How to Make White Dye in Minecraft

White dye is much like other dyes found in Minecraft. It can be used to dye wool and things made of wool like beds. You can get more colors by combining white dye with other colors. You can also use it to dye collars on your tamed wolves or cats. Other uses include dyeing leather armor, glass, terracotta, adding patterns to banners, or making concrete powder. It can also be used to make firework stars or even add a fade to color effects to firework stars.

White dye can be made easily with ingredients like bone meal or lily of the valley. Popping these on your crafting table or into your crafting grid in your inventory will let you get yourself 1 white dye for each bonemeal or Lily of the Valley that you use.

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Step by Step Guide too Making White Dye

Like other dyes, white dye is simple to make. All you need is one of either of the ingredients to craft it.

Get your bonemeal or lily of the valley

Bonemeal can be made by crafting with a bone, dropped by skeleton enemies, or occasionally fished up as junk. 1 bone makes 3 bone meal. You can also use 1 bone block to get 9 bone meal. These can be found in fossil structures found in the swamp or desert biomes. Bone blocks can be mine with wooden pickaxes or better.

Skeleton enemies can spawn like many other mobs, either at night or in dark places like mine shafts. They can also be found from spawners or in nether fortresses. You can also find them in soul sand biomes. Skeletons drop 0-2 bones upon defeat. You should run into skeletons often enough in standard play to have plenty of bones to use.

Skeleton horses, strays, and wither skeletons all drop bones as well, with the same rate as standard skeletons. This drop amount can be increased by enchanting your sword with any level of Looting. At Looting III you can expect 0-5 bones each time you kill any skeleton mob.

You can also find bones in chests at varying likelihoods in both the Java and Bedrock editions. Chests containing bones can be found in Dungeons 57.8% of the time, in Jungle Temples at a rate of 61.9% in Java or 61.8% in Bedrock, and at 57.8% in Woodland Mansions.

Desert temples have 2 rates of spawning in chests. 4-6 bones will spawn 28.7% of the time in both editions, while 1-8 bones spawn 59% of the time. This lets you get bones even if you're playing on Peaceful difficulty.

In Bedrock editions, which are on console or mobile, you have a 25% chance of getting 1-2 bones when you kill fish mobs. Salmon, cod, pufferfish, and tropical fish all can drop bones on their death.
Lily of the Valley flowers are a harder find than bone meal. They can spawn on world generation in standard forest biomes, as well as birch and dark forests. They can be found in flower forest biomes most commonly. Bone meal is still the better and more accessible source for white dye.

If you have lily of the valley, you can skip step 2 and proceed straight to step 3.

Craft your bonemeal

Take your bones and place them in your crafting grid on your crafting table or in your inventory. This will give you your bonemeal at a rate of 3 for each bone.

If you're using bone blocks, you'll get 9 bonemeal for each block. If you're farming for bonemeal and find yourself running out of space, you can craft 9 bonemeal into a bone block with your crafting table. This can be handy storage for bonemeal since you won't lose any of your bonemeal by doing this.

Craft your white dye

Craft white dye by placing a stack of your bone meal or lily of the valley in the center box of your crafting table menu. You can also use your crafting grid in your inventory menu to craft your dye. You can stack up to 64, so if you are looking to make a lot of dye for decoration, you won't waste too much inventory space.

Once you're finished crafting, you have your dye ready to go for more crafting and decoration. You should find plenty of uses for your white dye, including dyeing your sheep back to white or removing dye from beds in Bedrock edition.

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