How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Minecraft allows you to breed any two horses together. In the game, there are no predetermined genders so any horse can be paired with any other. You can also breed donkeys under the same situation, or even breed a donkey and a horse to generate a mule.

In order for two horses to breed, they need to be in love mode.


You can get your tamed animals into a mating frame of mind by feeding them either a golden apple or the opportunity to mate with other animals. These items cannot be grown and are primarily gained through crafting (though you can also find them when looting chests). To create either item, you need a piece of the original food and eight original ingots.

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If two horses in the same area are in love mode with each other, they will mate and produce a baby.

how to breed horses in minecraft

Horse genetics

Foals and other baby horses in Minecraft inherit a number of traits from their parents — so it’s possible to breed them in a way that encourages certain characteristics. However, there’s still an element of randomness involved.

The height and speed of the child are averaged from both parents statistics, then a third set of randomly generated stats is applied.

There is a 40% chance of inheriting the markings from either parent, or a 20% chance the color will be random.

Every horse you breed has an invisible third parent. For example, if the offspring of your two parents have brown and grey coats respectively, then statistically there’s a chance that the third-parent horse will be with another color. There is a chance that horses with similar characteristics will produce foals with those same traits. Especially when breeding two horses of the same stats.

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