Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Mount & Blade: Warband is a game of great medieval combat, but it’s still a game that leaves a lot of its potential on the table. If you really want to get the most out of the game, you have to start looking at mods. Below are the best Mount and Blade Warband mods out there, mods that help make the game a little bloodier, a little more hectic, and a lot more fun. Whether you’re looking for visual tweaks or full conversions, you’ll find what you need in these mods.

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A World of Fire and Ice

If there’s one thing that the combat of Mount and Blade really calls for, it’s a better setting. While the game itself is fine, there’s always a feeling that it could be a little bit more epic. There’s no better way to make the game more epic than to throw it all into Westeros, the setting of Game of Thrones. While you won’t get the political intrigue of the novels or the television series, you will get a good chance to fight over the Iron Throne. For some players, just having that chance will be enough.

Mount and Musket: Batallion

Another full conversion of the game, this one throws the setting directly into the Napoleonic era. Made for multiplayer, it’s as close to getting a recreation of the era’s tactics and combat as you are ever likely to see in a PC game. While it certainly has its bugs to iron out, it’s still a great new way to play the game. Consider it a look into the future for a game that really could go many new places. A must-play for history buffs as well as players who want to try something new.

Decapitate and Dismember

Have you ever thought that Mount and Blade plays things a little too clean with its combat? If so, you’d probably enjoy this mod. One of the best Warband mods for those who want a little more gore, it allows for decapitation in most scenarios. While the actual effect is a little comical, it’s a great addition to the base game. Does it add anything that’s not cosmetic to gameplay? Not really, but in this case it’s worth the download anyway. It’s certainly a little more satisfying to take down an enemy with this mod enabled.


There are many mods that attempt to turn Mount and Blade into an MMO, but this one really seems to be the closest to success. cRPG adds everything you’d expect from a good computer RPG, including persistent player levels and an online campaign. While it’s not exactly an MMO, it is a great online multiplayer game for those who want to try out something new. If nothing else, it shows the overall strength of the engine and hints at where the game could go. Give it a shot if you want to support a very interesting project.

Full Invasion 2

Horde mode has become incredibly popular in many other games, so it only makes sense that Mount and Blade would have its own version of the popular mode. Full Invasion 2 pits you against waves of invaders and a number of special bosses. It is, as with most versions of the mode, more of a test of stamina than anything else. You probably won’t survive the whole time, but you’ll get incrementally better as you keep fighting waves of new enemies. It’s definitely one of the best tests of skill out there.

Mount and Blade: Retexture

While Warband is a solid game, the truth is that it’s getting a little long in the tooth. This is a game that desperately needs a visual overhaul and there is a vast modding community that puts effort into just that. If you’re looking to make the game look better, you can do a lot worse than Retexture. The mod takes a pass at the textures of the game and attempts to make them look a little more passable. You’re still not going to get a perfectly modern experience, but you will get something that’s well worth a download.

Warsword Conquest

Warhammer is definitely one of the more popular worlds for Mount and Blade conversions. This particular single player mod is probably the best of the bunch, featuring much better retextures and some neat new mechanics. As with most conversions, it does take some liberties with the setting and you’ll never quite forget that you’re playing a reskinned version of this game. Still, if you want your Mount and Blade experience to be a little more fantastical, you can do a lot worse than this mod. Give this one a shot if you need something visceral that still scratches the Warhammer itch.

Warband Battle Size Changer

Have you ever felt like the army sizes in the game were a little too small? If you’re really looking for something bigger, this might be the mod for you. Battle Size Changer ups the limit from one hundred fifty combatants to one thousand, at least in theory. Unless you have the most powerful hardware on the market, though, you’ll really be increasing the number of combatants to a few hundred more on the screen. Still, its’ definitely one of the best ways to make the world a little more hectic.

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