How To See Chunks In Minecraft

Minecraft saves space in blocks called “chunks.” Minecraft’s developer Mojang loves both the number 64 and how it relates to stacks of objects–there are a maximum of 64 items.

Minecraft map blocks are a measure of distance. In the world settings, the render size changes by chunks. There’s no official limit to the chunk size. The standard size in Minecraft is six chunks, but they can be up to eight depending on the situation. Objects 8 chunks in distance will appear in the player’s vision. There are good reasons to know what chunk a Minecraft player is in.


Currently this feature only exists in the Java Edition, which adds to the list of features that make Java different from Bedrock. Here’s how to do it:

Chunk borders in Minecraft

how to see chunks in minecraft

Dying in Minecraft is never fun. Losing the progress players have spent time achieving can be distressing, especially when there is not much room for regaining levels. Not being able to find items you’ve lost can be frustrating, but it’s most annoying when it means losing your valuable weapon. Losing an essential tool in the game is a regrettable experience for every player, and one we all want to avoid again.

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If an item is dropped in Minecraft it will be gone after five minutes. For items to reappear, players must find them before they despawn and are lost permanently. With just five minutes of game play before each new day starts, this becomes more and more difficult as the game progresses. If players are unsure of when chunks begin and end, the task can be even more difficult.

items in minecraft

In Bedrock, there is no way to tell something is nearby by looking for an item and activating a timer. If you don’t know where the object is, you need to remember coordinates or landmarks in order to find out if it’s close enough for the timer.


In Minecraft java edition, there is a feature which allows players to know the start and end of chunks. This still uses them to remember locations and coordinates, but once they get close they can simply do one simple thing to find out when exactly are crossed over into the chunk demand start the timer. Press F3 and G together and the chunk borders will be highlighted.