games for example, you will want to opt for a high resolution and refresh rate monitor since these types of games require quick responsiveness from the screen. The higher the resolution and refresh rates your screen has, the more expensive it is going to be as well.


2) The Size Of Your Monitor Matters Too

The size of your gaming monitor should also depend on what type of games that you like to play. Bigger screens tend to favor those who like slower paced or adventure style games as they give users more view space and allow for more immersion into the game. Bigger screens can also favor or hurt FPS gamers though since they provide larger views of the environment which in some cases gives enemies a bigger advantage against you.

3) Your Gaming Habits And Style Should Determine The Features You Want In A Monitor

Important Tips When Buying a Gaming Monitor

The last thing to consider when buying a gaming monitor is what features do you need from your monitor. Some of these features may include response time, resolution, refresh rate, screen size, etc. However, another important feature to think about is how you will be using your monitor at home. This often refers to whether you will have enough space on your desk to accommodate a large monitor without it getting in the way of things like your keyboard and mouse. Also, you should look at whether the monitor is adjustable, especially if you are on the shorter side as taller people are more likely to have issues reaching for low monitors.

Bonus Tips

If you are buying your monitor online, be sure to read the product’s specifications first on what screen resolution and refresh rate it is capable of before making a purchase. To help save money when purchasing a gaming monitor, try buying an older version that has the same type of features as one of today’s monitors that you like.

For example, if you like playing games at 1080p with a 144hz refresh rate but want to buy a new monitor this year instead of upgrading your current one, then look at last year’s models for something similar in price. This will help keep the cost down while still allowing you to have similar capabilities as to what you could have bought from this year’s model.

Bonus Tips of Gaming

Gaming monitors are constantly improving every year with the newest features that will either give you a competitive advantage or allow you to have an immersive experience during your game time. When buying your monitor, always remember to look at what type of games that you play most often, as this will make the biggest difference in which monitor is best for you. Also, consider whether or not there are any measurements or management issues with having a larger monitor on your desk before purchasing one. With these three tips in mind from Best Gaming Tips, you should now be able to find yourself the best gaming monitor without breaking the bank!