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Unturned hacks and cheats

Video games have always had cheats. Some have been subtle, but others have changed the ways that games are played. Whether or not you like them, they will eventually impact your gaming experience. Here are just a few of the cheats and hacks used in Unturned- some of which can be a lot of fun, and others that can upset the balance of competition in a game.

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In-game Cheats

The first type of cheats for Unturned are legitimate, built-in cheats. These alterations of the game don’t require using any outside programs and can be done relatively simply. All you really need to do is edit a world and activate cheats. From here, you’ll be able to access the console by hitting ‘Enter’. All of the cheats in this section can be entered into the Console and take immediate effect. They impact your game-play, of course, but they were put there by the developers. It’s hard to argue that they shouldn’t be used if they are already in the game.

Add an Item

Need more of a specific item? You’ll need to type in @give [item ID] into the console. Every item in the game has a unique identifier, so you may have to do some hunting to get the items that you want. There are a few good lists of items online, but there are simply far too many to list here. Instead, give a quick search to find your favorite items and make sure to memorize the ID!

Add a Vehicle

Need a new vehicle? If so, go to the console and use @vehicle [vehicle ID]. Again, there’s a fairly extensive list of object IDs that you’ll need to scrape through to find your favorite, but it’s a quick way to get a ride in the game.

Time Change

Not happy with the time of day? Change the clock by using @time [time]. Insert any time on a 24-hour clock here to change the time-setting within the game itself. This will, of course, impact the day-night cycle.

Night and Day

If you don’t want to be precise, you can always use a couple of easy cheats to set it to night or day. For night, use @night in the console, while @day will do the opposite.


Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Don’t walk – just teleport by using @teleport [location] in the console!


While the Unturned cheats above are in the game, you can also use outside programs for Unturned hacks. These hacks are less legal and can get you in trouble when playing with other players, but they definitely give you a competitive edge at the same time. Hacks do tend to get disabled after some time, so always make sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of any given hack.

Aim Assisst

There are a few levels of aim assist available from the various Unturned hacks out there. The most common simply eliminate recoil – not enough to guarantee any automatic hit, but enough to make sure that multiple shots hit the same place. If you want to really cheat, choose an Aimbot – such a cheat will ensure that you hit the target even if you’re not looking directly at them.


Want to know where the enemy is at even if you can’t see them? This is where the popular ESP hack comes into play. This hack will give you all the player locations on the map, allowing you to pick them off at your leisure. It takes some of the strategy out of the game, but it also puts new players on par with those who know the maps very well.


This is a bit of an odd one. Sure, it’s a hack and it gives you a competitive advantage – but it doesn’t do all that much. Nightvision simply allows you to maneuver in the dark as if you were in daylight. Nothing fancy, nothing too unbalancing, but a fairly major advantage nonetheless.

Hacks and cheats are part of gaming, even if you don’t love them. Be sure you know that they are out there, though. There may come a day when you decide you want to play a game a bit differently. If not, you may still need to know what to look for if you think someone should be reported. In either case, you’ll have the knowledge to make the decisions you think are right.

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