Minecraft: How to Get Honeycomb

Minecraft: How to Get Honeycomb

Searching for honeycombs in Minecraft can be quite a tedious and potentially dangerous process if you are not properly prepared.

While the bees in Minecraft are widely considered cute, the insects, like their real-world counterparts, are an incredibly important part of the virtual ecosystem. Bees can craft useful products, such as honeycomb, which are an integral part of a variety of craftable items.


But the honeycomb in Minecraft can be a difficult and potentially dangerous resource to collect.

How to find Honeycomb

Honeycombs can initially be obtained via Bee Nests , which is the difficult part of the process mentioned earlier. Bee nests are very rare and only appear in a few biomes – namely only those that contain oak and birch trees, such as:

  • Levels- 5%
  • flower forest- 2%
  • Any other type of forest – 0.2%

To further skew the chances of finding a viable bee nest, he needs to be at level 5, which essentially means bees have entered him multiple times.

When the bee nest is ready to be harvested, particles of honey drip out of the ground. Certain textures on the block will also be noticeably filled with the golden-yellow liquid.

Harvest honeycomb

When a Beehive has reached the required level, you might be tempted to smash it, as this is the typical method of gaining a block’s specific resource. However, simply breaking open the bee’s nest only spawns agitated bees, which attack immediately.

Instead, you have to use scissors to make the bee’s nest drop three honeycombs. This will still anger the bees and make them attack. To avoid this, a campfire must be lit or the area below the bee nest set on fire to prevent the animals from leaving the bee nest.

Alternatively, one can break the block with an ax that has the Cautiousness enchantment, which will leave the block intact when broken. The bees stay inside, and the appropriate level of harvesting is preserved, meaning the block can be moved closer to the player’s base. The bees will continue to pollinate the bee nest, which means you no longer have to go far to find a bee nest.

Uses for honeycomb

The honeycomb is one of the most important ingredients in making a beehive . The recipe requires six wooden planks of any kind and three combs. Simply place the combs in the middle row of the workbench’s surface and place the boards on top and bottom. Beehives behave just like the bee nests found in nature. The bees come to the hive at night, when it rains or after pollinating flowers.

The honeycomb is also a main component of various cosmetic items such as the Waxed Copper Block and the Candle . Honeycomb can also be added to various blocks to give them a new look.