How To Make A Barrel In Minecraft

A barrel in Minecraft is a block that can be used to store items. These chests do not necessitate a region of space above them to be opened. This block is not like a normal solid block. There are many kinds of barrels in the game. The Barrel Block is one of your essential tools for managing your inventory. If there is more than one Minecraft ID for a block then the value that should be used to identify it is either its Data Value or Damage Value.

Now let’s look into how to make a barrel. There are many editions in Minecraft to craft barrels. These include the following: Minecraft Education Edition, Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android and iOS, Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, Bedrock Edition of the game on both VR and PC devices, and lastly the Java edition. But we will only discuss two editions of this crafting barrel.


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Barrel In Minecraft

  • Crafting a barrel block in Minecraft Java edition requires two wooden slabs and six wooden planks.
  • The first step in the creation of a containment structure is to have wooden planks for the java edition of Minecraft. To craft wooden planks, you must hit or punch a tree and get oak wood. After getting oakwood, now you can convert a single piece of wood into four pieces of wooden planks in your crafting table or an enchanting table.
  • Now you can craft wooden slabs from wooden planks. Simply place three identical planks in the crafting table to get lumber.
  • Now you have planks, slabs and blocks. Put the planks in the first and third row of the second column from left-to-right on top of any slabs that are at or below it. Fill all remaining spaces on the crafting table with one block (or slab). In your center space, go ahead and place an enchantment
  • You will now see that you have successfully crafted a barrel block in Minecraft java edition.


Barrel In Minecraft Game

If you’re playing the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you can also use 6 sticks – rather than six wooden planks – to craft barrels.

  • The first step is collecting wooden planks. To craft wooden planks, you must acquire an oakwood by either striking a tree with your weapon of choice or punching it. After obtaining the oakwood, you can convert one oak into four pieces of wooden planks in your enchantment table or crafting bench.
  • Stack the wooden planks on top of each other and then you will have successfully crafted sticks.
  • Now, you can use identical three wooden planks in the bottom row of a crafting table to create wooden slabs.
  • Now that you have wooden blocks and slabs, all you need to do is put the slabs in the first and third row of the second column. Put planks in all other spaces remaining on the table except for a space in the center of the enchantment table.
  • Now, you will have successfully crafted a Bedrock-edition barrel block.