The Best Dying Light Mods

In this article I’m going to list the best Dying Light mods available.

Dying Light is an incredibly fun game that managed to sneak under the radar of players for quite some time.


After some big DLC and some fairly impressive overhauls, though, it feels like the game is finally getting the recognition that it deserves.

If you play the game on PC, you’re going to get more than just the ability to enjoy a great game – you’ll also get access to some amazing mods.

Dying Light has a great modding community that has put together some impressive work, and the mods below are those that are going to be the most beneficial to the average player.

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What are the best 5 Dying Light mods?

I Am Legion

If you’ve tackled everything that Dying Light has to offer and you still feel like you want more of a challenge, this is definitely the mod for you.

I Am Legion tweaks the game so that there are more zombies who spawn more frequently.

This would be enough to up the difficulty factor for many, but it’s joined by an increase in the aggressiveness of the AI and a decrease in the amount of ammo that you can find in the game.

This really makes the game feel a lot more like a survival horror game.

Ultimate Ninja and Booster

Of course, not everyone wants a tougher experience. If you want to play around in a zombie-infested playground, this is probably the mod for you.

While Ultimate Ninja and Booster mod doesn’t quite make you immortal, it comes pretty close by greatly boosting your health, stamina, and damage.

This is a great mod for those who just want to play around in the setting and who want to cause some major melee damage without having to worry about pesky things like actually dying to the undead hordes of zombies who surround them.

Find the Light

Maybe you don’t want combat at all in the game. If you’re obsessed with Dying Light’s excellent first-person platforming, you’ll definitely want to give the Find the Light mod a try.

It takes out the zombies and puts you in the middle of a deadly obstacle course.

Not only will you have to really put in some effort to get past the various obstacles, but you’ll get much better at the game’s parkour systems once you master this course. This is definitely a great mod for those who need movement practice as well as for those who are looking for a challenge.

Grappling Hook Modification

The grappling hook is easily one of the coolest tools in Dying Light. It’s a shame, though, that its use ends up being so limited.

Not only does it have a fairly short range, but you have to wait for it to recharge between uses.

If your goal is to Spider-man around the map, though, this mod is definitely for you.

This mod doubles the range of the grappling hook and completely removes the recharge timer so that you can move around the map at amazing speeds. Definitely consider this one if you’re looking to get around quickly.

Carry More Ammo

There’s a really fine line between mods that are convenient and mods that break the game, and this one definitely errs on the former side of the line.

This mod allows you to carry up to 999 ammo for every weapon in the game, greatly increasing the amount of firepower that you can bring to bear in any fight. This isn’t quite enough to make you invincible or to let you sleepwalk through the game, but it’s enough of an edge to turn the tide in some of the game’s more hectic fights.

Dying Light SweetFX

There are plenty of visual mods for Dying Light, but this is honestly one of the best because it does comparatively little.

While it does give some textural facelifts to the aging game, the big improvement is that it takes out the game’s native color filter. If you’re tired of the “hyper-realistic” brown/green color that is slapped on top of everything that you see in the game, you’ll definitely love this mod.

You’ll be amazed by how different playing the game feels when you can see normal colors.

Easier Lockpicking

Lockpicking minigames in video games come in two varieties – frustrating and worthless.

Dying Light definitely has the former, so this mod sets out to make the whole process a lot less painful.

It doesn’t go quite so far as to totally remove lockpicking from the game, but it does definitely take out a lot of the unnecessary difficulty.

Consider this one not so much a cheat as a quality of life enhancement, especially if you are getting sick of trying to pick locks when you should be trying to enjoy the rest of the game.

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