The Best Morrowind Mods

Morrowind is one of the best-regarded games in the Elder Scrolls series. With a combination of great storytelling and a compelling setting, it’s managed to keep an audience for years after its release. A huge part of why it’s been able to do so is also likely because of the modding community. With thousands of mods out there, most new players need a little help determining what to download. Below are some of the best Morrowind mods.

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The Unofficial Morrowind Patch

It wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without a ton of bugs. Unfortunately, Morrowind is old enough that it didn’t receive the kind of post-release support that most would expect from a modern game and thus many of the most annoying bugs are still kicking around. The Unofficial Morrowind Patch seeks to correct some of the mistakes that are in the game, ranging from quests that won’t complete to misspellings in journals. While this patch certainly won’t amaze most first-time players of the game, it is nonetheless one of the best Morrowind mods.

Sound and Graphics Overhaul

While the plot of Morrowind remains amazing and the sidequests are still some of the best in the series, the game is definitely showing its age when it comes to design. If you want to see a much more impressive version of the game, it’s definitely recommended that you pick up the Sound and Graphics Overhaul pack. It’s actually a collection of other mods, but they all work together to make Morrowind look a little more like a modern game. It’s definitely a great tool for those who are bothered by the game’s aging design.

Andromeda Fast Travel

Those who came to the Elder Scrolls with Oblivion or Skyrim are probably used to having a fast-travel system. While the fact that Morrowind actually makes you trek across the island on your own is arguably one of the more immersive parts of the game, it can get incredibly tedious. This fast-travel mod turns the road signs into fast travel spots, which speeds up the game significantly. It might break the atmosphere a little, but it’s better than running across the continent to turn in each individual quest in a chain.

Immersive Madness

By this point, players of the Elder Scrolls really expect an appearance by the mad god Sheogorath. Unfortunately, Morrowind was relatively light on this particular daedric prince. Worry not, though – dedicated modders have made a great quest chain for his cult. While it’s certainly not as amazing as the official expansion for Oblivion, this chain is a lot of fun. It also offers a rare bit of levity in what is a generally very serious game, so give it a shot if your idea of a good quest involves winning in a staring contest against a cult.

The Official Mods

Bethesda isn’t shy about making changes to its own game, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it released a pack of official mods. Unfortunately, those who didn’t get the game of the year edition way back when it was released don’t have an official way to get those mods. Fortunately, modders did post up a collection of Bethesda’s modifications to their own games. Once you’ve got these mods, you get a ton of really great content, including some truly epic quests and some improvements that were sorely needed for the base game.

Skyrim: Home of the Nords

If you’ve kept up with Elder Scrolls modding, you know about all the ambitious projects that have tried to bring Morrowind into Skyrim. You might, however, be a little less familiar with this mod, which seeks to bring the home of the Nords to Morrowind. It’s a large area to explore, one that’s probably going to make you more curious to play Skyrim than to play in this game. It’s a great look at what can be done by a dedicated team, though, and anything that expands the map of Morrowind is worth a look.

Accurate Attack

Morrowind is a product of an older school of RPG design. As such, all of its combat calculations are done via hidden dice roll. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it definitely feels weird to miss an enemy that you’ve hit at point-blank range. Accurate Attack fixes this issue that makes attacks fall more in line with the dice rolls – hits look like they hit and misses look like they miss. It’s a great mod for those who get tired of random rolls ruining their immersion.

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