How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

In order to tame a fox, you’ll need two wild foxes that have mated. Here are the steps to do it.

Find two foxes

First, you’ll need to find your foxes.


Foxes can be found in the taiga biome, and occasionally they will wander into adjacent biomes. There is a few variations of the taiga biome, including snowy taigas that feature white foxes.

Foxes are usually wild, skittish animals. In order to find them during the day (when they’re most likely to be sleeping) you should look for them during the morning or around sunset.

When you see a conked-out fox, crouch to improve your chances of survival. Crouching improves your evasion accuracy on computers or using the controller specific button if playing on consoles.

Tame A Fox -1

Building around the fox with blocks so it cannot escape. Use a variety of blocks, but make the walls at least three blocks high to prevent them from escaping. You need to stay in a crouching position even after the fox is cordoned into its pen. If you uncrouch, the switch will flip for it and it’ll run away as soon as possible.

If you see two foxes together, trap them both in the same pen.

Tame A Fox -2

Although rare, foxes sometimes require trapping individually. Make sure both traps are set and connected by a wall of blocks for greater success.

You can use a boat to catch multiple foxes that are far apart. To do this, place the boat in front of one of them and they will take it and trap themselves inside. You can then row the boat (even across land) to other foxes and pen them all.

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It is important to decide which option you plan to choose before constructing the enclosure for two foxes.

Tame A Fox -3

Quick tip: If you’re playing in Creative Mode – or have the ability to change your gamemode to Creative – you can spawn an infinite amount of foxes at any time. Just locate the Fox Spawn Egg item in your inventory and use it on any available space. You’ll need catch at least two of them though!

Tame A Fox -4

Feed the foxes with sweet berries.

Once you have spent the last hour wrangling two adult foxes or thrown down a few Fox Spawn Eggs, you will now have two adult foxes penned in. Wait for any baby fox children to grow up first before penning them in.

Get close to the two foxes and equip a sweet berry. These come from green bushes which harm you when they are touched. They can be found in the taiga, so if you haven’t gathered any yet then these are fairly straightforward to find.

To feed a fox, use the berries on the ground near them. If you are struggling to get close enough to drop food for them, make sure you’re crouching.

Tame A Fox -5

Equip the sweet berries you keep in your hotbar, and approach the foxes. Provide one of them with berries by using it on him or her. If you’re struggling to get near enough to feed the foxes, crouch down so they can see you more easily.

If you feed sweet berries to two foxes, they’ll immediately give birth to a baby.

You will find that this baby fox is your golden egg: They’ll be sweet and accommodating, in contrast to their folks, who will in any case go wild when you discharge the hunch key. This is your tamed fox.

Tame A Fox -6

However, you’re not done yet. Just because the fox is docile does not mean it is under your control.

Stop the baby fox from following its parents

While a new baby fox might have less of a carefree attitude than those belonging to the parent, if you leave it alone, it’ll run off with its parents. Contacting them may incur their flight instinct and cause them to run away.

You can trap baby foxes by attaching a lead to them as they follow you, then walking away from their parents. For a lead, use string and a slime ball (or other material).

Tame A Fox -7

Attach the lead to the baby fox and use it to gently move him away from its parents. Once you have moved a few chunks, he will stop following its parents and forget about them.

Congratulations on taming your first fox. By continuing the same breeding process, you’ll soon have a whole brood of obedient fox friends.